Fitness at home

Will you still say that you do not have time for training?

Hello friends. It almost always happens that the active children, girls, the birth of a child is unsettling: no trips out of town, no long meetings with friends, no sport, no time for training ... But! Anyway, the latter can certainly be corrected. To do this, we offer you to get acquainted with examples of mummies and daddies, for whom children are not an obstacle for playing sports, but rather the opposite. Meet - fitness for moms with children

Example 1. How to turn cleaning into a workout

Here's a cool example of how to turn ordinary household chores into training. Watch and do! By the way, this option of the so-called home cleaning-workout will suit everyone who sat up at home.

Example 2. Organically increasing the load

For mom, joint fitness is good because the load increases gradually as the baby grows. This means that your muscles, joints and ligaments will also gradually get used to the increase in load and weight. But such exercises are useful not only for mom. The mother strengthens the muscles, and the baby improves the vestibular apparatus.

Something like this was in the myths of ancient Greece - someone from Olympus wore a calf around his neck, and the calf grew and grew, and the hero grew stronger and stronger. And won the Olympic Games. So - go ahead!

Example 3. Right Dad

Well, what kid will refuse such training with dad?

Example 4. Super-fitness moms

Well, this video is about cool moms and real fitness for moms with children. They just lift from the couch. Maybe they will lift you too?

Example 5. Mothers-yoga and baby-yozhiki

It seems that such training for the baby is a common thing, well, at least it would have grappled with mom stronger. And it tries to do like a mom! What to say - the future champion! Such talent can not disappear.

Example 6. A set of exercises with a stroller

Well, here - a specific set of exercises.

Training gives both the joy of communication and psychological comfort, but of course you need to be extremely careful and cautious to eliminate any possibility of injury for yourself and the child.

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