How to make jewelry on the neck with your own hands: original ideas

Hello, dear needlewomen! To celebrate the New Year in an extraordinary outfit, you need to make an ornament around your neck with your own hands. Experienced craftsmen shared ideas of jewelry. It remains only to take the threads, ribbons, leather, fabric patches and make a real masterpiece!

Original jewelry

In order to hit those around you on New Year's Eve with a new outfit, you should do it yourself with a beautiful necklace or necklace. Do not throw away waste from sewing, beads, leather, everything is useful for you to create these masterpieces.

Do you have organza? Cut out thin cloth circles of different sizes or flowers. Edges sing on the fire of the candle. Details combine into flowers. Then, alternating beads and buds, make an ornament on the neck.

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A more sophisticated version of a necklace with organza flowers.

Scarf necklace

If you have a tired scarf, do not rush to get rid of it, look at what a beautiful necklace you will succeed.

  1. Take a scarf, cut into equal wide strips.
  2. Fold the stripe harmonica, iron iron.
  3. Trim the edges.
  4. Thread a piece of fabric through the holes.

The finished product will decorate any dress!

From the fabric, you can make the decoration in the technique of kansanshi. By completing one decoration, you will become a fan of this original art of Japan.

Watch a master class in creating beautiful flowers.

Patchwork technique "glaring"

A wonderful necklace can be made by applying the fashionable “scowl” fabric. What is its essence? Trimming the fabric must be stitched many times with a needle to make a dense ball.

Alternating with the beads, you get an incomparable fashionable thing!

From the remnants of the fabric you can make another patchwork decoration. For each soft bead, wash our beads and beads, then put them into a necklace.

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From the braid, you can also make a soft jewelry on the neck.

For those who can crochet

If you can crochet, then in an hour you can make yourself an airy necklace.

Crocheted products will decorate any dress, see how the necklace looks originally!

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Tie yourself and your daughter, and fantasy will tell new patterns.

Needlework for the patient

The history of weaving from beads began at the same time as the invention of glass. Talented craftswomen invented intricate beaded patterns that have undergone renovation over time. Today more and more new weaving are being invented.

The weaving pattern is shown in the figure. You can come up with your schemes or take advantage of already invented.

Mysterious Choker

Choker - a new type of jewelry, which is becoming more popular. This is a jewel that fits snugly to the neck, emphasizing its seductiveness.

Pay attention to the original ideas!

About these accessories knew in the Renaissance. In those days they were made of gold and were worn only by noble persons.

Any fashionista will be able to make such a magnificent decoration with her own hands.

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Jewelry, like those of Diana's hunters

Every housewife has leftover skin. Try to make beautiful leather gizmos that will decorate the outfit in the style of boho.


  • pieces of skin;
  • glue;
  • tweezers;
  • knife, blunted at the end;
  • chain or leather harness.

Manufacturing process:

  • Cut out leather for five flowers.
  • Cut a staple strip with dimensions of 1 × 4 cm. Make a fringe along one edge.
  • Make one pattern in the form of a sheet and 3 oval blanks for unopened buds,
  • One strip for the branch 1 × 10 cm, which must be folded in half and glued.
  • Put all the details in a slightly heated pan inside out. Immediately remove the oval parts, the rest - when the bulge appears.

  • On a piece of paper with a blunt knife, apply streaks.
  • Glue all the details.
  • Sit on a harness or string of beads.

Decoration in one minute

To make an accessory from scarves, you will need a scarf and a chain of beads. Attach the two ends of the scarf to the ends of the chain, throw it over your head.

Another option!

Just grab the shawl with beads.

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Does your husband have a lot of ties? One or a couple can take on your jewelry. An accessory made from a tie is made very simple: fold it into a fold, sew a button, and that's it!


Do you have a whole box of beads? It's time to let them in business! From the beads you can make magnificent jewelry that no one will have.

You will come to the New Year's party and attract the attention of everyone without exception, because the manual work is valued more and more. This long necklace will decorate any monophonic dress.

Delicate air necklaces can be made on the fishing line.

Refined, light as a feather accessories are made from beads, stones, stringing them on a fishing line.


This beautiful accessory can be made of ordinary lace.

And even a schoolgirl can do this thing. Step by step execution:

  • Cut the lace into fragments.

  • Assemble the design of the product, sew the parts together:

  • Sprinkle the desired spray paint. The paint will help mask the joints, will not allow the product to bend, make it flat.
  • Attach the clasps when completing the job.

Lace, stones, beads

  • Make a pattern out of paper.
  • For the base, choose a thick fabric, make 2 parts.
  • Both glue dublerinom.
  • Sew, wrench out there.
  • Sew Velcro on the ends.
  • Then decorate using all available materials.

If you work hard, you get such a luxurious decoration!

And using the technique of macrame, you can create yourself the most beautiful necklaces.

Knowing the main knots weaving, you can make the original thing.

Another fashion necklace

How to do?

Would need:

  • Beads;
  • Tape 80-100 cm long;
  • Fishing line or strong thread;
  • Needle.

Step by step execution:

  1. Make a loop from the ribbon (leaving 20 cm for ties), then pierce it with a needle with a fishing line.
  2. Add a bead.
  3. Make another loop, continue to the desired length.
  4. Secure the line by pushing the needle with the line back under the loop of the ribbon, then tie a pair of knots.
  5. Tie a knot on the ribbon, close to the beads.
  6. Also secure the line at the other end, tightening it tightly.

You can also see in the video how you can make one stylish decoration:

In parting: it is easy to make jewelery on the neck with your own hands, using techniques tested by experienced craftswomen. Make up your masterpieces and be different every day!

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