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How to clean silver at home

Hello, dear readers. Do you know how to clean silver at home? Not yet? In this article you will find many useful recipes.

How to add shine to silver objects

Silver for making coins for collections, cutlery, interior elements, decorations. This metal darkens with time, losing its beauty. How to get rid of black on this metal?

If the darkening is slight, then put the product in the soap solution for 10 minutes, then rub it with a soft toothbrush.

If silver has darkened to a large extent, then use citric acid. Prepare the solution in water, observing the ratio of 9 to 1. Immerse the object (without stones) in this solution, hold for 5 minutes, rinse under the tap, and dry.

From blackness, you can wash off with ammonia using the same recipe, that is, 9 parts of water and 1 part of ammonia. In this solution, the products should lie down from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the contamination.

Effectively to wash the metal from the black will help potato gruel:

  • Grate the potatoes.
  • Top up with some water.
  • Lower the items.
  • Hold for 15 minutes.
  • Polish to a shine with a wool cloth.

How can I clean the chain? You cannot rub a tender chain so that it does not break, so use foil and soda:

  • Cover the bottom of the bowl with foil.
  • In the water 65-70 degrees dissolve soda, pour in the foil.
  • To quickly clean the decoration, pour in a little detergent.
  • Put the decoration in the soda solution.
  • On top of the precious metal chain cover again with foil.
  • After 10-12 minutes remove the product.
  • Rinse under the tap, dry.

To clean the cross from the dark plaque, take a toothpaste, apply on the cross, rub with a soft brush. Then polish with a woolen cloth. Toothpaste can be polished and ring. Just do not rub the surface, to avoid scratches.

Folk recipes for cleaning noble metal

Why is silver blackened? The main causes of the formation of plaque: ingress of food, moisture, cosmetics, as well as features of the human body.

People have invented such methods of cleaning, which will give the metal an initial shine.

An effective anti-darkening trick, appearing on metal - hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide Lightening:

  • On 1 liter of water pour 100 g of hydrogen peroxide and ethyl alcohol.
  • Mix everything.
  • Put the product in the resulting tool.
  • For a chain, 20 minutes is enough, for a ring, spoons, bracelets - up to 1 hour.
  • Then wipe everything with flannel.

Homes all have soda and salt. Dissolve half a spoonful of these ingredients in 0.5 l of water, put into the mixture a ring without stones and chains, hold for 30 minutes. Then rinse under the tap and dry.

Cleaning collection coins

Numismatists are proud of their collection of coins, carefully care for him, so they can share their method of purification. The most gentle but effective technique is the use of citric acid or lemon juice. The coin is immersed in acid for 10 minutes and then cleaned with a brush.

How to clean jewelry with stones

Often silver earrings, rings encrusted with expensive pebbles. How to bring such decorations to shine? Experts advise to use soap and ammonia. Jewelery cleaning with stones:

  • Grate grated soap.
  • Pour in an aqueous solution of ammonia.
  • Heat to 95 degrees.
  • Apply to metal, and polish the pebbles with suede.
  • Rinse under the faucet, wipe dry.

If ornaments with cubic zirconias, then the easiest method is salt and water.

  1. Put all the silver items in a cotton sack.
  2. Put some salt in the bag.
  3. Prepare a bowl of warm water.
  4. Dip the bag in warm water.
  5. Keep it in water until the salt is completely dissolved.
  6. This method is also suitable for jewelry with pearls.

How to clean silver objects in gilt

Gilded silver can also lose its appearance. But for him there are simple ways to care, for example, cleansing with vinegar.

  • Pour into 1 liter of water 2 tbsp. spoons of vinegar.
  • Put gold plated silver objects.
  • Leave on for 15 minutes, then remove from the cleanser.
  • Wipe dry.

You can soak in beer for 30 minutes, then rinse, polish with suede to shine.

How to clean the silverware

To make table silver shine, prepare the following remedy:

  • Mix five parts of water with 2 parts of ammonia.
  • Enter 1 part tooth powder.
  • Wet a soft towel.
  • Grate the cutlery.

To clean the cutlery, you can use all the popular recipes. Dip them in a potato mixture, liquid soap, salty or soda solution.

If you have not used spoons and forks for a long time, then they can become covered with a green patina. What to do in this case? Greened spoons can save a mixture of soap and ammonia.

  1. Take 1 liter of warm water.
  2. Pour in 1 teaspoon liquid soap.
  3. Add 6 drops of ammonia.
  4. In a container with this mixture, place the gold-plated silver, hold for 25 minutes.
  5. Remove the product, rinse it under the tap and dry it.
Important! Do not perederzhit in solution, so as not to damage the gilding.

If dark stains appeared on the cutlery, then a mixture of ammonia and toothpaste will help get rid of them. To the strip of toothpaste, add 15 drops of ammonia, mix everything. Brush objects with a toothbrush, rinse, polish to a shine.

Absolutely safe means, both for table silver, and for jewelry - wine spirit. Moisten a cotton wool in wine alcohol, rub the product, polish it with a suede cloth.

Overseas Silver Cleaner

You will be surprised, but the drink Sosa-Sola will not only quench your thirst, but also clean your jewelry.

Take enamelware, put silverware there, pour in a drink, boil for 5 minutes. Drink perfectly remove plaque and give shine earrings or rings.

To avoid problems with precious metal, properly store your jewelry, namely, in a case with soft upholstery and more often take care of them.

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