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Japanese curtains - an interesting solution for the interior

Hello, dear friends. Japanese curtains - the most fashionable accessory for a modern apartment. How to sew them you will learn from this article.

How to sew Japanese curtains

Japanese curtains have become such a fashion accessory that every housewife wants to decorate the interior of their rooms with them.


  • Do not take up much space in the room space.
  • Thanks to its versatility, the style of any interior is emphasized.
  • Curtains easy to care for.
  • Can be used for zoning rooms.
  • Do not require additional clamps and tacks.

In addition, Japanese curtains are not difficult to sew with their own hands. Fabric for an accessory can be different: flax, silk, cotton, shikatan, sutra, bamboo.

For fastening of fabric the eaves with several channels are used. In order for the webs to move easily, the upper edge must be fixed with Velcro tape, and the weight should be sewn into the lower edge to make it heavier.

Create a masterpiece - how to sew Japanese curtains

See how to make this zest for every interior step by step. The usual width for curtains is 60 cm, and how much is needed depends on the width of the window.

To begin with, we will decide how much fabric we need if we sew from the eaves to the floor.


  • For a window 3.5 m high, 3 m wide, we will sew 5 panels (divide the width of the opening by 5), leave 3-5 cm for the allowance.
  • Measure the distance from the eaves to the floor, add 10 cm on the bend for the weighting agent.
  • The height of 3.5 m multiplied by 5 canvases, we get 18 m.
  • The usual width of the fabric is 140 cm, so we divide the resulting length of 18 m by 2, it turns out that we need to buy 9 m of fabric with a width of 140 cm.

  • Stroked fabric cut out on blanks 60 cm wide, given the allowances.
  • We hem side cuts and iron.
  • We finish the lower part of the panel with a drawstring, we don’t buy a side allowance. The width of the drawstring should be slightly more weighting.
  • Ironing cloth, Velcro Velcro (in case of shrinkage of the material).
  • The bottom edge of each panel is stitched in the form of a drawstring.
  • Fold the upper edge to the width of the Velcro (Velcro), stitch. The upper edge is also sewed in the form of a drawstring to insert a rectifier.
  • Sew velcro or curtain tape on the top edge on the wrong side of the canvas.
  • Insert the straightener into the upper drawstring, and the weighting agent into the lower drawstring.
  • Attach panel curtains to the cornice.
  • Our Japanese-style masterpiece is ready.

How to attach Japanese curtains

How are panels fastened to the rail? For such curtains, it is necessary to purchase cornices with a special console, the principle of action of which resembles the movement of the closet door, which makes it possible to constantly change the decor of the room.

Mounts made of aluminum or plastic allow you to quickly change panels. Changing their places, you can easily change the situation in the interior. In this case, the curtains need to just flip and you have a new room design.

Elegant option for interior renovation

Exotic accessory in the interior can be seen around the world. Popularity came thanks to functionality and elegance. This accessory looks most impressive on large windows when placed on their entire width.

On small windows you can also achieve a harmonious combination with the whole interior. Short curtains will be appropriate here.

Due to the fact that the sliding panels can be moved in any direction, they are used for zoning, especially for studio-style rooms. Zoning makes it possible to close the kitchen, dressing room and even a bedroom.

The division into zones is very convenient, because the "walls" of dense material are easily moved apart when it is necessary to expand the space.

Window decoration in different rooms

How to install Japanese curtains on the balcony? This type of curtains is convenient because they can be installed on each window sash on the balcony. It is important to choose the fabric on the balcony. Light transparent fabrics will not work here, better dense, which will create a coolness for rest and hide from prying eyes.

Designers recommend to choose cold shades on the south-facing balcony:

  • Gray.
  • blue.
  • green.

For the north side:

  • red, orange.
  • terracotta, yellow.

It is important that their color is in harmony with the interior of the adjoining room.

For the kitchen, made in the style of high-tech loft or eco, fit exotic curtains, giving it an elegant finish. It is important to choose a good picture. This may be a floral ornament or Japanese characters.

For the living room in Art Nouveau style, exotic curtains of two colors, in harmony with the general atmosphere, are suitable. If the room is not loaded with different colors, then choose canvases with a floral or graphic pattern.

Blind, as a partition will be able to separate the wardrobe from the room.

In the nursery, hang panels with the image of cartoon characters, your children, when they wake up, are immediately transported into the fairy-tale world. Reading the reviews of parents, you see how satisfied they are that they have found this the right solution for the children's room.

Bedroom accessory

Dear friends, at the lowest cost, you will get trendy, modern decoration of your windows, look at the photos and choose!

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