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The secrets of health from herbalist Elena Zaitseva

Hello, dear friends. Today, I present to your attention the secrets of health and the recipes of the monastic herbalist Elena Zaitseva.

About Elena Feodorovna Zaitseva

Elena Fedorovna Zaitseva devoted her whole life to studying the properties of medicinal plants, treating people with herbs, transferring her secrets and knowledge. The famous travnitsa is 87 years old, she walks without glasses, works a lot, has a light temper and excellent health.

If you read her biography, you can read so much that you forget about time.

There are no weeds in the world

Elena Fedorovna says that there are no "weeds" in nature. We used to think that weeds are growing in potatoes and carrots. And this is not quite so! Any weed in order and grows, that it someday, but it was useful to man. All these "unnecessary weeds":

  • thistle, thistle,
  • wheatgrass, wormwood
  • quinoa, burdock very useful plants.

Travnitsa says that if you do not want to be sick, decrepit, then dig up 3 roots: burdock, wheatgrass, dandelion. From the roots you need to make a collection, then drink it.

Zaitseva collects 25 kinds of roots for herself. But if it is not possible to collect all 25, then even three roots will be enough for the correction of health.


Pyrei "litters" the gardens, so we try to get rid of him. It turns out that he is therefore confused under our feet so that we notice him, do not pass by. Gd gave it to us for treatment.

There are no diseases that he would not have healed, even cancer. See how they treat all wild and domestic animals. For a man, this is a priceless gift of nature, restoring metabolic disorders.

Make a decoction or infusion of rhizomes, use them for a variety of edema, dropsy, cystitis, urinary incontinence, stones in the kidneys, gall bladder. Pyrei treats all ailments of the kidneys, lungs, intestines, helps get rid of chronic bronchitis, diabetes, hypertension.

The roots of the plant act as an analgesic for lumbago, gout, rheumatism, arthritis. Roots treat osteochondrosis, in women problems of ovaries, pulmonary tuberculosis, diathesis, boils.

By taking a decoction or juice of fresh grass during the summer, you will help yourself to regain a partial loss of vision. He has no contraindications.

Wheatgrass roots once ground milled flour, especially during the famine years, baked bread. It is much tastier, and most importantly, healthier than wheat. Of them cooked porridge, brewed coffee.


Another weed is dandelion root. As soon as the leaves of this grass appear above the ground, collect them, soak them in salt water for 2 hours, so that bitterness will disappear, and make a useful salad. From its leaves you can cook the soup, and roast the roots.

The root of this plant can handle:

  • with malignant anemia, cancer of the liver and stomach,
  • will help with inflammation of the lymph nodes, diathesis, diseases of the joints,
  • cure deforming arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis.

The roots can be dug in the fall, especially from the dandelion, which did not bloom.

Burdock root

Travnitsa calls him an academician who sits in the ground and waits, and when does a person find him, will he begin to heal?

What diseases does burdock root treat?

Today, you rarely find a healthy person, and cancer burns people out. Burdock treats all cancers, as well as bronchitis, diabetes, antritis, rheumatism, gout, arthritis.

It will help to heal from osteochondrosis, hernia between the vertebrae, atherosclerosis, ear diseases. Many people even got rid of protracted coronary insufficiency.

And burdock treats hepatitis. Even chronic hepatitis "C" leaves a person forever! In Moscow, many men have hepatitis. If they had been treated with burdock for 2-3 months, then there would be no trace of hepatitis.

The roots of the plant heal tumors of the liver, cirrhosis of the liver, as well as cholecystitis, kidney disease, crush stones in the gall bladder and kidneys.

He can cure skin diseases:

  • burns, bedsores, psoriasis,
  • eczema, trophic ulcers,
  • lupus erythematosus
  • hair loss,
  • purulent wounds.

Skin doctors can not cure, but he can do it!

During the flu epidemic, many doctors immediately prescribe antibiotics. And the root of the plant can quickly cope with the flu, remove the temperature.

During the war there were no shoes, people even in extreme cold were walking barefoot, sometimes they could catch cold. They drank burdock root with linden flowers, wrapped them warmly, sweated, and didn't even remember the temperature the next morning.

And burdock root treats paralysis! No one heals, and he heals.

They also baked bread from its roots, made dressings, cooked porridge, cooked soup from young leaves, made salads. The roots themselves were roasted, then they made delicious coffee, it turned out better than they sell now. It is good to make coffee from chicory roots, burdock or wheatgrass.

Once a famous herbalist treated a priest in Sergiev Posad, he was tormented by large hernia of the spine. In Moscow, he was assigned an operation. Travnitsa said that the Moscow luminaries would postpone 1 month from operations. Batyushka spent a month drank tincture of the roots. A month later, he announced that he had no hernia!

How to prepare medicine from burdock root?

The most healing roots are in early spring, but you can dig in the fall. Burdock - biennial grass. It is best to dig a burdock of the 1st year, since he has young leaves and a powerful root.

A burdock with burdocks will not bring good, because he gave all his strength. But repi can be helpful. Infusion rinse your teeth to pass the pain.

Roots dig, rinse, dry, if the root is large, then cut into pieces. One tablespoon of dry crushed roots brew 2 cups of boiling water, put on fire. Let it boil for ten minutes, and then stand for another 2 hours.

Strained infusion should be taken in half a glass three times a day, 15 minutes before meals. When you take a remedy before a meal, it immediately goes into the bloodstream, which delivers it to all cells of the body.

You can prepare a collection of the roots of these three plants in equal proportions or one root:

  • one week - burdock,
  • second week - dandelion,
  • the third week is wheat grass.

Great Herbal Tips and Tips

Watch a video about the famous herbalist.

Dear friends. Be sure to watch the entire video clip, because in our age of mad rhythms we so rarely communicate with nature. At the end of the video, I'm sure you had other feelings. Do not rush to get down to business, go to the window and look at the sky, however, other feelings surged!

Perhaps insight came upon you, an unexpected hint came. Perhaps this video inspires new thoughts, leads to thoughts, new actions in the direction of pure thoughts and pure life. Waiting for your feedback!

Watch the video: The Russian folk healer: Please, help yourself with Healing Herbs! (February 2020).