Ancient traditions: why give a silver spoon to the first tooth

Hello! The appearance of the first tooth of a baby is a great event for young parents and grandparents. And why give a spoon to the first tooth, where did this tradition go, who should give, we learn them from this article.

Spoon - an ancient tradition

The tradition of giving a spoon of silver to a newborn baby goes back centuries. The ancient custom is still preserved, especially among the Slavic peoples. A spoon is presented when the first tooth appears. It is considered to be, if according to the cutter that has just appeared, lightly knock with silver, then the teeth will grow healthy and white.

Why silver? In ancient times, women had long breastfed their child, not luring at all. But the time came when they introduced the "lure". Since after the sterile milk of the mother to the child, along with other food, dangerous microbes could get into the mouth, they began to feed the baby with a silver spoon.

Silver is considered a truly magical, mysterious metal. Silver ions are endowed with an inexplicable disinfecting effect, therefore all disease-causing microbes are quickly destroyed.

If you hold silver objects in water, the water becomes free from harmful microbes. So the baby’s oral cavity is cleansed of microorganisms that are harmful. Yes, and food becomes safe, more useful for the child.

Bible legend

To give a jewel came to us from biblical times. When the baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the Magi came to him to give as a gift gold, incense and myrrh.

In the countries of the Ancient East, gold has always been considered a symbol of wealth. And in Russia more appreciated silver. Therefore, the spoon was given not gold, but silver.

There are beliefs that silver can "store" in itself the feelings of its owner, as well as any other information. If a host unleashes a lot of unpleasant unrest, the metal begins to darken. From contact with the skin of a sick person, silver also begins to fade.

Moon metal - symbol of spiritual purityIt’s not for nothing that crosses, church plate and salary of icons are made of this precious metal. Many godparents give their godson a cross, cast from this magical metal.

Many experts in customs are inclined to believe that the British brought the tradition of giving silver to the christening. In Russia, those who are constantly lucky, believed that he was "born in a chemise". The British say about the lucky ones that they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

This custom they associate not only with the christening. They are given on any birthday. The older the birthday boy, the larger the size of this item. This item is considered a symbol of wealth and financial well-being.

Who is the first donor

Who gives the jewel? If the baby is baptized, then the godparents. But there is another version: the one who saw the tooth first was the donor. Most often, except for parents, the grandmother or grandfather become witnesses of the first cutter. So they become donors!

The one who buys such a gift should take into account such nuances:

  • The product must be tested, confirming that it is really cast from this noble metal.
  • You can ask the seller a document confirming the quality of the product.
  • The spoon should be comfortable, because it will keep the child.
  • It should not be unnecessary projections or curls, so as not to injure the baby's mouth.
  • The spoon should not be too smooth. This is hard to hold in your hand.

To the gift was nominal, you can choose by the sign of the zodiac. Many donors ask for an engraving of the baby’s name. A name spoon will remind you of an exciting event for a long time.

A thing of real silver will cost from 1000 to 2500 rubles. A personalized gift made according to your personal sketch will cost a little more.

How to care for silver

Exposing to food may cause the metal to darken. To return the object to its original appearance, you can lightly clean it with soda or hold it in soda water: 1 tbsp. l on 1 l of water. For better cleaning you can add a cap of dishwashing detergent and 1 tsp. salt.

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Customs associated with the first lure

There are so many different customs in Russia that for each period of a person’s life there will definitely be a tradition. Moreover, not every custom can be explained why this is so and not otherwise. But then they are all carefully preserved and transmitted as inheritance: from the older generation to the younger.

Here and with the first lure there is a custom: the first to give a green apple grated on a grated plastic (plastic is considered safer and it does not reduce the value of vitamins in the green apple), and the baby should be fed with a spoon of silver.

Dear friends, now we know why they give a spoon for the first tooth. We will not interrupt our glorious and good traditions. Our grandparents do not come up with bad!

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