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Facial mesotherapy - all the pros and cons

Hello, dear friends. At the request of readers of the blog, we’ll dwell on the pros and cons of a popular procedure in cosmetology rooms - facial mesotherapy.

Face aging can be delayed.

When a woman sees a new wrinkle on her face, it seems to her that the whole world is crumbling, and the people around her notice how she is beginning to age.

From here - depression, complexes, unwillingness to look in the mirror. Do not despair, for the return of youth developed a truly miraculous technology - facial mesotherapy.

How does the new technology

Before deciding on this serious procedure of rejuvenation, you need to know: does it suit you? Rejuvenation occurs through the introduction under the skin of such substances that have the strongest effect on the cells of the epidermis.

But the magic effect can be expected only after a full course of procedures. For the most timid developed non-injection technology.

What is the basis of its action? On the fact that the active substances fall into the lower layers of the skin under the influence of various techniques.

Depending on them, the following types of non-injection technology differ:

  • Cryomesotherapy - exposure occurs by electric waves and cold;
  • Laser therapy;
  • Iontophoresis - the impact of the discharge current;
  • Magnetophoresis;
  • Oxygen therapy - treatment of the epidermis with pure oxygen and others.

The advantage of this technology is that people who are afraid of needles, too, can undergo a course of rejuvenation - this is on the one hand.

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