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Why not look in the mirror

Greetings to all my friends. Strange, right? We all look in the mirror, it turns out, there are situations where you should not do this. Why you can not look in the mirror, now find out.

Mirror - the infinite world of mysteries

According to folk beliefs - a mirror, this is a parallel world that keeps many more incomprehensible, unsolved secrets. After all, they do not simply reflect the world around them, but absorb into themselves the energy that is filled with all the space surrounding them.

Therefore, experts in magical disciplines do not recommend buying this item, filled with someone's history, since it has already absorbed the alien energy. Looking at him, a man condemns himself to unknown twists of fate.

Do not look into broken mirrors

Why, you ask? Because in fragments a person sees himself in parts, then his energy is also “broken” into parts. As a result, his karma is so weakened that a person remains unprotected, all the failures begin to stick to him. Moreover, for a man who looked into the broken surface, disasters will chase the whole 7 years.

If it is broken, then take action immediately, otherwise the "thin" energy will not be able to leave your home itself. And this will lead to the fact that some of the streams "infiltrate" not only in the one who looked into the fragments, but in all family members. Then all the people living in this house will suffer.

Attention! Touch the fragments only with gloves! Try to sweep them with a broom on the scoop, otherwise the contact will attract even more trouble than the person has already picked up.

The most dangerous are the items that "saw" endless quarrels, scandals, lewdness. And even worse - obscurantism. Therefore, buy only new items, do not look in a broken mirror!

But if you still broke it, then say these words: "The mirror is broken, the trouble of the slave (the name) does not concern!"

Prejudice or not?

They say you can not look in the mirror when you cry. Why? Because the mirror will “remember” you crying, unhappy. Then fate can turn so that you will always worry, grieve.

But there is another belief: you can cry your luck, your happiness. If you believe in such legends, when you begin to roar, do not look at your reflection. And when the tears dry up, look at yourself to touch up the makeup.

What is dangerous night reflection?

Why it is not necessary to look at a mirror smooth surface at night? According to the ancient Slavic legend, it was at night that the door to another, unknown world, ruled by dark forces, opened in it.

They say the souls of dead people go there. True or not, nobody knows for sure, but nevertheless, it is better not to tempt your fate. So at night try not to see your reflection. According to legend, it is especially dangerous from 24-00 to 3-00, while the devil's hour continues. During this time, even the devil can be seen in the reflection.

And, they say, at night you can see evil spirits, and meeting with them does not carry anything good. They come from a parallel world to feed off your energy. They need this energy to get into our world.

And never guess in front of the mirror.

How long can you look at yourself in the mysterious surface?

Why not look for a long time in a smooth silver surface? According to some signs - a person begins to age quickly, according to others, a mirror takes energy, destroys the protective shell.

Therefore, as often as possible, wipe the smooth surface so that it does not collect bad energy.
No woman can resist the temptation for a long time not to admire her reflection.

When approaching the mirror, smile happily, make sure that you are the most beautiful, the most beloved! Then it will not matter how much time you will spin around this thing.
Now about the shape, size and location of the subject in the apartment.

To create a good energy, buy a silver object of a round or oval shape, so that all family members can see themselves in full growth.

These items can be hung in all rooms except the bedroom. In the bathroom, too, it is impossible to do without this object, looking at himself, a person connects with his “I”, restoring spiritual harmony.

Do not eat in front of the mirror

According to one interpretation, when you eat in front of a mirror, you can simply eat your happiness, as well as memory.

There is another interpretation, when a person eats in front of a mirror, he may lose his beauty, health, as they will flow into another world.

Nutritionists also do not recommend eating around a mirror object. It interferes with digestion, and you also do not control the amount of food eaten. Therefore, it is better to eat at the table, and not tempt fate.

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Why children can not look in the mirror

Belief that babies can not look at this silver object, still lives. This item has always been considered magical, connected with the other world, therefore the Slavs were convinced that children under one year old should not look at it. There were many reasons.
According to them, the children expected negative consequences:

  • stuttering,
  • fearfulness
  • won't talk for a long time
  • long teeth will not grow,
  • there will be a squint,
  • the child will be sick often.

According to some beliefs, the baby can "overlook" their future happiness, and the bad energy that has accumulated in the mirror can settle in his soul, which is why the soul can leave the child and move into the looking glass.

But the most interesting thing is that such beliefs about the influence of mirrors on the development of babies in other nations do not exist.

And what do experts say? They claim that there are no confirmed facts in this case. For a child, this is just one of the items in the house. On the contrary, looking at himself in the mirror surface, the child knows himself and the world around him. Therefore, parents should not panic if the kid suddenly sees himself in the mirror.

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Why don't a girl and a guy see yourself in a mirror together

A sign - why it is not necessary to look together, is also very curious. If the young lady, looking in the mirror with her boyfriend, notice something unpleasant, then later, somewhere at the level of the subconscious, she will remember it.

For example, if she saw a well-hidden gloating, then no one will convince her that this is not so. Especially dangerous for emerging relationships only or before the wedding. This refers to a man and a woman.

In general, you can not look with anyone together. You can get such a strong evil eye! Even if the person did not want to jinx you, he just secretly envied or thought something not very good about you. Take care of yourself, do not look together in the mirror!

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Do not sleep in front of mirrors!

The situation is even worse if the bed where the spouses are sleeping is visible in the mirror. So why not sleep in front of the mirror?

One of the reasons they take people's souls to another world and people die. Indeed, most deaths occur at night.
There are several reasons:

  • Bad dream
  • Fast aging
  • Doubling failures
  • Irritability

But the main reason - the betrayal of the spouses. True or not, I know one very close-minded couple, in which mutual betrayals took place. Therefore, do not risk your love and loyalty!

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Finally, I want to say: some signs should be heeded, it’s not for nothing that they appeared!

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