Keep the shape

Face and Eye Face Building with Eugenia Baglyk

Hello, dear. Everyone knows that for a toned and slim figure you need to play sports. Sport helps keep muscles in shape. We know about it and many people do just that. But do you always remember that the muscles of the face, too, need to swing? To do this, too, has its own gymnastics - face-building for the face, about which we will talk a little and do one lesson - eye exercises.

What is facebook building?

Facebook Building - This is a special gymnastics for the face, contributing to its rejuvenation and adjustment. It turns out that not only the muscles of the body need to "swing." Need to strengthen and facial muscles. And these facial muscles require increased attention. Yes, they constantly work when we talk, frown, laugh and even sleep.

The only problem is that their activity is unevenly distributed. Work mostly the same facial muscles. The connective tissues overwork due to this, wrinkles appear.

Specially selected exercises to solve certain problems associated with the muscles of the face help restore skin elasticity (at a more mature age), and also prevent the appearance of mimic wrinkles (I know girls who have the first signs of old age imprinted on their foreheads far from 25 age). And coupled with masks from the first wrinkles and homemade cream making, facebook building is a powerful weapon in the struggle for the youth of the skin.

Facebook is an effective means of prolonging youth, improving visual appeal, as well as an excellent alternative to surgical methods of rejuvenation.

Face building - what is the advantage

So let's not postpone exercises for the muscles of the face, which have already helped many women regain their beauty without surgery, confidence in themselves and their attractiveness! There are many benefits to these exercises.

Watch the video: Easy exercises for face with Jenya Baglyk (November 2019).