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How to find your stone talisman to attract love

Hello! Stones to attract love. Do they help find a soul mate, improve family relations, wake up sleeping feelings? It turns out there are such minerals that come to the aid of people in difficult situations on a personal front. Today we learn about their ability to perform real miracles.

Happiness stones

Every person wants to live a happy life with a loved one. But not everyone finds a soul mate one with whom it is easy to build a serious relationship. This is well understood by men and women who have lived without love.

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How to attract a man, representatives of the fair sex most often think about this. Some women turn to fortunetellers and various magicians. It turns out that it is worth choosing the right gem and the love of the opposite sex is guaranteed.

True or not, let's see how minerals act on people's destinies.

The magic of precious stones is overgrown with various superstitions. Allegedly, some of them inflame passion, others give loyalty, help to create a harmonious family, and still others - relieve from loneliness.

How to find your magic item that brings love. Consider the effect of minerals on people's relationships.

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Rose quartz

The true talisman of love is called rose quartz. Ancient healers said that this crystal opens the heart chakra. To attract "her" man, ladies are advised to wear pendants with this crystal. And for the night to put it at the head of his bed.

The pink mineral also helps to forget the past sick love, to cope with sad thoughts, while greatly exacerbates sensuality.

Among other things, he gives his owner the wisdom that helps to achieve family well-being.


Magical Aventurine is able to attract love. This is the best assistant to single women. When wearing jewelry, the feelings and emotions of women become such that inexplicably attract men.

If feelings prevail over the mind, then the crystal brings balance, as a result, the girl begins to think in the right direction. And aventurine protects its owners from energy vampires.

Rose quartz and aventurine can be worn together. Attributes that attract love harmonize the energy of their owner, setting up a wave of love.

Passionate pomegranate

Pomegranate can be called a passion stone, a mascot of lovers. The red attribute must be worn by those who feel the extinction of sexual desire. Mineral is able to color your life with a hurricane of passions. Radiating special vibrations, he will open the channel of erotic energy.

At the same time, a grenade will not allow an unwanted passion to swell, but, on the contrary, make you think so as to attract a respectable partner.

If a man gives you a pomegranate decoration, wait for further love revelations. This gem is not recommended for children under the age of minority.

Emerald mascot

But the emerald will provide an opportunity to establish the world in an already established personal life. The precious crystal will bring harmony into the relations of two lovers who have not yet entered into marriage, will strengthen understanding in the married couple, and will contribute to the continuation of the species.

If you believe the legend, the emerald is able to give the spouse a traitor. If one of the partners commits treason, then a crack may appear on the decoration. At the same time, he will save the owner from lies, infidelity and bad aspirations.

The ability of a mineral to purify the biofield of its owner, to dispel negative energy around, is very much appreciated.

Turquoise - the stone of love

Beautiful stone can be worn to anyone who is looking for a soul mate and those who are already married.

Mineral will help maintain loyalty and respect for each other.

However, turquoise can bring bad luck if it turns out in the hands of evil people.


A transparent crystal is a symbol of a long, cloudless family life. Jewelery contribute to the good relations of spouses for many years.

Stones Attracting Marriage

Every girl wants to marry for love, have healthy children. Minerals that attract marriage can help. In order for a crystal to become a talisman for a woman of any age and any sign of the zodiac, you should pay attention to carnelian. Since ancient times, this gem is considered a powerful talisman that can attract a reliable lover.

Cornelian possesses such magical properties as the attraction of the other sex, the attainment of happiness. It can be worn, both free girls and married ladies.

Another universal stone is considered natural. pearls. Any pearl jewelry will help the young lady to find love, to build a prosperous family.

Quartz can wear: Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and Fish.

Mysterious emerald is suitable for Pisces, Sagittarius, Cancers. Jewelry with a green crystal can be worn Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. And Taurus should wear a ring on the middle finger. Aquarius - on the nameless, Lions and Sagittarius - on the index, and Cancers and Rybki will find him a place on the little finger.

In order for marriage stones to successfully marry, you must believe in their power. To improve the magical properties of the stones, periodically hold them in the sun or under running water. But giving your jewelry is strictly prohibited.

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Stones of loyalty

In order for marriage and marriage to bring happiness, one must be sure of the faithfulness of the spouse. Gems can be good helpers in finding truly swan fidelity.

There are 5 crystals that help to remain faithful:

  1. Aquamarine - sea-green gem will not tolerate adultery and other deception. Its owner will not allow even the thought of treason. Give each other a decoration with aquamarine. The mineral will not allow a person to "go to the left", will quickly cool raging passions. A ring with a gem is worn on the ring finger.
  2. Turquoise - semi-precious gem azure shade helps to save the family from cheating. Most often, the sky-blue turquoise is given by a woman to a man in order to visually see his feelings. They say that when the gem fades or turns green, the feelings of the spouse begin to fade. An intelligent woman will do her best to awaken her former love or give her a new sound.
  3. Lapis lazuli - the velvet-blue mineral is good as a gift. He will not allow another person to destroy the family, to bring discord. Ladies wear necklaces, earrings and pendants with lapis lazuli.
  4. Cornelian directs his strength to the awakening of passion between spouses, removes the love spells. A woman will be saved from infidelity by an orange gem, a man is a bright red carnelian.
  5. Sardonyx - mineral with contrast stripes. A brighter specimen - male, a mineral with a soft color - female. A female pattern with soft stripes will protect a woman from male infidelity.

