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Fashion trends in pedicure 2017 - the latest innovations

Manicure! Everyone makes a manicure, admire him, but everyone forgets that summer is already here, and everyone will show people not only hands, but also feet. We bring to your attention the unforgettable, stunning and truly explosive fashion trends of pedicure 2017. In this article we will reveal the latest news, unique ideas, as well as nail design that will be stylish and memorable.

Great summer pedicure

Before you start creating a masterpiece, which will literally be seen by all your gentlemen, you need to take into account fashionable colors and trends in design.

Therefore, we immediately note that the trend in this season will be the colors of the following colors: red, gray, metallic, black, blue. After all, such a combination of shades will effectively complement the pastel colors of a manicure!

Everyone knows that the whole image consists of stylish details that harmoniously complement each other.

Various decorations, bright colors and unusual patterns will look very harmonious and fashionable on the most natural and simple nails.

And we will tell all our women of fashion one small, but very significant secret. Since the autumn this year will be warm and dry, you will definitely be able to please all your suitors, fans, friends, colleagues with unsurpassed patterns with rhinestones, stones, sparkles and many other elements of decor. And since the velvet season will be long, it will also leave in itself drawings with sea motives.

Since you are already in anticipation of something grand, we will tell you the latest trends that you can do at home!

But do not forget that beauty requires sacrifice, and best of all, if you have never encountered this kind of pedicure, then visit a professional salon-studio, where experienced masters will make your artwork out of your nails.

Pedicure using gel polish technology

In this season, any type of pedicure will be closely associated with the use of such technology as gel polish. And this is not surprising, because the novelties of this season will be able to collect all possible rewards, ovations and admiration.

In order for your pedicure to be truly unique and serve you for a very long time, we have prepared for you how to apply gel polish in steps.

  • Give the nail the desired shape.
  • Remove cuticle.
  • Remove the top nail layer.
  • Remove all residual dust.
  • Perform degreasing.
  • Apply base gel.
  • Apply color gel polish.
  • Fix all the finish gel.

At the same time, be sure to dry each layer, under special lamps with LED technology or ultraviolet.

TIP! When applying the gel, try to make its layer as thin as possible, this will not only contribute to the elegant look, but also better aesthetics. As for the color layer, it can be applied once, and it will look translucent, or to give saturation, you need to apply several layers.

Since the color palette will be more diverse in 2017, its composition will include the following colors:

  • Purple.
  • Red.
  • The black.
  • Silver.
  • Blue.
  • Brown.

Showing a bit of creativity and fantasy, mixing a few colors, you will achieve a phenomenal result. In order to see interesting examples and samples, we offer you the following photos:

Or maybe shellac?

As for the design decisions with the help of the shellac technique, this season is quite extensive and has a unique resistance to wear.

The application technique this year will be traditional, but will have certain subtleties. Below we offer you instructions on how to apply shellac step by step:

  • Prepare your feet beforehand.
  • Give the nail the desired shape.
  • Remove cuticle.
  • Apply the base.
  • Cover with a colored base (shellac).
  • Secure everything with a layer.
TIP! It is not necessary to give the toenails a rounded shape, since it is this form of nails that leads to such trouble as ingrown nails. Ideal is considered the direct form of nails.

It is also possible to visually make your nails thicker and stronger. To do this, apply shellac in two layers.

As for the design of solutions in this direction, pedicure from shellac can be made in the following directions:

  • Coloring in one tone.
  • Drawing drawing.
  • Creating a decorated ensemble of flowers and various ornaments with rhinestones, stones, sparkles and other decorations.

Design ideas can be selected from the following photos:

In conclusion

Whatever type of coating is chosen, be it gel polish or shellac. In this case, the main thing is to do everything qualitatively and as naturally as possible.

And to consolidate all this with a modern, beautiful and unique design, using all the trend color palette, the most unique decorations. Then your marigolds will be perfection itself, to which every man will consider it an honor to fall on his knees. Fashion trends of pedicure 2017 - naturalness, naturalness, beauty, elegance!

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