Tips for beginners: how to weave a bauble

Hello everyone. Weaving baubles - a useful and enjoyable experience. During weaving fine motor skills, memory develops, the work of all internal organs improves. See how to weave a bauble and proceed to the magic lesson.

How to weave a symbol of friendship

A beautiful bracelet is not for nothing called a symbol of friendship, because the one who weaves it, puts a piece of his heart. To begin with we will sort weaving in the form of a pigtail for beginners.

Take three strings, fasten their ends and proceed. If the threads are very thin, take not one, but as you see fit. Having learned to weave from threads, you can use any material. And now take the 4th rope, you will have a simple bauble:

  • Two strands should be in the center.
  • Left put on the right side.
  • Put the right on the left side.
  • In the center there should be 2 extreme ropes.
  • Continue to weave to the length you want.

Having learned to knit from 4 threads, you can take a larger amount. With an odd number - the extreme cross in the center alternately, as well as when working with three.

Oblique weaving

In this case, rows can be made from left to right or from right to left. The scheme clearly shows where a node should be. Bead string on the fishing line according to color, as in the diagram. Can work with narrow ribbons or cords, will be very beautiful.

You can try multicolored patterns. On paper, apply tiny circles, then fill them with the color that you need. The length can be made by measuring the wrist, and the width - any.

Try to tie from beads. Start with a strip of beads that are strung on a fishing line, and then braid according to the scheme. At the end, solder the ends of the fishing line so that the beads do not “run away”, make a fastener from hooks or special fasteners.

Commemorative bauble

It's nice to get a beautiful bracelet with the name, created by caring hands. You can take 2 colors or more, in any case, the bracelet will be original. To get a beautiful thing, make a stencil, then draw a pattern and start to knit. Bauble should be wide so that all letters fit on it.

To work faster, learn to knit knots. To work, prepare:

  • skein.
  • spool of thread.
  • pin and needle.
  • pillow
  • centimeter.

Cut the pieces to 40-50 cm, tie them in a knot, insert a pin into the knot, fix it on its pillow using a needle.

Two types of nodes:

  • right: working thread is located to the right of the nodular;
  • left: working thread is on the left.

On a piece of paper in the cell draw a diagram, where each cell is one node. Use marker pens to paint over letters and background.

Direct braiding is used to create nominal bracelets, the diagram is shown below.

Take 8 floss threads for blue letters and 5 green letters to create a background. One green thread should be longer than the others.

Begin to knit knots to the left, passing a long thread of green color down, tightening each string more tightly, so that the letters lie flat.

Now go back up the main thread. Make a small knot on each thread to the right. Make sure that the threads go flat, not diagonally. Green background can be made of any width, that is, weave as many rows of green until you begin to “write” letters.

For example, let's start with the letter "A". Make the main thread down 3 knots to the left (this is the background), 4-10 threads make the main thread to the right, then make 2 knots to the left. Under the scheme, change the color of the thread, depending on whether it is a background or a letter.

Then again go thread upwards. 12-8 knots to the right, 7 - to the left, 6-4 - to the right, 3 - to the left.

Then you need to move from top to bottom, weave all the nodes to the left, 3 and 7 - to the right.

And now we finish the letter "A". From the bottom up we move the main thread: 1, 2, 3, 11, 12 - knots to the right, 4-10 - to the left. We clearly stand out the letter "A".

To make the name readable, space between the letters, leaving 1-2 empty passes with a green thread.

Such a bracelet can be made with the inscription to a birthday man or a loved one.

DIY gift

Handmade products today in price, more than ever. Try to create a beautiful thing with a picture.

  1. Take the threads of 5 colors: for the background - gray, and for the picture white, black, red, blue. The length of the threads is 100-110 cm.
  2. We attach the threads of three colors - white, red and blue. Then we fasten the threads from which we begin to “paint” the picture: gray and black. Do not forget to make the gray thread longer than the others, because it will get more work.
  3. Weaving begins with a gray thread. Take it, drop it over the left extreme black thread, then wind it under the black thread and again above the main thread, remove it under the same thread. After this procedure, you should have a loop in which you need to stretch a gray thread from top to bottom, which you pull up to the beginning of the weaving and tighten the nodule. Then repeat the knot on the same thread. So with a gray thread to twist all 19 black threads of the base, then go through the next 4 rows.
  4. And now choose the colors of the knots according to the scheme, that is, first weave 8 black threads (2 knots) with a gray thread, then make 5 knots of black color, for which you twist the gray thread with a black thread, making 2 knots in the same manner. See point 3, but considering that the gray thread must be fixed. We continue to make gray nodules up to the end of the row.
  5. We begin the following row: under the black nodules, black are knitted, gray under gray.
  6. In the sixth row we turn on the white color in the following way: a gray thread is wound up for weaving, and instead of it white is entered and the work is carried out according to the scheme where the black threads will be braided already white.
  7. When you complete the required number of knots with a white thread and weave two squares of black on a thread of the same color, return the gray thread, completing the drawing to the end.
  8. We twist the blue thread in the same way as white, replacing the white tone with blue, weaving the knot with the help of blue. And then we act according to the scheme.
  9. In order to quietly leave the blue color out of the weaving, we take the thread out gradually, as in the case of the white thread, we weave it with 2 black squares and only after that we return the main one - the gray one. Next, weave on the picture.
  10. The red thread is introduced as well as other colors of the pattern, and then the rest of the image is docked.
  11. The remaining ends of the threads must be tied together to get 4 identical knots.
  12. The upper threads of 4 colors are fastened with knots, cut off, and the black ones are fastened with knots using a pin.

Admire the result!

Round bauble knit ribbons. Take 2 tapes 2.5 meters long. Round thing can be made of ribbons of small width. To quickly learn how to create original products, watch the video.

You can learn how to make beautiful gum gifts right on your fingers. Video lesson will help to learn simple weaving.

Dear friends, in the long winter evenings try to prepare the most original New Year's gifts to relatives and close people to give them lots and lots of joy.

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