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How can you quickly remove the second chin to a woman: all the ways in one article

Hello, dear. Today we will talk about such a defect as a double chin, or rather, how to remove a second chin to a woman. Not only obese ladies suffer from this excess, but even young ladies with normal weight. And not only women, but also men.

This unpleasant "gift" noticeably lengthens the face, making it completely unattractive, therefore, we must get rid of it as soon as possible. That's why sit back and we will figure out how to solve this problem.

Gymnastics from the second chin

Look at the selection of good exercises that really help make the neck slim, and you are young and charming.

  1. Lying on your back, lift your head up so that you can see your fingers on your leg. This extremely effective exercise will help tighten the chin and neck muscles. Do 10 repetitions. Careful if your spine is sore!
  2. Sit at the table, put your elbows on the table, and lower your chin on the hands. Close your teeth, straining your chin muscles, then push it forward. In this position, make clicks of your fingers on the chin 40-45 times. Perform this exercise daily, and soon forget that you had an unsightly fold.
  3. Great exercise: put a heavy book on your head, walk with it for 5 or 6 minutes, very soon you will become a happy owner of a regal bearing.
  4. Sing the letters "and", "y", while straining the muscles of the neck.
  5. Removing a double chin will help your tongue, which you will try to get the tip of your nose, and then draw them in the air "eight".
  6. Throw back your head, try to cover your upper lip with your lower lip. Then the upper lip - cover the bottom.
  7. Put your lower jaw on your fists, lower your head down and prevent it with your fists. Feel the tension of the neck muscles?
  8. Move the tongue in your mouth from one cheek to the other.

In fact, these exercises are much more and you can do them at any time. Look at this video, perhaps, bright pictures will help you to better remember this gymnastics.

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We remove a double chin with massage

If you add a simple massage to the exercises, then after three weeks you will be surprised at your transformation.

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How to do a massage at home?

  1. Apply on the chin cream or honey decoction.
  2. Smooth it with your fingers, from the center to the ears, while increasing the intensity of pressing and tempo.
  3. Stumble the skin with fingertips, acting in the same direction.
  4. Pinch, knead it, like dough, moving along the same lines.
  5. Perform the second exercise.
  6. To get rid of the second fold will help patting her back part of the brush. It is necessary to do so quickly, so that within a minute the chin will stop feeling the clapping, that is, numb.

Keep your fingers tightly pressed. How much to clap? Until the hands get tired.

This video shows the author's technique - a sculptural massage of the face and neck.

How to remove a second chin with a mineral compress

Is it just enough massage and gymnastics to remove a double chin? Massages can be supplemented with beauty treatments.

What is needed for this? In a glass of mineral water (non-carbonated) dilute 1 tbsp. a spoonful of salt. Moisten a terry towel in it, fold it along. Take him by the ends, pat them on the problem area. This massage and lifting. In a month the skin will be taut, the oval of the face will take on the former, young position.

To prevent the problem from returning, periodically exercise and massage.

Corrector neck silhouette

Massager Neckline Slimmer will help get rid of your problem, if you regularly use it. The simulator can be called an extremely effective alternative to surgical intervention.

With it, you can create a beautiful silhouette of the neck, remove the ugly folds, forget about the loose skin in the neck area forever. Moreover, the procedure is so pleasant that you will spend it with great pleasure, marveling at the amazing result. The procedure lasts only 2 minutes, but what an effect! The result will be noticeable in two months.

How to use? Install the spring as instructed. Fix the simulator on his chest, pressing his chin. Holding the device with your hand, begin to tilt your head. If the spring is too tight, change it to a more suitable one. Included are three springs of different stiffness levels.

What is convenient this device? It does not need to connect to the network, change the batteries in it. His device is very simple and convenient. Suitable for people of all ages.

Corrector exercises

To strengthen the neck muscles, you should slowly tilt your head down, pressing the simulator's nozzle with your chin, and then slowly straighten your neck and return to the starting position.

To strengthen muscles, slowly open and close your mouth, pressing down on the attachment with your lower jaw. Exercises are performed in three sets, each with 10 bends. Between approaches is a 5 second break.

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Double Chin Removal Masks

Exercises and massage will work much faster if you help them masks, cooked with his hands. They enrich the skin with beneficial substances, help the cells to produce better elastin and collagen, tightening the skin.

Any mask should be applied with a thin layer on the line of the lower jaw, wrapping it with a gauze bandage, holding for about 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. They should be done after 1 day.

  1. Yeast mask. One Art. dilute a spoonful of dry yeast with warm milk to make a thick mixture. Let stand 30 minutes in a warm place.
  2. Potato mask. Make puree, add warm milk, dilute to obtain a liquid mixture, then add a spoonful of liquid honey.
  3. Black Clay Mask. Three Art. spoons of cosmetic black clay should be diluted with warm water to a thick slurry.
  4. Lemon mask. Squeeze lemon juice to get 1 tbsp. spoon, dilute the water in a glass, pour one tablespoon of common salt there. Apple vinegar can be used instead of lemon juice. Moisten gauze, put on the lower part of the face and neck.

Face taping

Facial modeling with kinesiotipirovaniya perfectly tightens the skin and removes swelling due to lymphatic drainage. The excess fluid goes to the lymph nodes, improves blood and lymph circulation, evens out skin color.

Tapes are recommended to wear 2-8 hours during the active time of day. After all, among other things, it is an excellent passive massage of all the muscles on the face, which fights mimic wrinkles.

In parting, I want to say - now you know how to remove a second chin to a woman and also know that you can cope with any problem, especially in my articles there are so many simple, but very effective, recipes.

Try to do exercises, massage, share recipes with your friends, because they also want to look young and attractive.

Watch the video: Yoga facial and neck exercises: Firm your neck using face yoga (November 2019).