Toes test: find out who is the master of the house

Greetings to all visitors to my blog and I propose to continue to explore the nature of a person on the components of his body. This time there will be a toes test that will help identify the leader in the group or the host in the house.

It turns out that our fingers are not so simple if they are able to tell the whole truth about the character! We have repeatedly heard that the location of the toes can not only determine the nature of the person, but even predict the fate traced to her by birth.

So, we look at our bare feet and at our partner's feet and determine who is the boss in the family.

Option 1 - indecisive creative personality

When fingers stand as if they were lined up in height - this is a sign of a creative person.

Natures with such an arrangement of fingers are extremely smart, able to find unusual, creative solutions in any case.

But because of their indecision, they may even give up those things that once began.

Option 2 - confident inventor

The thumb and the next two fingers are on the same level.

This indicates that the person in front of you is a very active, real inventor who will always stand his ground stubbornly and believe that he will succeed!

Option 3 - the real leader

If a person has a second finger more than a big one, and those who follow him are “tall”, then you have a real leader.

RThe main goal of such a person is success in the case for which he undertook. What can knock him out of a rut? This is an unbridled pursuit of excellence!

So, there is a sign: if the second finger is longer than the first, then the happy owner of such a foot will be the master in the family. This is a sure sign that you will be the head of the family.

Here is an interesting fact: some legends in India say that parents, especially mothers, do not allow their sons to marry girls who have long second toes. They were afraid that the daughter-in-law was too overbearing.

Option 4 - a reliable friend and family man

If a person has a longer toe than the others, and the other four fingers are almost equal in height, then you have a person with family and best friends - the main value in life.

He knows how to listen and hear, can put himself in the place of another person.

The owner of this form is sometimes so closely accept the problems of other people that they harm themselves.

Option 5 - an ambitious child

Pay attention to the shape of the fingers, when the second finger is taller than the thumb, and the other fingers are not in height, but in isolation.

This suggests that a person is ambitious, but not willing to take responsibility.

The owner of such toes can be funny, even attractive, but often naive, like a small child.

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Character and compatibility in marriage

These observations have not been confirmed by scientific observations (but such studies have not been conducted yet). The longer the second finger, the stronger the makings of a leader in you. You are active, active and resourceful. But the desire to achieve goals, regardless of other people, you need to restrain, otherwise turn into a powerful tyrant.

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Popular wisdom advises women: "if the second finger is longer than the thumb, such a woman is very unfortunate and will be a source of concern for others. If the thumb is the longest on your leg, you are subordinate to your husband. If the second is longer than the big, you are the main."

It is known that partners with different sexual constitution do not coexist sexually, which entails many other problems.

With regard to sexual temperament, it turns out that people with a weak sexual constitution have the longest toe, with people with an average sexual constitution - comparable to the second finger, and with a strong toe - shorter than the second finger by 3-10 millimeters. Of course, this is not the most important feature, but only one of many, just keep in mind that it is important to choose a partner that is right for you, similar to your constitution.

In parting, I would like to wish to look even at the feet of people, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. How much useful they can tell about their owner!

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