How to learn to quickly memorize a lot of information

All my greeting. The extensive flow of information makes us up to a headache to burden our brain. And how to quickly remember a large amount of information and is it possible to learn this? It turns out you can. Let's try to learn how to memorize a large amount of important information, discarding unnecessary.

How much information can be stored

Scientists have been struggling with this issue for a long time, but they cannot come to a common opinion. At first they assumed that it was 10 million bits, but it turned out that this was too small a figure. Scientists have recognized that a reliable figure will be 10 to 17 degrees of bits.

A person has to memorize not only certain information, but also what accompanies him in life, for example, names, nicknames of animals, features of the faces of his relatives or loved ones.

Therefore, scientists assume that the brain is capable of holding up to 10 to 23 degrees bits. And how many people remember in reality? Very little, not using all the capabilities of your brain. Nature gave people a rather complicated mechanism called memory, which means that it must be used to the fullest.

Memory types

In ordinary life, each person is different from the other by a different amount of information storage. The personality characterizes the peculiarity of memorization, which is reflected in his behavior and activity. But all people have different types of memorization.

There are only four types:

  • Visual.
  • Auditory.
  • Motor.
  • Mixed.

Visual perception helps to preserve the images that a person sees with his own eyes. He keeps in his memory for a long time and, if necessary, can reproduce them. Such individuals have a strong imagination. According to scientists, people with this type of memory can work as engineers, designers, designers, artists. They continue to “see” the image, even if it is no longer there before their eyes.

The auditory type is also called sound or auditory. People with this perception remember all sorts of sounds for a long time. This may be music or voice, spoken words. This type of memorization is capable of doing good service to schoolchildren, students, composers, musicians, linguists, to all whose professions are connected with sounds.

Motor or motor perception helps a person to memorize movements, their characteristics, that is, rhythm, sequence, amplitude, speed. This kind of possess athletes. He helps everyone who is involved in gaming, various work activities.

Mixed type. People with this type do not have any one, they are able to use all types of memory:

  • visual-motor.
  • visual auditory.
  • motor and auditory.

Using different analyzers, a person can memorize everything equally well - sounds, movements, images. There are other species that do not have a significant impact on human life. These include olfactory, gustatory, tactile appearance. They come down most often to the satisfaction of human biological needs.

Defining your own type of memorization

To identify your type of memory, you must conduct a specific test using the method of "determining the type of memory." Ask the assistant to read a group of words out loud, then from memory you need to write them down. In this method, there is a special coefficient that will help determine your type of memorization.

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Why write good cheat sheets?

They will help to remember information, and in a short time. Experts recommend writing cheat sheets, not cramming a lesson or lecture. Cribs activate those parts of the brain that are responsible for memorization.

When writing cheat sheets there are several types of memory: visual and motor, therefore, information is easier to remember. Students often use cheat sheets. Even if they were not useful during the exam, the student will still know the material.

What is the feature of cheat sheets? On a small piece of paper you have to jot down the most important information, which is firmly stored in memory. These can be keywords or whole phrases that make up the whole story.

In addition, the scheme of making cheat sheets aims at a person to consistently reproduce information. This method is used not only by students, but also by teachers and managers.

Auditory memory

To increase the amount of memorization, experts advise to connect the auditory memory, that is, to write cheat sheets, pronouncing aloud words and phrases. It is believed that auditory perception is easier to develop than other types. Before the exam, you must read out loud the information that fit on a small piece of paper.

An excellent result is given by recording the text on the recorder with consistent listening, and the text must be pronounced by oneself or recorded by the teacher. There was an opinion that a person remembers information well in a dream, but this opinion was rejected by many scientists.

How to strengthen the visual perception?

This will help visual material, so all the important data teachers write on the board. To better memorize the material, you need to look through vivid illustrations.

Learn to read quickly

Reading also gives an excellent impetus to memorizing material. A visual analyzer helps the brain capture the right information. Outlining is a powerful weapon for memorizing material. Especially when note-taking is carried out with pens of different colors.

To learn to read quickly, the Schulte table is used. This technique helps to remember a large amount of information by connecting peripheral vision.

A large amount of material can be remembered by connecting the motor memory. We again return to the writing of cribs.

If you learn to dance, then the motor type of memorization will also help. This technique is used in childhood, as well as in the training of surgeons, pilots, cooks, dancers, athletes.

How to quickly learn a foreign language

If you are interested in how to quickly learn English or any other foreign language, then watch this video. Nikolai Yagodkin tells the technique of memorizing 100 foreign words in 1 hour.

Physiologists recommend reading books in your chosen language, listening to audio recordings, listening to songs. A great way - watching movies with subtitles in Russian.

Find an interlocutor who is fluent in a foreign language, communicate with him in the chosen language. If possible, communicate more with foreigners. A good technique that will help you master a foreign language is called "Mental Repetition."

The essence of this technique is to repeat the material after a certain period of time. Make a schedule of repetitions and follow it. Long breaks between repetitions will not give a positive result.

  1. After receiving the information, repeat it after 1 hour.
  2. Repeat after 3 hours.
  3. Transfer the third repetition to another day. You can repeat at any time.
  4. Gradually increase the number of repetitions, reducing the breaks.
  5. Do not take long breaks between repetitions.

Dear friends, try to use memory to achieve your goals in life. Find the right tricks to make you a real helper.

Watch the video: 11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others (January 2020).