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Is it possible to take the things of the deceased and how to properly store them

Hello! Is it possible to take the things of the deceased, for many people is an exciting question. Is it necessary to fear the transmission of diseases from the deceased, how to clean them of the energy of the deceased and much more will be considered in this material.

What to do Orthodox

In every family there is a loss of a loved one. This pain of loss often lives in the hearts of a relative for many years. And things about the dead remind of it. What to do with them? You will not find a definite answer. Some people say it is necessary to distribute before the 40th day after death, so that, putting on the thing, people prayed, helping the deceased more easily pass the ordeal.

Other people advise distributing them only after the 40th day, because the soul of the deceased is still living in them.

The Orthodox religion still advises getting rid of clothing to avoid trouble. Negative energy accumulates around the deceased, especially where he lived, because the funeral is not complete without tears and suffering. Decorations, clothing, and bed linen more accumulate bad energy. Therefore, it is better not to leave anything out of clothes.

The Bible also does not have a specific answer. But the main church book says that distributing clothing to those who need it, you are doing a good thing. Many priests, too, for giving, you asked to pray and commemorate the deceased. The more people pray, the easier it is for the soul to go to heaven.

More recently, especially in the villages, the clothes of the deceased were stacked and immediately after the commemoration, all those in need could take whatever they needed. Then everyone lived their usual lives, nothing happened to them. Nobody even thought - what kind of energy is there.

How to clean energy

If it is impossible to part with the things of parents or other relatives, then their need to be cleaned from the former energy:

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