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How to brew green tea, with what and how to drink it

Hello. About the benefits of green tea said, retold! And it is important for us to learn how to brew green tea. From the article you will learn how many times you can brew, with what is combined, how to drink green tea for weight loss, pleasure and health.

How to benefit from green tea

In order for the drink to bring us maximum benefit, it must be brewed correctly, and this is a whole science! It is known that green tea is endowed with anti-cancer and antioxidant properties, due to the preservation of useful substances in it (for example, vitamin C in it is 10 times more than in black).

But from the black variety is much easier to extract nutrients - poured boiling water, and all! Green variety must be treated differently. First you need to know the proportions.

Still very important to take well-purified water. You can buy it in stores, but you can clean it yourself:

  • Pour water into a plastic bottle,
  • Put in the freezer,
  • Wait for freezing on the walls, about 2 cm,
  • Drain the unfrozen water,
  • Let the remaining liquid melt, it is useful for brewing.
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Brewing process

  1. Pour into the teapot, preferably clay, hot water to warm up.
  2. Prepare the brewing water. When bubbles begin to appear from the bottom of the kettle in which you boil water, remove it from the stove, let it cool slightly (up to 60-90 degrees).
  3. Put in a teapot 1 tsp. leaves (this should be a real leaf tea), pour hot water, then quickly drain.
  4. Pour a glass of hot water into the kettle, close tightly.
  5. Green tea brewing time is approximately 3 minutes or, as indicated on the package.
  6. Pour into cups. If too hard, then dilute a little, you can add sugar.

How many times can you brew? Three or four times. Each time the leaves will give all the new nutrients. How long can you store? In a closed container, but not in paper bags, can be stored for about a year.
It should be a question - why can not brew boiling water? Because the fragrant product will lose its valuable properties.

Will it help to lose weight?

This question interests many inhabitants of the planet. The benefits of a green drink for weight loss, maintaining a slim figure is undeniable. As you have noticed, neither the Chinese nor the Japanese are suffering from obesity, they are always mobile, cheerful.

Therefore, buy a quality sheet product and lose weight. Hot drink:

  • Excretes toxins and slags
  • Speeds up digestion,
  • Improves metabolism, absorption of substances
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Reduces appetite.

Drink three to 10 cups a day without sugar, then you will soon see the desired result. Just do not drink tea bags, it is not only not useful, even harmful.

Can I brew green tea several times to lose weight? Yes, it is possible, but not more than 3 times on the same day. After a day, it becomes unhealthy.

When is it best to drink green tea? Drink it in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast or half an hour after it. Also consume it 30 minutes before each meal. As soon as you feel hunger - drink a cup of healthy drink. But at night it is better not to drink, as it is very invigorating.

Can't drink a savory drink? Add honey, but not sugar. It is very useful to add a few lemon slices to the teapot.

For effective weight loss, drink a drink with ginger. Also add a few circles of peeled ginger to the teapot, let it infuse along with the sheet raw materials for 3 minutes, then drink. You can also prepare the elixir with mint.

To reduce blood sugar, add 1 tsp. cinnamon You will get two effects at once: reduce sugar and get rid of hunger.

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Is green milk good for you?

The controversy on this score are all the world nutritionists. Milk is considered food, so tea with milk quickly saturates the body, a person does not want to eat for a long time, feels cheerful, cheerful. Many nutritionists recommend including a milk drink on fasting days.

Here are the recipes for a milky tea beverage for fasting days:

  1. Heat 1 liter of milk to 75-80 ° С, pour 2 tsp into it. green tea leaves. Insist 30 minutes. Drink during the day.
  2. Add green tea to boiling milk - 2 tsp. a bit of cardamom, pepper and coriander. Recipe from Indian cuisine. Delicious!

According to another part of nutritionists, such an elixir is harmful to the body, since tea and milk neutralize the beneficial qualities of each other. If you like to drink exactly milk tea drink, then drink to your health!

Have you tried Milk Oolong? True drink lovers appreciate it for its mild taste and healthy properties.

How to brew and drink green tea - oriental tricks

In the East, they drink elixir with different additives. Delicious and healthy Chinese tea with jasmine. Drink this elixir to strengthen your nervous system.

The best drink for weight loss can be called Chinese Puer tea. Even the French include it in the diet. Lovers of tea ceremonies are very popular cold Thai tea with anise or with condensed milk. Many are attracted to blue tea, about the beneficial properties of which the whole world knows.

The most useful is Japanese tea, which is produced by technology known only to the Japanese. At what temperature does it brew? Boiling water is not used, only warm water, at a temperature of 60-70 degrees. In the east, tea is not brewed again, only fresh brew is drunk.

Japanese green tea in powder, called Matcha (matcha), is appreciated. A portion of tea leaf is taken, ground at the millstone just before the tea ceremony. To get a delicious elixir, the Japanese conjure over him, like real magicians, without fuss or haste.

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A few words about brewing

In a thermos, green tea is better not to brew, although it is very convenient. He not only loses its valuable properties, but also acquires harmful qualities.

Is it possible to brew green and black tea together? Brew to enjoy the new taste.

In Russia, they learned about tea only 300 years ago, and before that they drank herbal teas. What herbs? Raspberry, currant leaf, calendula, St. John's wort, lungfish, willow herb, heather and other miracle herbs were collected.

Finally, I would like to wish, along with overseas teas, invent your own recipes for wonderful herbal concoctions, because they give us health and longevity!

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