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Five impossibly delicious homemade ice cream recipes

Greetings yummy lovers. Today there will be a continuation of the interesting topic of desserts, namely, there will be recipes for homemade ice cream.

This is the greatest culinary invention of the East, called "sweet snow" and became popular in Europe (before that happened, but more with aristocrats) in Victorian times.

By the way, in Russia it was preferred to freeze strongly-presilno, and then planed. Sometimes they called it: sweet planer. And only later, we began to measure and eat it like all people - balls.

So if you please. Will you and ice cream. By the way, raw foodists, vegetarians and fasting ones, please do not leave, for them there are also interesting and not at all complicated recipes.

Creamy banana-chocolate ice cream

What do you need:

  • cream 33-35% - 500 ml.,
  • condensed milk - 0.5 cans (200 gr.)
  • banana - 2 pcs.,
  • Nutella (or any other chocolate paste) - 4-5 tbsp,
  • vanilla extract - 1 tbsp.,
  • cream liqueur - 2 tbsp.

How to do:

  1. Whip the cream and divide into two equal parts.
  2. For the creamy banana layer: Put the sliced ​​bananas into slices, condensed milk, vanilla extract and immersion blender in a cup and beat everything into puree. Add banana puree to one part of the cream, mix (beat) until smooth.
  3. For the chocolate layer: beat Nutella with cream liqueur, add to the second part of the cream, mix (beat) everything until a homogeneous mass.
  4. Lay out in plastic disposable cups in layers: chocolate mass, banana and again chocolate, put ice cream stick in the middle and send everything into the freezer.

Output: 6 cups of ice cream.

To remove the finished ice cream from the plastic cups: let the ice cream stand for about five minutes at room temperature, twist the cups between your palms and gently pull the stick.

Raw food banana-chocolate ice cream

Raw foodists are very interesting guys. They still remember the taste of traditional cuisine, and, apparently, secretly yearn for those times when they could easily eat a couple of ice cream cups or a huge slice of pizza.

Otherwise, where does such an invention come from - to make ice cream without milk and cream? Watch the video and use the recipe.

I hope you caught that the whole secret is in frozen bananas. Of the usual raw bananas can not get such a viscous mass. And to get the chocolate mass you need to add a tablespoon of live cocoa and a handful of dried orange peels for flavor.

Classic ice cream

This is my favorite brand. I do not like cafes with frills and sophistication. I love ice cream. And yes. Homemade it is much more delicious shop.


  • Fatty cream (33%) 350 ml.
  • Fatty fresh milk 350 ml.
  • Egg yolks 3 pcs.
  • Sugar 200 gr.
  • Vanilla 1 tsp
  1. Pour all the milk into an enamel saucepan, boil and cool to 35 ° C.
  2. Well, beat three yolks and granulated sugar, add vanilla sugar. When the mass gives a stable foam, it is necessary to slowly pour warm milk into the composition. Heat everything over low heat, stirring the mass with a wooden spatula, until your homemade ice cream thickens.
  3. To determine the readiness of the cream, you should run your finger across the shoulder blade - if the mark remains unwashable, the cream is completely ready. Next, cool the mass and set to cool on the middle shelf of the refrigerator.
  4. Then whip cream into a thick foam. It is better to do everything in a glass bowl. After the cream is whipped, you need to get a lot out of the refrigerator, and then mix it with a whisk, adding cream. Next, transfer the cream to a container and place in the freezer.
  5. At the next stage of making homemade ice cream, you need to remove the ice cream from the freezer every half hour and whisk it up. Well, or at least a fork ...
  6. After three hours, get the ice cream out of the freezer. The result is a smooth, lump-free ice cream. Using a special spoon, form ice cream balls and place them in vases. Decorate all with fruit or pour syrup.

I'm here in a blender cherries or strawberries with a touch of sugar, beat and water. And bitter chocolate to sink and pour. Not so bad.

3 vegetarian ice cream recipes

And for balance, write down three more simple recipes for ice cream without milk and cream.

1. Avocado ice cream

Take two ripe avocados and 150 grams of coconut milk. If it doesn't matter to you, take regular cow's milk. And if the problem is with coconut milk, make any other vegetable milk.

We have a recipe for sesame, almond milk, walnut milk on our blog. By the same principle, you can make milk from sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

If you do not have enough sweets, you can add honey

Beat the whole blender and place in the freezer.

By the way, you have noticed that this fruit of avocado is not used anywhere - in salads, in sauces, and in cocktails, and now in ice cream.

2. Strawberry ice cream

We take 200 g of frozen strawberries (or other berries that are in your freezer or the nearest supermarket), a glass of yogurt or sour cream and - again, if desired, - honey.

If you have a powerful blender or combine, whip frozen strawberries with yogurt, ice cream is ready. If the blender is not very powerful, mix the strawberries with yogurt and wait 5-7 minutes for the strawberries to soften a bit. Beat the mixture with a blender and place in the freezer.

See more amazing strawberry desserts.

3. Banana ice cream

You will need bananas - as much as you want, lemon juice - 1 tbsp. (optional)

Cut bananas into slices, fold into a tight-fitting vessel and place in the freezer. Frozen bananas (do you remember a chip from a raw ice cream recipe?) And blend a spoonful of lemon juice with a blender - the ice cream is ready.

How do you like today's dessert? Do not postpone its preparation for a long time - well, at most until the weekend, be sure to treat yourself and your loved ones. It will be great! Share with friends in social networks, and write in the comments what you got. See you!

Watch the video: Homemade Frozen Treats (January 2020).