The latest fashion list or 8 models of summer skirts 2017

Hello everyone. Ahead of the warm summer, so I propose to see 8 models of skirts - summer skirts 2017, which we will wear this summer

Skirts to change jeans

Many girls do not take off their jeans either in winter or in summer, gradually losing soy tenderness and femininity. See which skirts are in fashion this season, choose the best one, and remove your jeans before the cold season.

In the new summer collections will meet styles of skirts, which were worn in past seasons. Updated, they are again at the height of fashion. Remember how in the "zero" with the pleasure of wearing asymmetrical things, skirts with frills, ruffles, sports and even skirts, shirts!

Today there are a variety of strips in the trend: vertical, horizontal, diagonally, narrow, wide, black and white and multi-colored.

In addition to strips from the key directions of the coming summer, the Vichy cell became. Try to combine strips in one subject different in direction and color, then your appearance will make a very pleasant impression on others. Stylists recommend another winning trick - a vertical striped top, and a skirt vertically or vice versa.

Pleated Midi Skirts

Do not disregard the most fashionable thing of this summer - a bright pleated midi skirt. All brand collections include at least three colors of such models.

At the MSGM show, pleated models were demonstrated in combination with monochromatic shirts of bright colors.

Especially noticeable turned out these items of clothing, as if collected from different parts.


No girl will not remain indifferent to the tennis model with elegant pleating.

You can choose a short model, but you can with a length that goes beyond the knees. In the sporty version, each girl will look sporty and light and feminine.

In addition to the snow-white short models in a thin fold, you can choose from prints or from metallized fabrics.

If you want to choose the image of a black swan, then pay attention to the models of black, coal color.

Anyone who prefers preppy style, the black version will perfectly fit into this style. Combine such skirts with shirts on which monograms are embroidered, and to them boldly wear moccasins or brogues.


The bright linen skirt is suitable for any style of clothing. If you choose a safari style, then try it on with sandals, shirts with short sleeves.

If you like "Provence", then add to the image of the top in the cell "Vichy" and espadrilles.

But linen fabrics have a very significant drawback: they crumple a lot, just sit down for a second.

To avoid ugly folds, you will have to buy things not from pure flax, but with additives of synthetic materials: only with them can things keep their good shape.

Shirt skirts

All women of fashion have heard about the shirt dress, but the skirt - shirt - is something fresh.

What is the difference? First of all, a belt of unusual shape, which is tied like a shirt sleeve.

The most attractive thing in these variants is that you can choose between a different size with a cage, denim material, a classic blue shirt and even a military-style jacket.

Skirts as from "zero"

You have heard the expression: "this is so bad that it is already just wonderful." This phrase has become an excellent definition of the beginning of the "zero" fashion.

Designers again decided to fashion tights in a large mesh, denim total bow, velor, "talking things", as well as skirts worn by Paris Hilton during the time of her insane youth.


Again, you can afford shuttlecocks that girls liked in the two thousandth years.

More recently, these styles seemed ridiculous, but times are changing, today you will be the most fashionable and elegant in such shuttlecocks.

A separate row of skirts are decorated with lush ruffles, but not as horrible, but covered with rows of neat folds. In such maxi-skirts, Frida Kahlo can easily walk, even Carmen Miranda.


Dense knitwear and skirts, worn between the 1970s and 1990s, are suitable for a cool summer.

At work, you will look great if you wear a shirt, in your free time with sneakers and polo.

Styles - the most diverse, you can choose for every taste: tulip, flared, asymmetry and pleating.

Fashion designers offer to pay attention to the models with a thread of lurex or interspersed with metallized threads. At Gucci shows, such things are very common.

Be inspired by the images from the shows of Alessandro Michele, the brand director. Wear these wardrobe items with bright-colored cardigans, silk blouses with lush bows, lurex socks and loafers.

In parting, I want to say: for a time, say goodbye to jeans, wear dresses and skirts, do not forget your femininity.

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