The story about what is, but I do not know what

There are a lot of things in the world that most people explain and interpret. At the same time, everyone agrees that a certain phenomenon takes place, but what it looks like is where the discrepancies begin.

Everyone knows the story of Kashchei the Immortal, or Baba Yaga. But how they look ... Options darkness.

The same situation with the female logic. Actually, female logic is the absence of any logic as such. It is difficult to explain in more detail - the female logic is woven from sensory matters. And such incorrect material is a rather fragile basis for assumptions.

It would be easier to declare that it does not exist. Therefore, myth is subject to oblivion, if not canonization. Meanwhile, at her address, perhaps, only lazy was not walking around.

And so it was all noted, all the bite. Rabela, Pushkin, Chekhov, Turgenev, Thackeray, Dickens, Averchenko, Mayakovsky. Even female names have happened. Bashkirtseva, Teffi, for example. These are the most famous names.

And how many pundits and ordinary people of the planet Earth argued! In the booming rooms and on the pages of scientific papers. On unhurried walks and burning fireplaces.

Argued for a long time. A very long time. While in the twentieth century, finally, they did not agree: it exists. And its main distinguishing feature ... Damn it! And men, too, it is, sometimes, peculiar!

Described female logic scientifically. First articles, then dissertations. A pair of brave even to the book format matured. Well, here and the people picked up - before only rare intellectuals indulged in it. The people are simpler and said simpler: "Baba is a fool!" And the whole business. And then they talked about logic to reason.

All began to incline this logic. It got to the point that any gender differences were recorded in the female logic. They got hot, it should be noted.

And what?

Actually, the definitions remained a lot. Simply, all the researchers agreed on one thing: female logic can be applied - and applied - only in disputes. Outside the conflict field, female logic does not apply. It is simply useless in any other application.

Its task is not to build a chain of indestructible and consistent theses. Her task is to win emotionally. Opponent did not find what to argue - he faltered. Confused - he was almost smitten. If the opponent is exhausted - a clear victory. If a woman herself also believed in what she had just composed, she is a goddess.

They knocked down the enemy, made him embarrassed and long to pick words - life is beautiful and full!

And if you even tear it away - the men at the sight of tears quickly get lost and are looking for a cause without success, which makes them feel guilty - then he just trampled into dust.

And what about men? Yes, it happens with them. It happens. Although less.

The famous "And what?" shabby Gopnik when hitting - the purest and uncomplicated example of this most female logic in the male equivalent. True, in men such a sinner will testify to bad education and low culture.

For women, it means only that ... it is a woman. And she herself needs to believe in what she has just gathered to convince someone.

Therefore, in disputes between two women, the winner is one whose logic is absurd. Or the one that is more rested.

Important law: any repeatedly repeated statement automatically becomes true and is raised to the rank of given. This is the reason why in the case of a quarrel with a partner women (where men are more likely) complain to their girlfriends.

It is not important for them to establish the degree of guilt of each participant. It is important for them to justify themselves. So there are very ridiculous excuses. But after repeated repetitions of friends, relatives and herself, the author herself begins to believe in such absurdities. And women, as a rule, decide on something for a long time. But when they decide - they do not collapse.

In this lies the feminine vulnerability. But to take advantage of it - still that problem!

Therefore, if a woman is closed, there is a loss of the former sensitivity of relationships, then it is time for a man to sound the alarm.

Most likely, his lady has not yet found a lover and has not filed for divorce. But already thought about this opportunity.

She probes the situation and is already looking for an excuse. And here is the horror! At a late stage of development, this process is irreversible.

Women's logic is perfect mercilessly translated into a different plane in the most unexpected moment of argument.

The lady does not set the task to win. She doesn't care. She only cares about what she thinks. And right now. If a woman decided that white is black, then everything is there. Even if on white there will be ten tablets with signatures of respected people. She has already decided in her own way. Color blindness does not happen in the female environment. But it is transmitted through the female line.

I knew a man whose wife stubbornly consulted with her mother on family issues that were quite intimate. At the request of her husband to somehow solve such moments differently, she answered with chased ones: “Well, I fell in love with growing flowers!”

Can not argue with that.

Can I say a toast?

My dear and beloved women! When thunder rumbles, no matter what color your sandals are. That does not matter a drop. It is important to have a lightning rod and its device. The rest is all such nonsense!

You are for us, and we are aliens for you. Nice and necessary. But incomprehensible. No better, no worse. Just others - nature has set us somewhat different tasks. So there was and still will be a lot of misunderstanding of the joint.

But I just want to say ... It happens that you have to hear complaints: “But mine doesn’t like, drinks, walks, and so on, and so on, and so on. And it’s dressed. And it’s full. Washed and warmed. then? "

So maybe you should just listen to him? BUT? His, not himself.

I will give a simple example. None of the women, having met the rapist (God forbid, of course!), Does not use their skills in the argument and female logic. No one! Never! Each will be saved, guided by the most reasonable judgments. No one decides that "I have hidden well, they will not find me here, because I have decided that I have hidden well."

Nobody does that. All actions are extremely consistent, extremely explainable by simple conventional logic. But why in communication with loved ones do you forget it? Why? After all, they are much closer to you!

Well, it's just the same!

Why am I telling you all this? Yes, too simple. What if someone is lucky. I still hope and believe you.

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