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Is it possible to give your old and unnecessary things to other people, to church, second-hand

Hello! Can I give my things to other people, I’m worried about many housewives, because in every family there is so much unnecessary clothing! But things remain part of our karma, do not we distribute it? Let's understand this question.

Do we give a part of ourselves or not?

More recently, this question did not bother anyone. Things gave friends, relatives, especially children, and all were well. Now they began to wonder if we are giving away some of our energy or karma? What to do?

Perhaps there are rules to follow when transferring your things to other people?

If unnecessary clothes flooded all the cabinets, then what to do with it? Excess clothing can and should be given to make room for new dresses or blouses. But how to do it without hurting yourself?

Old things that have been idle for more than one year only take the energy of a person. At the same time, giving the clothes to not very rich people (most likely it is), you are afraid to “mix up” with them energetically, to rise to their level according to the degree of wealth. Therefore, we consider the safety rules when transferring your belongings to strangers or relatives.

Transfer rules

  1. It is necessary to put the things you want to give and say to yourself: "This is just an outdated thing, it is not in me."
  2. Close your eyes, mentally cut them off from yourselves, as if “cut the umbilical cord”.
  3. Decide for yourself that these are already neutral items, they are not yours, this is just a pile of cloth.
  4. Convince yourself that she has served you enough and is no longer needed. You will have to transfer to another person a completely “nobody’s” package or someone has asked you to transfer it to another person.
  5. If you can not part with the most favorite things, you feel so sorry for them, you will remember them for a long time! Then do not give, and better burn it! They have a lot of you left, so it's better to burn it.

Remember, what is pity, what you will constantly regret, you can not give! With your favorite thing can leave a bit of your power. If after some time you continue to regret that you have given, you will lose some of your energy. And if you have already given, but you cannot return, then "cut off" her memory at the energy level!

Very important rule

  1. Do not wait for thanks for wardrobe items. If you are waiting for gratitude, even unconsciously, then you did not let them go.
  2. In no case do not regret this person to whom you have given. Your pity will take away his power. That is, his power will flow to you, but what quality will it be? After all, a person who is poorer than you is another karma, part of which you will take away! Do you need it?
  3. Make it so that you do not care to whom this thing has fallen.
  4. Give anonymously, not knowing who your clothes hit, so you will not wait for gratitude.

The most difficult rule

When you present another person, you consider yourself a "good person." And so sweet to play the role of a "good man." After all, if I gave my little things that I earned, it means that I am a good person.

Many try to give to the church, considering themselves doubly or triple a good person ...

Well, if you are such a good person, that is, almost holy, then you no longer need success, health, money, etc.

How to get rid of this state, do not play further this role? There are 2 ways. One of them is easy: to change the motivation when you give away unnecessary items of clothing. For yourself, repeat: "Let their place take a new one."

A more difficult way - you have to take care of yourself, avoid situations where the desire to feel like a “good person” is born again.

How to clean objects from someone else's or their energy

This cleansing process can be carried out with any things (it doesn't matter if you give, take from someone or buy in second-hand).

  • Put them in front of you, you can without removing from the package.
  • Light a candle or aroma candle, put it next to the bag or stack of products.
  • Closing your eyes, make a mood for these things, feel them. What are your feelings?
  • Imagine, as if they were covered with smoke.
  • Mentally make it a ball, gathering a haze of his hands. If these things are given to you, then take the ball to yourself, put it in yourself, inhale it.
  • If you give it to other people, then mentally flip it outside the house or apartment, intending to give it to the new owner. You can even say: "Return to the new owner." Repeat this ritual three times.
  • Many check the "Gadget". Tie a ring to some thread. Ask him: "Can I wear this dress?" If the "gadget" will swing to you from the object being inspected, then the product will suit you. If you start to make circles or will be swinging across, then it does not suit you.

Is it possible to wash floors with old things?

Many have become afraid of old things used on cloth, and suddenly ...

Never did our grandmothers buy floorcloths, and there were none. Think less about prejudice and omens, then they will not disturb you. Do what you want with them. You can give things a different life: cut them into shreds, sew a quilt, sew, our ancestors always did.

If you want to return some money, you can return to second hand or thrift shopby conducting the "parting" ritual, as described above.

Is it possible leave in the cemetery, maybe someone will take. In no case can not, and why do you need it, then to worry? Be careful when visiting cemeteries!

Is it possible to give sick people, especially seriously ill? If you often think that you have given, to regret your act, then do not give it away. If you want to help a sick person, then buy a new item of clothing for him or give him a completely worn item.

What warns feng shui!

To answer all the questions, let's turn to feng shui, after all - this is an ancient technique. Feng Shui is not against giving away old things. In order not to leave their energy on them, they can be washed in salt water. Put only 2-3 tablespoons of salt into the water, wash, dry, iron.

What to do with clothes that can not be washed? To remove energy dependence, make it out on the street for 3 nights. After she "sees" the 3 moons, be sure that the energy of her former owner has gone from things. If you have an apartment, you can take it to the garage or to a non-glazed balcony; you can even hold it in the trunk of a car.

But some things just can not give. You can not give their hats, combs, as they touched the head, you also can not give shoes, underwear (especially if worn for a long time), wallets, pillows, blankets, mattresses, mirrors. Why it is impossible to give these things? Because they are close to your energy points.

If you want to free cabinets from old things, do this: collect 100 old things into a bag, cut them into pieces, take them to the trash.

A message to whom relatives give their clothes. If relatives give you used clothes and do it with joy, from the heart, then it does not carry bad energy. Mom's clothes, too, will not bring anything bad.

But don't rent anything, especially wedding dress and jewelry.

Dear friends, we have tried to collect all the important information about the transfer of worn items of clothing. Now you know if you can give your things to other people. Then decide for yourself: give away or save in the cabinets.

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