Funny monuments and funny photos of children

Hello to all. Probably, you will agree with me that our society is not spoiled by funny monuments. Such monuments began to appear with us relatively recently, and cause a good-natured smile and a desire to be photographed with such a monument for everyone. Look here at these funny photos of children next to unusual monuments.

Interestingly, adults also like to be photographed with such sculptures, but at the same time they try to choose the right position, find an interesting perspective, and smile beautifully. But now children perceive the compositions embodied in metal and stone in a completely different way. In order to get a good photo with a child, you simply don’t interfere with it, don’t touch it, but always keep the camera in a “combat” readiness.

The children themselves will find an excellent background, they themselves will become in a cool pose, you just need to catch it capture! And if there is an unusual monument nearby, you should only pay attention to your child’s attention and the baby will do everything himself.

See these photos. They will amuse you very much! These kids will teach you to be photographed with monuments! Children's immediacy on these photos just rolls over.

Photos with older children amaze them with their resourcefulness and imagination. Toddlers perceive the monuments as toys or as living children, people or animals and try to answer them, help or are interested in their "activities". Older kids try to play funny scenes to make the photo not so boring as usual.

In general, if you are traveling with children, be attentive to the monuments. There will definitely be one that your child will like, and you can make a couple, if not more, unforgettable photos from your vacation.

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