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How to train yourself to do morning exercises: exercise complexes

Hello. What associations do you have with words - morning exercises? Boring procedure? You just do not know how to do morning exercises and get pleasure from it. Read the article to understand how to motivate yourself to do simple, but useful exercises.

From propaganda - to business!

Why does not everyone manage to do physical education? Perhaps, despite the fashion for a healthy lifestyle, there are very few programs on TV and radio that motivate people to do exercises in the morning. But not only because of this, I don’t want to make a wave with my hand and foot.

So why? Because there is no habit to conquer laziness and lack of will. If there is no habit, then laziness begins to avenge a person with daytime sleepiness, seeming lack of sleep, lethargy, unwillingness to move with either foot or hand.

Who will give the right recipe, how to learn to do regular exercises? And his trouble-free, downright magic trick will give us a habit. We serve her as loyal servants to our master!

Notice how an ardent fan of cigarettes runs to the store despite the bad weather, if he does not find cigarettes. For his mistress is a habit, even the most harmful one.

How to make morning exercises a habit? Let's try to do our usual gymnastics in the morning.

Difficult? Who is easy now? Choosing a habit-making method.

  1. For two weeks, tell yourself that I am starting to do exercises, and schedule a solid number.
  2. Then train yourself to think, as well as the brain and body, that it is inevitable.
  3. During this time, pick up the rhythmic music or songs that you like. Do not diminish the role of music in the morning awakening and disclosing your internal reserves.
  4. Just do not train under the TV, do not turn it on at all. He will take your energy and replace it with his energy, which is not always positive.
  5. After 2 weeks, start exercising with one exercise. It is very important that it is the most affordable and enjoyable. Then you pick up a complex, but for now, do this exercise.
  6. And no matter how lazy you are, not in a hurry, you will always find strength and time for the only exercise.
  7. Get used to doing one movement for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you will feel that nothing terrible is happening. There is time, strength, inspiration.
  8. Wait 7 days, then start adding one more movement.

Your task is to get into the habit. If today it is still difficult to overcome your laziness, then do not rush to force events - you can skip one day.

Conclusion. To develop a good habit you need:

  • Seriously tune.
  • You should not carry out all complex at once.
  • Tie her physical joys from the movements performed.

We are looking for time for morning exercises

How to find time to charge? Try to allocate one minute to exercise, replacing the whole complex. Are you surprised? This is the famous "bar". So far you only need one thing - to stand in the "bar" pose.

Start with a small amount of time, maybe it's just 10 seconds! Add a day for a few seconds, then you will get up to a minute.

What is the effect of the "bar"? In just 1 minute, she uses the most muscles. Even the busiest person will find one minute for such a morning gymnastics.

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Try it and you will feel an incredible sense of cheerfulness, as if you drank 3 cups of coffee. You do not have to force yourself to do this "bar" because the body will want to feel the magical feeling of cheerfulness again.

Tabata Method

In the morning we are in such a hurry that there is no time for anything. But we want to lose weight! Then pay attention to the method of Tabata, created specifically for weight loss.

The complex takes only 4 minutes. Can't you find 4 minutes for your health? Studies have shown that people who are engaged in this method lose weight 9-10 times faster than those who train 40-45 minutes. Got a difference in duration?

The method is called the Tabata Protocol, which is already known to the whole world. This is an intense interval training, which gives better results than regular aerobics.

The secret of the technique is to perform movements at the fastest pace for 20 seconds, followed by a break for 10 seconds. Repeat need 7-8 times.

The highest effect of this workout begins after its execution. It was determined that within 3-4 days after exercise, the person continues to increase metabolism, that is, without performing movement, you still lose weight.

Tabata Protocol

The technique is suitable even for those who can not find time to charge, because in a day you can perform only one movement according to the scheme:

  • Sprint stage - 20 seconds
  • Stage rest - 10 seconds
  • The number of repetitions - 7-8
  • You can include a special timer.

The complex of exercises for charging according to the Tabata Protocol is such that you can perform various exercises - squats, pushups, and dumbbells.

The main thing is to use as many muscle groups as possible. Alternating by day, or performing the entire complex, make the following movements:

  • squats;
  • lifting bent legs;
  • push-ups, kneeling;
  • raising the pelvis up and down;
  • swing press.

