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Folk signs about wedding rings: do not lose or throw away

Hello! Wedding ring - a symbol of loyalty, respect, endless love. He is associated with a lot of signs and superstitions that terrify people. We will try to help overcome this fear. Today you will learn how folk signs about wedding rings operate in some cases of life.

Wedding Ring - Keeper of Energy Information

Nothing much! Therefore, putting on this item on your wedding day, you give him a piece of yourself. Many parents try to give their rings to children. Can I wear these jewelry? If the parents do not stick their marriage, then they can make their children unhappy. If mom and dad lived together a happy life, then you can accept this gift from happy parents.

A few tips that can not be done with rings:

  • Never let's measure, and also do not wear someone else's wedding attribute.
  • In order not to disturb the warm relations in the family, do not remove the little ring without good reason.
  • This item cannot be used for engagement or wedding. If you do not have the opportunity to buy two jewelery, then present an inexpensive thing for matchmaking or go without it at all.
  • Let this relic be smooth, so that family life flowed smoothly, smoothly, without potholes. A ring with a stone can be given only for engagement.
  • Should the rings be the same? Of course, you are husband and wife - one piece! Your family should have one destiny, especially since two identical attributes will make up the infinity of your family life.
  • Should it be smooth? Of course! Do not apply engraving or drawings so that your family does not undergo severe tests.
  • What should be the wedding relics? Better gold or platinum. Platinum symbolizes the strength of the union, and gold - a symbol of wealth. These attributes must be completely identical, from the same metal.
  • At the wedding, wear only new products, they will take your energy. The exception is the talismans from happy parents.
  • The family relic cannot be melted down so as not to frighten away your happiness.
  • Do not pursue fashion, it is too changeable!

Newlyweds Tips

  1. It is necessary to choose a wedding attribute together, and the future head of the family pays. After the purchase, before crossing the threshold where you will live, both say out loud: "For a happy life, for a strong family! Amen"
  2. Before the wedding, they should be kept together, you can even freeze in the water for greater strength bonds.
  3. How to return a husband? Look after the departing husband through the wedding ring. Husband will be back soon.
  4. Never let the mascot try on your girlfriends, no matter how much they ask. They will take away your happiness and everything!
  5. On the day of the celebration, remove all the rings, even very expensive ones.
  6. If the bride is wearing gloves, then they must be removed before the exchange of rings.

Signs that must be observed

If the ring of the bride or groom fell before the ceremony, then soon there will be a separation. What to do? Do not worry, the situation can be corrected! The witness must stretch the thread through the jewel so that it absorbs all the negative. Then the one who dropped should burn this thread. Just in case, put the thread in the pocket of the witness, but do not tell anyone about it.

Many are afraid to shoot this item. What happens if you remove the wedding ring? This is just a thing that sometimes have to be removed:

  • during childbirth, if the arms are swollen,
  • during the hassle of the house
  • if it became small.

After the wedding, find a place to store the family heirlooms at home. This talisman can not be stored with jewelry.

If the ring is dropped on the floor, then this is a warning about future misfortunes. You can neutralize a bad prediction. Lift it through a handkerchief or any piece of cloth, then hold it for a day in the freezer.

What happens if you throw a wedding ring? But this should not be done, even in the hearts. You can bring serious health problems.

If one of the spouses dropped the wedding attribute, then it is considered: he either lost interest or looked at another object. If you believe, then surely come true. Do not believe any signs, then everything will be fine.

What does it mean to lose a wedding ring? This fact can be considered a warning of possible conflicts. Do not aggravate the situation with quarrels or clarifying the relationship. A married couple should go to the church where they were married. The priest will say what to do. And for yourself, decide that marriage rests not on things, but on love.

What happens if you wear someone else's wedding ring? You can take someone else's fate, and if she is unhappy? Do not wear other people's things. You can wear donated by happy ancestors. A foreign product is better to sell or melt.

Why not wear the "obuchalki" widows and razvechenok? Never wear things from divorced and widowed people, so as not to repeat their fate.

Why not wear a wedding ring before the wedding? What for? If you tempt fate, then just do not get married and that's it!

Can I change after the wedding to another? It is believed that those worn at the wedding have a very large protective force. Decide for yourself whether you lose your guardian or not. If it is not enough, then you can wear a relic of happy parents, and wear your own on a chain. After painting in the registry office, many couples changed these little things and live happily. Rings are just a beautiful attribute, and happiness must be built independently of it.

What to do with the wedding rings of the dead? If it is a guardian of happy parents, then they can not harm. If it does not belong to your family, then it is better to clean it of energy, then melted to another decoration. But to pass or sell parental rings is not recommended. Many carry to church as a donation.

What would be the consequences if the unmarried dress the wedding ring? She may not marry. Potential husbands see that she is busy and will not approach her.

The ring is cracked. What to do?

The ring is not an ordinary thing, but a sacred one. Therefore, in this mystical sign one can see something bad or, on the contrary, a prediction. There have been occasions when this sign was a warning. One husband's ring burst, he was so frightened that he stopped to walk. Some families simply melt and live happily.

In any case - if the ringlet is cracked, then you should pay attention to family relationships. Perhaps they have little warmth and love? In order not to scatter, strengthen the relationship with great respect for each other, care, warmth. Silver products burst more often, with gold it happens very rarely.

Experts recommend throwing cracked jewelry as far as possible into the forest and shout: "Paid!" After paying off the trouble, buy a new attribute, put the spouse on the arm again.

It so happens that the hoop flies off the finger. Only the husband (wife) can wear it. If this phenomenon occurs too often, the jeweler will be able to roll it. In order to avoid someone else's intervention, buy transparent linings that securely fix the decoration on the finger. They must be sold in jewelry stores.

How to wear a wedding ring after the death of her husband? Widows are worn on the left hand, ringed by a ring finger.

What to do with a wedding ring after a divorce? Psychics do not advise to keep this jewelry at home, so as not to go around the circle of failures and disappointments. It can inhibit the development of new relationships. Hold it in salt for 7 days or place it in holy water by reading “Our Father” three times. After removing the energy, melt it into another decoration.

What can be done with rings

  • The wedding talisman can be put under the pillow of a sick child. He will recover faster.
    At the time of childbirth, take off all the jewelry, then the childbirth will pass quickly and smooth.
  • If you wash your face with rain water with a golden talisman on your finger, then you will enjoy life in abundance. It should be said:

"Gold clings to the hands, and rain will beat the wealth to me."

  • Three days before the wedding, read the conspiracy to love and never tell anyone about it, even to your husband:

"No power in the world can destroy this metal, so our marriage (give your name and husband's name) is strong and indestructible! No family quarrels and hurricanes are terrible for him! My word is strong! Let it be so!"

  • There is also a fortune-telling on this family talisman. In order not to tempt fate, do not think about the bad, if fortune telling predicts a bad result, then it is better not to guess!


  • Pour water into a two-thirds glass.
  • Put the "ring" on the hair, hold the ends with your fingers so that they are not visible.
  • Dip the “pendulum” into the water for 2-3 seconds.
  • Then keep it at the edge of the glass.
  • Ask questions to get an answer:
    circular motions mean yes.
    rocking to the side - "no."
    standing still - there is no definite answer.

Dear friends, folk signs for wedding rings have been going for centuries. Is it possible to believe them? The church against all superstitions and will. There must be faith in a happy fate, love and respect in the family.

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