Exercises for lumbar osteochondrosis

In the 8th lesson of the Healthy Spine Complex you will learn how to do exercises for lumbar osteochondrosis. This lesson is aimed at improving the mobility of the muscles in the lumbosacral region.

Lumbar osteochondrosis

Quite often, when people talk about back pain, they mean lumbar osteochondrosis. Every second case of osteochondrosis (according to medical statistics) is associated with the lumbosacral spine (lumbosacral osteochondrosis). It is on him that the maximum loads fall, and the cartilaginous pads between the vertebrae wear out much faster here.

At first, diseases in the lumbosacral spine are asymptomatic. But, if there were already any hints, it is worth stopping the development of the disease exactly at the stage when most people consider themselves healthy.

Is it possible to know that lumbosacral osteochondrosis has already gone? Arrange for the lumbar spine with an addiction - check the flexibility of the spine and take a test for osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine

Exercises for the lumbar

Look and do these exercises for lumbar osteochondrosis to improve movement and muscle mobility in the lumbosacral region.

1. Wiggle


Stand on all fours in the pose of the table. Knees on the width of a fist or two, arms - strictly under the shoulders, parallel to the hips. Tear off the right hand from the floor and place the palm on the lumbar region.

Turn the body to the right, without turning the pelvis. Look - in the direction of twisting. This is the starting position. Make 5 soft springy movements in the direction of twisting.

Relax and repeat for the other side.

2. Pushing


Lie on the floor on your right side. Squeeze the lower leg to the floor. Lower the upper knee to the floor, and the upper foot hook on the lower ankle. Hand under the shoulder.

On the inhale with the other hand, push the pelvic bone forward, and push the pelvis into the arm. On the exhale - relax. Do this exercise 3-5 times.

After that, relax lying on your side. Repeat everything for the other side.

At the end of the exercise, bend your knees and use your hands to raise yourself gently. You have completed exercises with lumbar osteochondrosis.

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