What to give a man and a woman: gifts for the New Year on the signs of the zodiac

Hello! The new year is already very close and many people think about unusual gifts to their families and friends. Great help will be provided by expert advice, which give gifts for the New Year on the signs of the Zodiac to both women and men.

What gift will please in the Year of the Pig

The year 2019 is coming - the year of the Yellow Earth Pig. Pay attention, as the hostess of the year stands firmly on the ground, so the New Year gifts should not be romantic, but serious, which will be useful in the new year for renovating the interior or for domestic needs.

In short, New Year's gifts should be useful and at the same time beautiful, so you need to give what a person wants to get in the New Year. You can not give meaningless trinkets, the mistress of the year will not appreciate it.

Make a list of who to buy something. Armed with a list and tips, go shopping not to buy everything in a hurry the day before the New Year. If you have not secretly figured out the preferences of a person, then choose, starting from his zodiac sign.

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A surprise should cause positive emotions and not get lost in the mass of other gifts. Let the New Year's gift remind of a merry celebration for a long time. Banal, cheap trinkets in this year are not rolled. We'll have to show imagination!

Gifts that bring good luck

Gilt loves comfort and convenience, appreciates the family, but does not forget itself! A lot of souvenirs with a picture of a boar or a pig appear in the shops. This can be purchased as an addition to the surprise, but the piggy bank is what you need! A practical animal would choose something with its image from what is useful in everyday life:

  • Kitchen towel, oven mitt;
  • Mug, plate;
  • Bath mat;
  • Pajamas or T-shirt for home;
  • Original stand for hot.

From modern gifts a good impression will leave flash drives, mouse pads under the arm, mouse, phone case and much more. All gifts must be beautifully decorated, so that the presented person sees that you have tried!

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Presents to every sign of the zodiac


People born under this sign are very curious personalities, so the gift card of the store, where the goods corresponding to his tastes are located, will be useful. The gadget or the novelties of technical progress will also be liked.

Aries will be pleased with the lamps of the original performance, a nightlight with a projector, a beautiful candlestick. Male car enthusiasts will gladly donate a navigator, an autoregistrar, in a word, everything that is useful to his car.

A precious gift for a lady who loves needlework, will be a set for embroidery, weaving beads, fashion magazines. A necklace, bracelet or clutch will also delight the Aries woman.


Practical Taurus will be endlessly happy with useful gifts in the form of technology, which he dreamed of. Kitchenware, gizmos for interior decoration, too, fit Taurus.

Just do not give trinkets, Taurus loves everything expensive and well made. Things from precious metal or genuine leather, for example, a wallet, will delight this lover of luxury. Good wine bring joy more than a meaningless trifle!

Boldly present to the materialistic Sign everything connected with the growth of financial well-being. You can even money, beautifully packaged in a box or a certificate for purchase in the store, where a representative of this zodiacal sign often comes.

Taurus favorably accepts jewelry in a classic style. As well as perfumes with light fruity or floral notes.


Representatives of this sign love surprises! To please the Gemini, do not buy boring things. Painting, sculpture, designer gizmos will delight more than kitchen accessories. They will enjoy a theater ticket or an invitation to horse ride.

The twins also will not give up new experiences. The original notebook, where they will record their impressions, will be just the way. Do not forget the decorations. Beads, brooches will be a welcome surprise. No woman will refuse expensive perfume with a delicate floral scent.


A man will rejoice at technical innovations. A woman can be presented with a good jewelry, items for interior decoration.

Cancer loves expensive body care products that smell like perfumes. Graceful things in the form of a lamp or a figurine, Raku will also be liked. If you choose the dishes, then it should be made of fine porcelain of an unusual shape.

Kitchen appliances such as a slow cooker or a deep fryer will surprise you.

Cancer loves to decorate his home. Pictures, clocks, lamps will delight representatives of this sign. Only all items of interiors should fit the existing situation. Oddly enough, Cancer is not against beautiful knick-knacks! Find out what they collect to cater to caring Cancer.

a lion

In the Year of the Pig, the king of beasts will gladly accept perfume, but only expensive brands! Since Leo is endowed with excellent taste, then the choice of gifts will have to spend a lot of time.

He will be delighted with rare books, a collection of disks with fascinating films, antiques and accessories made of genuine leather. All gifts must be beautifully packaged. For Lev, the presentation design is as important as the gift itself! The royal person loves gold! Zloty things, expensive figurines under gold will give her true joy.


All things for the house will bring a complete delight to the Virgin. Practical Virgo, like Pig, loves the warmth and comfort of his home. She spends a lot of effort on the arrangement of her home.

A soft blanket, warm blanket, beautiful bed linen will help this representative of the zodiac circle to please. From thin perfumes and rare jewelry Virgo will also come to indescribable delight.

Piggy bank or money tree of semi-precious stones will give her such joy, which is difficult to express in words!


Representatives of this sign love to restore order wherever they appear. Knowing this addiction, do not try to find something unpredictable. When you choose a gift for the New Year, be careful with surprises. Scales are not lovers of surprises!

But they will gladly accept something useful for the farm. Ask in advance not to be trapped or present a certificate to the store, let him choose what he needs.

You will not get lost with a gift if you put a beautiful picture, a statuette or a piece of elegant design "under the Christmas tree".


In 2019, Scorpio will be delighted with a financial surprise. It can be a genuine leather wallet, an original piggy bank, rose quartz money tree. The representative of this sign loves all extraordinary, but useful.

Handmade products that will not lie useless cargo, and will be useful in the economy - what you need for the New Year!


In 2019, Sagittarius will admire endlessly, taking a bright and unusual gift. Lovers of epatage can choose an unusual decoration or a souvenir in ethnic style.

Sagittarius loves travel, so travel bag, thermomug. Tracksuit - the best gift option. He will appreciate the gift certificate to the beauty salon or spa.

Do not lose, if you hand the Sagittarius an invitation to horseback riding, bowling, in a word, where he splashes out his boiling energy and is charged with new positive emotions.


Get ready to spend a lot of time choosing a surprise for a practical Capricorn. Most importantly, do not give him a trifle or something that he can not use for their needs.

Capricorn will be happy to accept appliances, cutlery and kitchen appliances. Pick him as a gift original organizer or stylish business card holder. A beautiful diary or notebook with an erasable marker Capricorn will take from you with great enthusiasm!

A representative of this sign will like a certificate to the pool, an e-book, a useful video course, and interesting tutorials.

In short, anything but souvenirs, of which there is little use!


This zodiac sign will gratefully accept a talisman or souvenir that makes sense. Aquarius likes to improve their knowledge in different areas. For the New Year 2019, give him a training course, an e-book or a useful program for teaching a new case.

Woman, as a New Year's gift, present handmade jewelry. They can be made of leather, wood or semi-precious stones. Do not try to make fun of Aquarius! He will not understand your humor and will be very offended.


The final sign of the zodiac will be pleased to find under the tree something original, related to astrology, mysticism or creativity. Romantic Pisces will appreciate your diligence, if you present a beautiful organizer, and maybe a talisman for good luck? A woman can give jewelry with purple or blue stones, a man - expensive cufflinks or a tie.

Representatives of this sign spend a lot of time on their health. Take care and you, giving a massager, humidifier or air ionizer. Home simulator there is in the house the place of honor. Decorative cosmetics will also give Rybkami great pleasure!

Dear friends, the article: "Gifts for the New Year by the Signs of the Zodiac" will help you choose the right gift. The main thing is to turn on the fantasy and go shopping in advance. Do not forget to find out from the bestowed his preferences, so as not to get into an uncomfortable position.

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