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Important Tips

  1. To increase the effectiveness, breathe correctly: inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. One inhale / exhale for one push-up (squat, etc.). That is, when you press from the floor, then inhale, when to the floor, then exhale. We inhale with a relaxed body, and exhale during its tension. The frequency of inhalation / exhalation should be equal to the number of movements performed. If you do not do this - you can "push" your heart.
  2. Before doing Tabata, do not eat anything for an hour and a half or an hour; do a little warm-up.
  3. Record the number of movements made in a notebook. For example, you make one type of movements, count their number, record in a 10-second break.
  4. At the end of the workout, take a breath, walk around.

The advantage of Tabata is that it is not necessary to do every day, because the load is so heavy that it will take 2-3 days to recover.

Therefore, it is necessary to engage more often than 2-3 times a week! The system is good for both men and women.

A beginner after a minute of training will begin to feel that there are no forces to continue classes. At the end of the rounds, an unbearable burning sensation is felt in the muscles. This is not scary, since with high tension all the reserves of the body are included.

Practitioners recommend strictly performing time: 20 seconds load, 10 - rest. No more and no less! Within 20 seconds it is necessary to do the maximum number of repetitions, and in 10 seconds allotted for rest, it is important to mentally tune in for the next round.

Practitioner recommendations

Within 4 minutes you can perform 8 types of exercises. What should they be? At your discretion. You can take only one movement and repeat it all 8 rounds. Who has not reached the required physical form, it is better to start with one movement.

The Tabata protocol has contraindications:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Heart failure

Morning - gymnastics or jogging?

This question interests those who do not set themselves the task of reaching the world record, but simply become healthy, more active. If you look at the opinion of doctors, they recommend doing a 20-minute gymnastics in the morning.

It should include movements that involve the main groups of muscles and joints:

  • slopes
  • squats,
  • smack
  • twists and turns
  • You can jump over the rope.

In addition, all doctors have the following opinion: charging should be started only 20 minutes after getting up, that is, before breakfast. Studies have shown that one who does morning exercises does not suffer from excessive appetite, and does not snack during the day.

Do you know why? Because the body regulates hormones that are responsible for the level of appetite, and this level decreases so much that the appetite does not increase during the day. This is another argument in favor of the morning workout.

Important! Physical activity for 20 minutes in the morning is as effective as 40 minutes of physical activity after lunch.

Attention! It is safe to warm up a moderate load before breakfast, and it is possible to give the body a full load only an hour after breakfast.

Another warning of doctors: after sleep, the blood is still thick, so the blood circulation in the morning is slow. So, because of the quiet circulation of blood, active exercise early in the morning can overload the heart, and this is bad for health.

What do doctors say about the morning run

They cite several reasons for not running in the morning.

  1. If there is the slightest heart problem.
  2. Running in the morning is a serious burden for the nervous system, especially after a sleepless night when the nervous system did not have time to rest.
  3. Due to the high blood clotting in the morning, running can create a blockage of the brain's blood vessels (that is, provoke a stroke).
  4. In case of any diseases of the kidneys or liver, jogging is best done in the evening, when the tissues of these organs are restored.
  5. Running in the morning is useful only to people with the chronotype "early bird", and it is contraindicated for "owls".

Physical culture and sport - what is the difference

What is the difference between physical education and sports?

Physical culture, this is when a person directs his activity towards recovery, strengthening of health. It forms a special relationship to his body as a source of longevity, endurance. Its value becomes a healthy lifestyle, together with the improvement of mental activity.

Sport. Sports are purposeful training for special programs, special meals, complete cessation of smoking and alcohol, as well as an irregular lifestyle.

Exercises for morning exercises

Well, now - the most interesting. I offer you ready-made solutions that you can use for morning exercises. These are short complexes, which are very numerous on this blog, but I will tell you where to start.

For women

  • Bodyflex
  • Fat burning training for girls
  • Morning exercises without getting out of bed
  • Morning abdominal slimming exercises

For men

  1. 15 minute workout for the core muscles
  2. Training the muscles of the whole body
  3. Fat Burning Workout for Men
  4. Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles

Eastern practices for all

  1. Hormonal gymnastics
  2. Chinese gymnastics Do Ying
  3. 10 morning exercises
  4. Spiral gymnastics

Dear friends. Waiting for your answers, did the expert advice help you get on the path to healing and prolonging an active lifestyle by morning exercises.

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