Love Stones by Horoscope

Each zodiac sign has prepared its talismans. Even the ancient people firmly believed that beautiful crystals will bring good luck in love, if you pick them up according to the horoscope:

  • Aries. For Aries, the stone of love will be cornelian. The girl will give attractiveness, a man will bring good luck, make him resolute and courageous. Taurus - malachite will give great luck in love.
  • Twins - must wear agate. That he will help to gain attractiveness, health, family happiness.
  • Crayfish - Cognizes happiness, if among his jewelry will be jade. This gem foreshadows success in the relationship with the opposite sex.
  • A lion. Which stone is suitable for Leo? Passionate Leo - a passionate pomegranate will give tenderness and harmony in relationships.
  • Virgo - Lapis lazuli will help to attract the attention of the other sex.
  • Libra - Opal will relieve despondency, give happiness in love.
  • Scorpio will recognize happiness in love if hematite appears among the decorations. Crystal is able to change the privacy of Scorpio for the better.
  • Sagittarius- learns happiness, will find harmony in love, if it acquires a rare mineral - chrysoprase.
  • Capricorn. This sign of rhinestone will help to know happiness, live in loyalty and devotion.
  • Aquarius - Amethyst will help the girl to attract a man. The sign of love is able to give happiness for life.
  • Fish can trust jasper. Mineral dispel all doubts, give unearthly happiness.

Choosing a talisman, listen to your heart, rely on intuition. After all, you trust the crystal of their fate and personal life. On the music portal, all lovers can listen to the song - "The Cornerstone" to believe even more that there is an unearthly feeling in the world.

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Other love-attracting stones


Full reciprocity from the beloved will help to achieve ruby. The guy who gave his darling is a bright red transparent mineral can be sure that he will be reciprocated.

In the East, this gift of nature was valued above diamond. If the ruby ​​changed color, then people became more cautious, because this is a warning of danger.

If the amulet is a noble person, then his life path will be covered with victories, happiness in his personal life. A hard-core person will make more cruel and angry.

A magic pebble gives rise to a person attracted to the great, gives impetus to move forward. If a woman cannot become pregnant, then you should wear a ruby. And he will disperse a bad mood, set up in a positive way. People who have lost interest in life helps to regain strength and faith in themselves.

Ancient people appreciated its healing properties. It helps to cope with diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart. Increases immunity, returns confidence and strength.

Ruby jewelery can wear:

  • The symbol of wisdom and power is suitable Lions. Women will become more attractive, and men - more resolutely.
  • Aries stone will protect against slander, love spells and dark forces. Jealous ladies will no longer be jealous. Men will restore their energy and vitality.
  • Scorpions a ruby ​​will help pacify aggression, direct all the heat of emotions in the right direction.
  • For men Capricorn This amulet will help to avoid adversity, will teach quickly to make decisions. Women will become even more charming and more tender.
  • Strelets crystal will help to achieve success in love and in the financial sector.


Amethyst considered a symbol of lovers, the stone of eternal love and family happiness. If a lover of a drink will wear amethyst amulet, then he will get rid of alcohol dependence. Best suited to Aries and Aquarius.


Luxury gemstone Spinel or Lal used in the most expensive jewelry. Unique pebble helps to heal from diseases of the digestive tract and eyes.

But the most magical is black spinel. Mages believe that he collects the life force of his master, then returns when the energy decline occurs.

Stone connoisseurs do not recommend taking this crystal as a gift, as you can get sorcery damage. At the same time, they appreciate its healing properties. The gloss of black Lala has a beneficial effect on the psyche, calms the nerves.

Jewelry with Lal can be worn by young lovers, as he excites insane passion.

Amulets made of this mineral protect against negative, damage, evil eye. Jewelry is useful to wear only Pisces and Lions, and even then not every day.

How to make a talisman

To know happiness in love, stones can be spoken. How to talk a stone on love?

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  1. Prepare aquamarine or aventurine, wait for the full moon.
  2. At midnight, three times read "Our Father", then the prayer to the guardian angel.
  3. Throw a pebble into the water.
  4. Say the words:

“Water-water, good sister, to become you the blunt of the loving happiness of a servant of God (name), because a stone is being baptized in you (to name a stone), which will attract love to it, will help you to find a friend by heart. Jesus name, the Virgin of the Banner, I name you, a stone (to call a stone), a talisman of God's servant (name). And to serve you with him faithfully and from now until ever. Get him love, bring him with a hearty friend, help to weave the nest and make chicks. Amen".

Any questions? Watch another video about stone talismans to attract love.

Dear friends, stones to attract love really help, you just need to faithfully believe in their miraculous power.

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