Brain - a thing that loves to be lazy. A little opportunity turned up, he "turns off" and begins to "suffer a foolishness." In order to kick it a little and train your memory, we offer you some interesting exercises from the book Angels Navarro "Memory does not change."

Exercise 1

Memorize for a minute the location of points and lines in the first four lines.

Then, without looking at them, add the missing lines in the bottom four lines.

Exercise 2

Make associations for numbers and words according to their external form. You can spend as much time on it as you need.

Then close them and answer the following questions:
1. What is the number of snowman?
2. What numbers correspond to the ravine and the candle?
3. Which numbers correspond to the sailboat, the egg and the snake?
4. What numbers correspond to a balloon, a bird, a children's hill and a duck?

Exercise 3

Memorize the group of animals shown in the picture for one minute.

Then, without looking at the picture, write the names of the animals in alphabetical order on a piece of paper.

Exercise 4

Memorize the clothes, items, and names of these four girls for one and a half minutes.

After that, close the drawing and answer the questions below. Look at the original again and correct your mistakes.

1. Who has the blue bows on their heads — Maria or Bibiana?
2. What is the name of the girl in blue boots?
3. Which girls have bangs and a polka dot costume?
4. Which of the girls has a kitten - Juana or Bibiana?

Exercise 5

Study the pictures in the squares for as long as necessary.

When it seems to you that you have remembered everything, close the drawing and answer the questions:
1. How many flowers with three petals are shown?
2. How many black flowers are shown?
3. How many flowers are in the picture that have only five petals, but there are no additional elements of any kind?

Exercise 6

You need to furnish your children's room. Below we list prices from the furniture catalog.

Remember them for a minute, then close the labels and answer the question below.

How much money will you spend if you decide to buy a bunk bed, a round rug, two armchairs, two lamps and a two-piece wardrobe?

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