Therapeutic gymnastics for the spine

Description: This is a program that will make your body strong and flexible, will adjust your posture, improve overall tone and well-being.

Most of the exercises are aimed at developing and strengthening the muscles of the back, deep muscles supporting the spine, creating a "power belt" without overstressing!

This lesson combines the exercises of fitness exercises, elements of Pilates, breathing exercises, relaxation.

This activity is for the prevention and correction of back pain associated with impaired posture.

During the lesson we will need an elastic tape, if you wish, you can use a regular towel. Classes do not have age restrictions.

Veda programT: Yana Zhigalova - Manager of the Rehabilitation Programs Department of Planet Fitness, Master category fitness instructor, Ph.D., Lecturer and Presenter of Russian and international fitness conventions, author of articles and publications on fitness.

Evrika Film Ltd., 2006, Russia, Training video
Duration: 54:08

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