Winter shoes of the season 2016-2017 - women's, men's, teenage

Greetings to all readers of my blog! So that winter does not take you by surprise, look at what winter shoes 2016-2017 will be useful to you. Here you will find models of winter shoes for women, men and teenagers.

Fashion designers - fashionistas!

To fashionable women do not freeze this winter, fashion designers have prepared a lot of new products. Women's shoes are not only warm, but also very elegant.

It will be convenient, safe to walk along the snowy paths. High boots remain in fashion, both with and without heels.

Many women are so fond of ankle boots that fashion designers have no choice but to invent a wide variety of styles.

With such models you can wear even short skirts and cocktail dresses. The most fashionable women's shoes are stocking boots, with a bootleg above the knee.

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These boots emphasize the slenderness of the legs, do not allow to freeze in extreme cold. Among them are many outrageous options. But this shoe is also comfortable, practical. It is possible to choose both on a platform sole, and on a platform.

For girls, boots with lacing are suitable, and even lace patterns on heels are decorated with lacing. They are intended for indoor use only.

If we talk about materials, leather leads, but suede, velvet, and velvet models are in trend.

A separate thread are models from such materials, where there is nylon, textiles, yarn. The reptile skin is again at altitude.

Women of fashion so fond of fringe that it began to appear even on pointed-toe ankle boots.

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What colors are in trend? It looks very nice model, where there are two different shades, for example, blue and white, beige and orange, black and burgundy.

Winter shoes for men

Men's fashion is no less diverse. But most of all the classics are valued, for example, oxfords, derby, as well as monks with a double strap, painted on the buckles.

Favorite men chelsea boots with stretch inserts located on the sides. They can be worn with a business suit, and can be with jeans. Where did this name come from?

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At first, these shoes were worn by the queen. At the beginning of the XIX century, they were invented by the cobbler of Queen Victoria - J. Sparks Hall. Who first called this model “chelsea” is unknown, but one thing is known that they became very fashionable in the 60s in Chelsea, one of the districts of London.

Men liked the boots "amphibians". Once only soldiers used to go to them, and now film artists boldly walk in them along the red carpet. Boots - the model, without which it can not do in the winter.

Snickers and slip-ins again occupied the world podiums.

Chelsea boots, oxford models and sneakers do not go out of fashion. Giuseppe Zanotti Design offered leather specimens that do not let moisture through. And the famous Swiss brand Bally created a waterproof classic Oxford model.

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What material is selected? Designers used skin with a variety of effects. For example, for the "vintage" models have used the skin with a worn effect, and for the classics - lacquered material. To create sports copies - laminated leather silver, bronze, blue.

The sports man will enjoy the practical style of casual. They will be able to purchase it.

Winter shoes 2016-2017 for a teenage boy

For teenagers, designers have developed unusually beautiful, good-quality models. Teenagers should have more than one pair of strong sneakers, shoes, shoes, because their lives are full of movements.

All boys love sneakers with stripes, various images. They must have a cushioning surface.

Winter requires warm boots. For severe frosts, designers have developed very warm specimens. Warm, high-quality boots like any boy.

Fashion Designers - Teenage Girl

Girls are especially scrupulous about their image. They carefully choose clothes and shoes. Designers have created for them such models of winter shoes in the 2016-2017 year, which will certainly emphasize the individuality of a growing person.

Very fashionable will be shoes on a solid platform, especially with lacing and different colors. Girls will like high boots, which will be warm even in extreme cold.

Secrets of choice

How to choose winter shoes? Begin inspecting the specimen from the insoles. They should be fur, with other legs will be very cold. In addition, the insoles should be nested, but not glued, and carved exactly the shape of the foot.

Then inspect the sole. It should be thick and grooved to walk easily in the snow. In the production of the sole can sew or glue, now it does not matter, since all shoe companies use high quality glue.

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Close the zipper. Consider it well. High-quality zipper is flat, easily fastened.
The seams should also be smooth, well stitched, so that the snow does not fly inside the boot, and the fur flecks are not in your hands when viewed.

Dear friends! The choice of shoes is very large! Be careful when inspecting to buy a reliable, warm model.