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How to lose weight on fruit system Katsudzo Nishi

Hello! Probably, everyone heard about the Katsudzo Nishi health system. His golden rules of health and the system of exercises are most popular. In fact, he wrote a lot of books, developed his own food system. That's it about nutrition and will be this article, more precisely - the power system of Nishi and how to lose weight on fruit

Who is Katsudzo Nishi and why should you listen to him

Japanese professor Katsudzo Nishi became famous for his recovery system. He wrote many books about health, nutrition, breathing, and rejuvenation. But his book “The Golden Rules of Health” was best known.

Faraj Katsudzo Nishi died in 1959 at the age of 75, and according to his doctor, he should have died at the age of 20, draw conclusions! Yes, 75, but he died in a car accident.

He also developed a nutrition system that will help maintain health and also lose weight - anyone. The basic idea is that if you want to be healthy, then do not harm yourself and your body every day. And for this - you need to live in accordance with natural cycles.

But to stay in the same flow with nature, he developed his own rules. They are simple, however, by following them you can not only lose weight, but also stay healthy. What are these rules?

Rule 1: Want to lose weight - ask the question: "Why am I eating?"

Train yourself every time you are going to put something in your mouth, ask:

  • Will this food be treated and cleaned?
  • She will give me youth and health?
  • Has nature cooked this food?

We ourselves know that, most likely, poor health, overweight, disgusting mood are a consequence of unhealthy food.

A healthy diet should give us vitality, vigor and a positive attitude, cleanse and restore the body. And if the food is rich in solar energy, it contains enough vitamins and minerals, enzymes, fatty and amino acids.

Katsuzo Nishi believes that there is only one type of product that meets all these requirements. These are plants: fruits, vegetables, nuts, greens, berries, cereals, leaves.

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Rule 2: You can only lose weight with fruit

Fruit is the most satisfying food. Dr. Nishi cites the following facts, trying to prove his statement:

  1. It is in fruits and vegetables that acids and alkalis are perfectly balanced.
  2. Raw fruit and vegetable food requires good chewing and long treatment with saliva, which enhances and improves salivary digestion. It strengthens the chewing apparatus and teeth, the work of the intestinal tract, prepares the excretory abilities of the intestine to work actively.
  3. Such food does not cause excess thirst, but "washes" the cells of the body from the inside, cleansing them.
  4. It is cheaper compared to food of animal origin, does not require "fuel", the intricacies in the preparation and artificial spices.
  5. It rather saturates, that is, it is more economical, does not contain any impurities harmful to health.
  6. And most importantly - natural food has healing properties: its juices are quickly absorbed by the blood, and fiber serves as an excellent cleaner. This is the best remedy against lethargy intestines.
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Rule 3: Want to lose weight - eat fruit for hours!

And if you are convinced of the usefulness of fruits, this does not mean that they are always and always useful. Fruits are picky enough when and with what they are consumed.

If you ate, for example, an apple before meals - this is one thing. And if immediately after - as a dessert (as many of us used to do) - this is quite another. Hence the rules:

  • should eat fruit separately from other foods
  • Required: before meals, not after meals
  • only in natural (raw) form
  • It is necessary to observe the interval between the intake of fruit and the next meal - 60-80 minutes.

Please note: if you have lunch, the fruit will be good:

  • after 2 hours, if you ate fresh salad, vegetables, greens;
  • after 3 hours, if the dinner was without meat, fish, poultry, eggs and other cooked products;
  • after 4 hours, if dinner was with meat and other animal products;
  • after 8 hours, if you ate everything in the wrong combination.
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Rule 4. You need to take food according to the schedule of nature.

After all, our body at different times of the day performs different tasks:

  • from 4 am to 12 pm the body is focused on waste disposal. Food at this time is highly undesirable.
  • from noon to 8 pm - you can eat. The body is ready to take food.
  • from 8 pm to 4 am - the body absorbs all the food that it received during the day. Do not eat at this time!

Despite the fact that the rules of Nishi are well reasoned and do not require financial expenses, not everyone is ready to accept them.

Perhaps the reason is that you need to rebuild the diet in order to get into the graph of nature. And perhaps it is frightening that for the sake of health we will have to abandon the flavorings and flavors, remember the taste of natural food.

And in conclusion, watch the video about the rules of health of Katsudzo Nishi

Of course, in one short article it is impossible to describe fully the health and nutrition system that Nishi developed, but you may be interested in this topic, find Nishi’s books and read them. Good luck and health!

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