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An example of a circular workout in the gym on the legs for girls

Hello, fitness lovers. This article is about how circular training for girls in the gym can help you do legs.

What is a circuit training =?

If you have ever visited a gym, then probably remember that usually training is carried out like this.

You first do all the approaches to one exercise that the instructor gave you, and then move on to another, and do all the approaches to this exercise, then to the next, and so on ...

For example, you first perform all the approaches to the press, and then go to the exercise for triceps and perform all the approaches for this exercise.

This is the usual traditional training. It is designed to train the muscles and increase their strength.

Circuit training looks very different.

Usually you (or your trainer) choose a few exercises. The number of exercises depends on your fitness.

This may be three, five, or even more exercises on different muscle groups.

This series of specially selected exercises you do one after another without interruption.

And only when all the planned exercises are completed, do you take a rest - a pause.

And then - a new circle: again do all these exercises. Circles can be from three to five.

I propose to look at the option of a circular leg training, which coach Sergey Karandashov prepared for Natalia, one of the participants in the bikini contest.

Bikini competition is gaining great popularity in fitness and bodybuilding competitions.

But this is not just a beauty contest. To him you need to seriously prepare and train.

Leg training

How do you like this video? Want to try? Then record the sequence of exercises.

  • Squatting in the hands of
  • Lumbar attacks
  • Thrust on straight legs
  • Lifting onto the platform
  • Squat side to side with pancake
  • Hyperextension with a round back.
  • Raising the pelvis
  • Press book

For circuit training usually do not use large weights.

Weight is chosen such that it would be possible to perform the exercise from 15 to 20 times.

Rest time between exercise series is usually 5 - 7 minutes. More than seven minutes to rest is not recommended. Muscles cool and may need additional warm-up.

To train by the method of circuit training should first be no more than half an hour. And as you are prepared, you can bring the training to one hour.

More than an hour should not engage. Otherwise, the training will wear out. And this is - to the detriment.

Watch the video: Full Leg & Glute Workout Walkthrough Free Program Week 1 (February 2020).