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How to use the stairs for health and weight loss

All my greeting. If you do not have time to go to the gym, then walking on the ladder for weight loss and health will save you from physical inactivity.

Free gym

We are talking about the stairs in our high-rise buildings. This magnificent simulator will help to replace the morning gymnastics, costly trips to the gym, but, most importantly, get rid of extra pounds.

The benefits of such a simple exercise:

  • The joints of the knees, calves, and feet develop.
  • Normalized pressure.
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • The thigh and buttock muscles are tightened.
  • Improved posture.
  • The excess weight leaves, the stomach cleans up.
  • Increases lung volume.

This exercise is especially useful for losing weight. Try to walk just half an hour a day to notice a stunning result.

How many calories can you lose? Studies have been conducted that showed that in 60 minutes of training a person loses 500 calories, which is 700 grams of weight.

If you go up with a speed of 60 steps in 1 minute, you will lose 0.14 calories per 1 kg of weight. It turns out that when jogging, less energy is burned, so there is a ladder for you! But this simulator is available to each of us!

To make this exercise more useful, follow a few rules:

  1. Regularity of classes.
  2. Training the muscles in short pieces, approximately 10 seconds.
  3. After a load, rest for 10 seconds.
  4. It is important to observe the lifting speed. Brisk walking up is welcome, but a quick descent is not, as there is an increase in the load on the joints, but not on the muscles.

Complying with these rules, you do not need to go up to the last floor, it is enough to use 1 span. At a fast pace, climb up 20 steps, then descend and so on for at least 20 minutes daily.

After 2-3 months of exercise, the volume of your lungs will increase by about 8%, the waist will be thinner by 2%, and cholesterol will decrease by 4%. The results are impressive!

The importance of training for the beautiful half

With age, many women acquire fragile bones, that is, they have more osteoporosis than men. And this disease threatens with fractures, severe pain, can turn a person's life into a real torture.

Therefore, for women, this workout is necessary not only for weight loss. Climbing the stairs makes bones strong, reduces the risk of their destruction, thereby saving osteoporosis.

Heart benefit

What does walking up the ladder mean for the heart? The heart supplies blood to our entire body, so it should always be in good shape. A simple simulator, which is located right outside the door, will help him work hard.

During training, the pulse quickens, which means that the heart begins to work much more actively, dispersing blood through the body, feeding every cell with oxygen.

Benefit for different parts of the body

What is useful for walking back? Back pain experienced not one person. Instant, and we feel helpless old people. Salvation from this problem is the same climb up the flight of stairs. Rising up, going down, you strengthen the muscles of the back.

What muscles work? Work the lower muscles of the back and abdomen. They get a good load, strengthening the muscular system of the back. And with strong muscles, even the most awkward turn will not lead to back pain.

If you feel pain in your knee when liftingit is a sign that you need to visit a doctor. For a while, stop exercising so as not to harm the joints. The causes of pain can be very different, but do not self-medicate, only a doctor can prescribe treatment.

If the pain is single, then classes can continue, and if not, then run to the doctor.

Many have noticed that while climbing up the stairs crunch your knees. The reasons for the crunch are many. The first reason is hypodynamia and excess weight. In other cases, the cause may be a different pathology. See a doctor. Sore feet - this is serious. At first, various ointments can help you, for example, Voltaren or a compress with Dimexidum.

If when lifting snap your kneesit may be gonarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis or other diseases that require special treatment.

Many complain dyspnea when climbing stairs. In a healthy person, breathing returns to normal very quickly. If you move a little, are overweight, then shortness of breath will accompany you even at the slightest movement. If you do not have heart disease, heart failure, then a simple exercise with a ladder will help you get rid of this problem.

How to treat flat feet by walking the stairs. Stand on the step with the front of the foot, then make light springy movements. At first you will feel pain, even a crunch in the joints, but this will soon pass.

Do the exercise in the morning and evening. Comparing reviews of different people - walking really helps to make a step easy, springy.

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Gymnastics can be harmful if you experience:

  • tingling in the heart;
  • vasospasm;
  • darkening of the eyes.

If you feel this, then you need to seriously take care of your health.

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Recommendations for beginners

So, you decided to do a new (for you) sport.

  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Watch your breath. It should be calm, as deep as possible.
  • Before exercise, warm up your knees a little, making several circular movements with your knees.
  • Make sure your back is straight, and the load is on the muscles of the legs.
  • If you feel a lack of oxygen, stop, but do not stop the movement.
  • If your lesson is 30 minutes, you will lose 0.5 kg of excess weight.

Trained people can go jogging. What is better: running or walking? During the run more calories burned. Experts advise to go up at a run and go down at a walk.

When it will be easy for you to climb up to the 6th floor at a pace without resting, and the pulse does not exceed 120 - 140, you can step through the step.

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Gymnastics for the elderly

Is climbing up a flight of stairs harmful to older people? It turns out that this sport will help delay not only the general aging of the body, but also the aging of the brain, which means goodbye dementia and various Alzheimer's diseases!

At parting, I would like to wish: without losing time, go out into the staircase and begin your journey to health!

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