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Sunscreen spf face cream for children and adults

Hello everyone. With the onset of sunny days, many are beginning to use a special cream that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. It is important to choose the right SPF sunscreen. And how to do it, you will now find out.

What is the degree of protection SPF

SPF or Sun Protect Filter is a sun protection filter with a degree of protection. For example, what can filter 30 suggest? Before the first reddening of the skin you will sunburn for only 5 minutes, and with the SPF cream 30 - 150 minutes. Can you imagine the difference now?

Face cream may contain a different spf index. Choose the best level spf.

  • Cream spf from 5 to 15 is suitable for dark-skinned ones, which can not sunbathe at all;
  • Means spf from 20 - 25 is available as part of everyday products for the face;
  • The ideal indicator is spf 30. This tool has such a number of filters that is required for the gentle care of the facial cover;
  • Cream spf 50 or more, most often used by the owners of the sensitive epidermis, or those who are forced to be under the sun for a long time. It is not recommended to use it daily.
  • Cream for children "Chamomile + Mashka" spf 80 protects children's skin from dangerous rays. In adults, the tattoo protects against burnout!
  • Cream spf 90 is ideal for normal and dry epidermis. The professional composition is recommended for those who, by the nature of their work, should be under the sun.
  • The sun complex spf 100 is shown to those people who generally can not be in the sun.


  • individual intolerance UV,
  • skin diseases
  • pregnancy.

How to choose a sunscreen

Many girls use the same means, both for the face and for the body. It is not right. You need to see the rating of creams, then make your choice.

If you notice that your skin has begun to fade, then choose Avon SPF 50 anti-aging from Avon. If you use it every sunny day, then stop the aging of the dermis. Anti-aging composition suitable for very sensitive epidermis.

For girls who use the tonal complex every day, the specially developed formula of Fotoderm Max spf 100. It is good because it is endowed with maximum protective properties and is able to completely reflect the sun's rays.

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