Taoist Kneeling Walking - Say No to Joint Pain

Greetings to all readers of my blog! Have you already heard that there is such a Taoist practice - walking on your knees? What it strengthens bones, teeth, hair, improves eyesight? Of course, they heard, but you can’t fully imagine the myth or reality. Today our conversation is about the benefits of this exercise.

Where did Taoist practices come from? From China! In this country, the knees are called as much - "Palace of tendons."

Why do my knees hurt?

According to the explanation of Chinese physicians: due to a decrease in blood flow to this part of the body and qi energy, therefore the amount of lubricant in the joint decreases. If there is no lubrication, the bones begin to rub against each other, as the details of the mechanism and wear out.

How does this end? Severe pain in this part of the limbs, especially if they are chilled. Pains are exacerbated by exertion, for example, when climbing or descending stairs, long walks on foot.

What to do?

One simple, but very effective exercise will save you from this scourge. This is walking on your knees.

It will provide new blood for your joints in this part of your body with qi energy.

In addition, walking involves the lower back, and this, in turn, will improve the functioning of the kidneys.

And if you believe the theory of U-Sin, then we will strengthen the liver and stomach. The Chinese even say that there are many causes of diseases - and they have one treatment ...

Technique of Taoist practice

Dr. Popov has studied well the effect of this practice, therefore he advises her to do this:

  1. Lay on the floor mat, if the joints hurt very much, then the pillows.
  2. Get down on your knees. For severe pains before practice, they can be smeared with camphor oil.
  3. Raise one or the other knee as if walking. If the pain is unbearable, then lean on your fists, support yourself focusing on your hands.
  4. If it is impossible to perform these actions, simply transfer the weight of the body from foot to foot.
  5. Start the exercise with 2 minutes, bring up to 18-20 minutes per day. Do practice daily.
  6. You can walk forward, then back, in a circle, as you most comfortable.

Even after the first two minutes you will see positive results. Joints will no longer be as constrained as before.


In order not to aggravate, not to provoke the development of the disease in a more severe form. Check with your doctor if you can perform movements:

  • With severe arthritis, suppuration.
  • Arthrosis in the last stage of development, as well as during the exacerbation.
  • When inflammation in the joints - synovitis.
  • Ankylosis knees.

How to find magic points

If you notice puffiness of your knees, you first need to remove fluid from them, acting on a point,
which is called the spleen channel San Yin Jiao.

Put 4 fingers above the bone, this will be a healing point. Act on it for 30 seconds. And also on the point Xi Yang Guan.
The point Xi Yang Guan is on the line called the gallbladder meridian, working with it affects the whole recovery of the body.
You can work by simply pressing for 30 seconds, but the best effect will be tapping the entire gallbladder line.

To affect the gallbladder canal, place your right foot on a chair, squeeze a fist, then tap a 4th point (30, 31,32,33) with strong blows.

After working with these points, start walking on your lap. It is located on the outside of the ankle.

Walking will help improve vision, remove fat, strengthen bones, teeth and hair.

  1. The practice of walking on your knees will help remove excess fat deposits in the hips. How it is useful to know many women, and men do not interfere. Just do the exercise every day to sweat.
  2. Exercise will improve vision. You immediately had a question: where are the eyes, and where is this part of the body? The Chinese are not in vain called them the "Palace of the tendons." The tendons have a direct connection with the canal of the liver, and the liver is responsible for seeing. Only for the improvement of vision it is necessary to walk with closed eyes. Here, they have such a "trick".
  3. Strengthen bones, teeth, hair. How?
    In this exercise, the loin is involved, that is, the kidney channel. And they are responsible for bones, hair and teeth. So, such an unusual walk will be the prevention of osteoporosis, stop the precarious position of teeth, hair loss!
  4. We improve blood supply to the legs and head, that is, we improve blood circulation: blood will run to the legs and head. In addition to improving vision, your complexion will improve.
  5. It will improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, as there is a channel of the stomach in the knee area. And the improvement of the digestive tract leads to a good digestion, and after him a beautiful appearance.

I am sure that this Chinese practice will attract many followers. When starting a class, express your intentions in a positive way, for example, “I have healthy, flexible knees,” or “I am easy, bend my knees,” avoiding a “non” particle.

Are there any specific examples, you ask? I again appeal to the experience of my friend, who is 74 years old. She not only walks on her knees, but also on the buttocks.

So what, what result, you ask? She walks up to old age on heels, and not just walks, but “flies”! There are other positive reviews not only of the elderly, but also of young people.

And how many positive reviews from overweight people! One man managed to lose 33 kg in 1.5 months.

At first, the weight decreased very quickly, and then slowed down. But it is important that the decline occurred! But at the same time he healed his joints and back.

"Ha" Dr. Bubnovsky

Getting rid of osteoarthritis comes from a similar exercise, but with exhalation "Ha." Sticking to a chair or other strong support, take steps on bent limbs, at least twice. On the second day, you can take a few more steps. Bring walking to 30-35 steps.

“Disease needs to be exhaled,” Dr. Bubnovsky likes to say. "Ha" immediately enhances the effect of this gym. Dropping to the heels with your whole body, on the exhale say: "Ha!".

Finally I want to say: turn on the music and perform this exercise with great pleasure! I am sure, soon your bones will thank you with excellent health.

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