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How to make a list of desires and goals for the year for women and men

Hello! Every person has desires, but not all of them are fulfilled. It turns out there are techniques that will help bring closer the fulfillment of any dream. Today we will learn how to make a list of desires and goals.

How to convey to the universe your dreams

Desires and dreams of people are very different. They can be divided into several categories:

  • practical, connected with something material;
  • for the whole world, when the aspiration is directed not only at you, but also at the environment;
  • for pleasure - this trip, massage, trips to the salons, spa.

With this separation, it is easier to plan their execution.

Important to rememberIn order for dreams to come true, we must act, and not wait for the weather by the sea.

Making a wish, at the same time, plan on who you can rely on, when it should come true, how much money you have to spend.

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When you begin to make a list, be bolder, freer in your desires. But it is necessary to divide the list into more true and false. Then work with every desire.

How to work with desire

Imagine that it was realized and what will you do with it? False desire does not come from the depths of your soul, and the true desire is really necessary for you, like air.

If at least for a minute you have doubted the usefulness of what was written down, then delete it from the list, then all the most necessary will remain.

And to the most necessary can be attributed everything, even a trip in a balloon. Dream, dream, write.

In order for the Universe to fulfill your aspirations, you should believe that everything will certainly be fulfilled. Without sincere faith, the universe will find it difficult to find solutions. Of course, doubts will be visited, not without it, but we must believe that everything is doable!

Be careful not to send your unrighteous desires to the Universe., because they can come true. And what if they go to your detriment, so you need to think correctly.

How to structure your life

It is necessary to make not only a list of aspirations, but also a schedule for their fulfillment: for a week, for a month, for a year. Consider the technique of creating a list of these 100 dreams. If you write them as usual, then we get as always.

So you started writing on paper 100 desires and goals.

  1. Choose a quiet place and a time when no one will disturb you. In a bad mood, never touch writing a list.
  2. First write everything you want, and then leave the ones you need.
  3. Of the most necessary, too, make a list. It will include those that need to be implemented in the coming week, month or year.

Motivation to write correctly

To know which direction to go, Try to answer the questions:

  • What do I want to do?
  • What do I want to try?
  • What do I want to learn?
  • What are my dreams in the material sphere?
  • What would I like to change?

Record 20 answers for each question. What to write? What comes to mind or comes from the heart itself. Let it be the most ridiculous or ridiculous dream, write everything down. If the answers will be more - not scary.

If it's hard to come up with 100 desires, how long have you not dreamed of and have not planned your life! Start writing again, get to know yourself, do you really have no 100 desires?

Read the writing to identify priorities.

About each item, put a score from 0 to 10, where:

  • 10 is a very important dream that excites and does not give rest, for example, to repay a debt.
  • 0 - the implementation of which will not affect your life. Example - "I want an iPhone X, tired of an iPhone 7". Changing the gadget will not make your life better.

Where there are points 10 and 9 - this is the most important at the moment. Rewrite them separately, you can even attach to a prominent place for you. Others do not see him desirable. Your wishlist is ready.

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Make the most important aspirations your goal. Add the date of execution, describe them more precisely. Try to write such a list more often, for example, every New Year. If the dream is difficult to fulfill, then write it down necessarily. It is difficult at the moment, and time will pass and it can be fulfilled in the first place.

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After six months, read the list, cross out everything that has come true. Add new goals. Do this every 6 months. By doing this manipulation, you will soon see how your life will change. If you haven’t seen a meaning in it before this day, now it will appear.

What is this practice for, how does this mechanism work? It will give impetus for self-realization and further development. As long as your goals are only in the mind, they seem impracticable, often simply forgotten. But the paper will be a long time to remember them.

If after 6 months you see that many desires have already been realized, then you are on the right path to self-realization. You will also know how active or passive you are, how great your achievements are. If nothing has come true, how passive are you in life! It's time to start acting.

List for men and women

Men and women record different desires, so laid down by nature. For women, family, home, children are more important. Many women dream of meeting their only and loyal man. When you put it in priority, do not forget to write down its basic qualities.

You can describe the appearance, but forget the inner qualities. Then you can meet and beautiful and tall, but a lover of a drink. Therefore, the description is not trivial.

For men, it is important to have a good job, a car, a house. Many men dream of family too. If you write about work, do not forget to specify the salary, work schedule, what should be the head and the team. Otherwise, you can get a job where you will "plow" day and night without days off.

It is important to imagine that this has already come true. And do not forget, the dream should be specific, not vague.

As practice shows, the recording should be done in real time. Better on the growing moon, on Friday, on a beautiful leaf, preferably red. It is possible in a beautiful notebook, too, red or gold.

Create the feeling that everything has already come true, clearly imagine that all this is already now. So quickly pull the performance.

How to change your life

If a person does not make plans, does not even dare to dream, thinking that he will still fail, then he will linger in the position in which he is.

Dreaming, dreaming, we become the magnet that attracts everything that we want. The Law of Attraction begins to operate.

When you start writing 100 desires, then you show the Universe your breadth! Remember, it was precisely the visionaries who were moving and are now moving the progress!

It is worth writing 100 desires how you will strive to fulfill your dreams. Believe me, you will become more confident, feel unprecedented power. Very soon you will feel like a Wizard, able to make your life much better and more interesting.

Secrets of writing 100 desires

Who tried to write a similar list, knows how difficult it is to do. But there are people who are trying to facilitate this work.

Preparatory step

Get alone, light a candle, prepare accessories, that is, a sheet and a pen. Imagine that personal happiness depends on this action. You have a magic pen, which means that the desire will immediately go to the implementation of the Bank of Abundance. Look at the fire of the candle, start to dream. Invent the desires of the most vital, as well as the most magical.

Spheres of life

Examples of areas of life in which you would like to develop:

  • beauty;
  • health;
  • love;
  • family;
  • children;
  • relations;
  • house;
  • career;
  • finance;
  • relaxation;
  • travels;
  • hobby;
  • the brightness of life;
  • acquisitions;
  • personal growth;
  • spirituality;
  • education.
  1. Write 5 dreams for each field. You can even include such as, for example, take a bath with rose petals.
  2. Re-read aloud the finished list. Turn on the imagination!
  3. Imagine how great your life has changed, thanks to your fulfilled dreams. Feel the joy, excitement and great happiness.
  4. Say: "All my desires are fulfilled! Let it be so!"
  5. Activate 100 desires

The day after writing the list, buy yourself something sweet or a present. So the Universe will see that the process has begun!

To keep the magic working

Remove completed from the list, add a new one. So the mind will always work. Keep the list visible, but away from prying eyes.

Do not forget to thank the Universewho believe in God, thank God for fulfilling a dream.

When you look back, you will see what goals have been achieved. And fulfilled goals are great progress. This is the way to further success.

You can also watch a video on this topic:

Dear friends, before you recommendations how to make a list of desires and goals. Do not think that you need to dream only young and healthy. There are no age dreamers. Try to take a pen and start writing. See how life is immediately painted in new colors? Do not cease to dream and dream, from this life will really become much richer and more colorful. Successes!

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