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Face Massage: Top 10 Technicians at Home

Hello, dear. I offer you a review: the best facial massage techniques at home. Any woman does not want to put up with the emerging wrinkles and is trying with all its might to prolong her youth. And this can be helped by a facial massage, of which there is a huge amount of varieties.

The most complex, for example, medical or Spanish facial massage, are carried out by specialists in beauty salons. And in this article, we will show you some simple varieties that are available for the house itself.

1. Universal face massage

And let's start with the simplest and most affordable. This is a classic 5-minute facial massage.

Classic massage for skin flabbiness can perform both adult women and young girls. If girls start performing massage procedures as early as possible, they will delay the aging of the skin for many years. All activities are carried out along the massage lines.

The technique of performing such a massage is well described here.

2. Japanese Asahi Facial Massage

Looking at Japanese women, we always wonder how young they look. We can also have a toned face if we perform a magical Japanese massage. Revived Tsogan Yukuko Tanaki - Japanese beauty expert. He is also known as the "Asahi massage" or Zogan.

See the Asahi massage in pictures right here.

A simple self-massage will take only 3 minutes a day, but it will have a rejuvenating effect:

  • wrinkles will decrease;
  • the oval of the face will be tightened;
  • skin will become elastic, smooth, supple. You will look 10 years younger.

Stroking the skin is necessary in the direction of the lymph nodes to the center from the periphery. Do not press, do not massage the nodes, just stroke with a little effort.

3. According to the experience of Chinese women

Chinese facial massage, which is carried out at home, will help restore its former attractiveness. It is based on 4 exercises that need to be repeated 10 times.

  1. Pads of index fingers press 2 times on the temples. After massaging the next points, we will return to this point each time.
  2. Place your fingers over the eyebrows so that they touch in the center of the forehead. With an effort, swipe from the center of the forehead to the temples, back without tension. So you can remove wrinkles on the forehead.
  3. To remove the nasolabial folds will help such a movement: we place the middle and index fingers to the grooves at the edge of the nostrils and press down on this area 5 times with force.
  4. Horizontally, put one index finger over the upper lip, and the second - under the bottom. We press to ensure complete relaxation of the whole organism.

4. Facial wrinkle massage with spoons

Let's see how Chinese women rejuvenate with a spoon. For the procedure it is necessary to make chamomile decoction, take olive oil, and one part of the broth must be cold and the other part hot. We do all the tricks 10 times.

  1. We dip a spoon in a cold broth and alternately apply to the lower and upper eyelids.
  2. On furrows on the forehead in a circular motion spend a spoon, oiled.
  3. The skin under the chin is smoothed with hot spoons, oiled, leading from the base of the neck to the chin.
  4. Remove the nasolabial folds will help the following method: puff up the cheeks, stroke the folds, then tap with spoons, mimic wrinkles are removed by simply stroking with a hot spoon clockwise, then back. The session ends with a stroking with a cold spoon in the same directions.

5. Plump facial wrinkle massage

Best known plump massage by Jacquetwhich is usually performed in the cabin. But there are simple techniques available to perform at home.

See the techniques of this massage here and here.

6. Banks to help

Vacuum treatment is considered one of the most effective anti-aging treatments.

It is able to get rid of bruises, puffiness under the eyes, smooth wrinkles, remove scars, stagnant spots.

There are two types of technology: kinetic and static.

During kinetic therapy, the procedure is carried out with oils that lubricate the skin in order to more easily move the sucked jar along the lymph flow.

With a static technique, banks are simply put on the problem area of ​​the skin, then removed. This type of procedure is best done in the cabin. At home, you can use a special massager, purchased at the pharmacy.

7. Lymphatic drainage of the face

If you perform a lymphatic drainage session at home, you can forget about the enlarged pores, lowered corners of the lips, stagnant fluid in the tissues, age-related wrinkles.

To perform the procedure, you first need to well study the technique, the location of the lymph nodes on the face, so as not to harm. Watch a detailed video lesson with Margarita Levchenko on how to perform movements correctly.

8. Massage by points

Not less popular technique Shiatsu, or acupressure. When properly performed shiatsu:

  • muscle tone is maintained;
  • chewing is not allowed;
  • increases performance.

See the Shiatsu massage technique here.

9. Eastern youth procedures

There is a growing interest in eastern health care technicians, including Thai massage.

Will the Thai technique help to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth, near the eyes, congestive, inflammatory phenomena, get a toned skin, flowering look.

Of course, it will help if sessions are held regularly. In addition, you will forget about insomnia, muscle fatigue, chronic fatigue, unhealthy appearance.

See also the rejuvenating Ayurvedic oil massage technique.

10. Honey treatments

It turns out miraculous sessions with honey on the face can be carried out at home. Do not forget to handle the decollete area.

This delicacy can do real miracles with your face.

Do not forget, honey can hurt with dilated vessels on the face, allergies to this product.

Youth charge for the face

We have already said many times how simple saves from wrinkles facial gymnastics. Do simple exercises every day, then you will forget about crow's feet, folds around your mouth.

  1. Press the outer corners of your eyes with the pads of your fingers, pull them to the sides, close your eyes, make 15 rotations with your eyes in each direction.
  2. Type in the mouth of air, roll it inside the mouth 15 times in each direction. Easy but effective!

See another charging option for the face.

Dear readers! You have learned many more tricks to extend your youth. We didn't say anything about facial facial massagewhich is becoming increasingly popular. Apparatus massage is carried out in salons, and another article will be devoted to this topic.

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Watch the video: Face massage techniques for glowing youthful skinface self massage (February 2020).