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How to cook therapeutic oatmeal Izotov

Hello, dear visitors. Have you ever tried real oatmeal pudding? Not yet? This is a very tasty and infinitely healthy dish! In short, I recommend everyone Izotov oatmeal kissel. Read the article in which you will find a step-by-step recipe for making jelly from Hercules, and learn its benefits and what it treats.

Harmless method of cleansing the body

Useful jelly, developed by Dr. Izotov, you can cook yourself. This healing product can be taken to prevent all kinds of gastrointestinal diseases, as well as to treat them. Experience the effect of this safe, reliable method of cleansing the body of poisons.

Children can also be given a healing Izotov drink for breakfast.

According to nutritionists, naturopaths, the health of each person is almost 30% dependent on the food eaten by him, as well as the entire established system of his diet.

Already there are accurate evidence that the cause of a large number of ills is the inordinate absorption of fat and meat, which has an excessive percentage of protein.

Just the body's proteins do not have time to fully process, their residues begin to decompose, releasing decomposition products - toxins. This poison enters the bloodstream, which distributes it to all the cells of the body, causing serious poisoning.

When a person suffers from pain, he tries to take medicine, which is widely advertised today.

Do not get used to it! It has not yet been invented such a drug that would not cause side effects, that is, would be completely harmless.

Dr. Izotov invented another, more reasonable, safer method of ridding the body of harmful substances by introducing homemade oatmeal drink into the menu.

The history of oatmeal

For the first time about this useful jelly was mentioned in the XVI century, in one of the most popular books of the past years - "Domostroy".

There, in the same row with the most expensive delicacies: fish soup from sterlet, a pie in 7 rows is worth pudding from oats. At all times, it was considered not so much tasty as healthy food. In ancient times, the spleen was treated with such a drink, for which it was often called the "spleen".

Izotov V.K. - a virologist, showed interest in this old drink, applying modern knowledge to its production, created his own unique recipe for oatmeal kissel, which has the broadest healing properties. In 1992, his invention received a patent.

Healing qualities and benefits of Izotov oatmeal

This product contains a large set of essential amino acids (choline, tryptophan, methionine, lysine, and lecithin) and rare vitamins (PP, B1, B2, B5, A, E), giving Izotov kissel healing properties.

In the healing drink a lot of different minerals (calcium, fluoride, potassium, magnesium and iron), which help the body function normally.

Scientifically confirmed that jelly has unique healing properties. He is able to heal even those diseases that are difficult to cure by generally accepted methods.

Perhaps izotovsky kissel adjusts the cells of the body so that it starts to cope with all the sores.

Izotov's Oatmeal Recipe

In order to get an oatmeal concentrated product that can be added when getting a healing drink, you should follow several steps in a certain sequence.

1. Fermentation

In a 5 liter glass container pour 3.5 liters of boiled chilled water. Pour 0.5 kg of oatmeal "Hercules", pour 100 ml of kefir.

Close the jar with a lid, wrap it with thick paper, and in winter put it near the heating battery.

The mixture will begin to ferment. For better fermentation on 1 pack of "Hercules" add 10-15 tbsp. tablespoons of oatmeal, ground in a coffee grinder or a slice of rye bread.

It is very easy to notice the fermentation process, bubbles will appear all over the thickness of the oatmeal suspension and stratification will begin.

Fermentation should last no more than 1-2 days. Do not allow longer fermentation, so as not to impair the taste of the drink.

2. Filtering

As soon as the fermentation process is completed, it is necessary to filter the mixture. This will require a filter and a settling tank, that is, another 5-liter glass jar. The best filter could be a colander with 2 mm diameter holes.

The filter is placed above the jar and the resulting mixture is shed through it. A dense sediment will accumulate on the colander. It should be washed with running cold water, feeding it in small portions, while stirring intensively.

Liquid, which will be obtained by washing, should be 3 times more than the volume of the original oat suspension. A clot on the filter that remains after washing can be given to the dogs. For them, this is a real sweetness.

3. Processing filtrate

A filtrate is collected in the sump, which is left to stand for about 18 hours. After that, it will have 2 layers: the top one is liquid, the bottom one is white precipitate.

The top layer is removed using a rubber tube, and the bottom layer is just real oat concentrate.

Subsequently, it is useful for lactic acid fermentation. It is added to a water suspension of oatmeal instead of kefir.

4. Storage of oat concentrate

Oatmeal product remaining from filtration is poured into jars, but already smaller in capacity, tightly closed with a lid, left in the refrigerator. You can store it no more than 21 days.

To prepare a new oatmeal drink, take a few tablespoons of this concentrate from a jar.

5. Cooking jelly

5 to 10 Art. tablespoons of concentrate (to your liking), stirred in 2 cups of water (cold), put on a small fire, brought to a boil. When cooking is intensive stirring with a wooden spoon. To reduce to the desired thickness will take only 5 minutes.

At the end of boiling it is necessary to add salt, any oil, including butter, to cool. Here you have a healthy breakfast!

This video contains the complete sequence of cooking Izotov oatmeal.

Dear readers. The secret of magic jelly will be revealed to anyone who is seeking to improve their health. To get a steady wellness result, eat Izotov's wholesome oatmeal jelly every morning.

Try to make a wonderful drink, and then share your impressions with the readers of my blog.

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