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Traditions and the essence of the holiday Forgiveness Sunday

Hello, friends. The Forgiveness Sunday is coming soon, but not everyone knows exactly what to do on this day. Read this article to follow a long tradition in a Christian way.

What is the essence of Forgiveness Sunday

Man is created in God's likeness, which means he must do everything right. Knowing this, many people still fall into despondency, many complain about the fate of themselves, their acquaintances, and relatives. Streamline thoughts, get rid of spiritual confusion, build relationships with people, helps Forgiveness Sunday.

The essence of this light holiday is that you can repent to those people who are involuntarily or openly offended by the word, or maybe some unjust act.

Jesus Christ himself says that if we forgive people for their unrighteous deeds, then our Heavenly Father will forgive our mistakes (Matthew 6: 14-15).

In 2018, this day will also be on the last Sunday on the eve of Lent. It will be February, the 18th.

Where does tradition come from?

In ancient times, monks went to pray far into the desert for the purification of the soul before Christ’s Sunday. They did not know whether they would return from there alive or not, so they asked each other for forgiveness, as if before death.

We keep this tradition, sincerely ask to forgive us, free our soul from the heavy burden of guilt. Freed from guilt, we will enter Lent with good thoughts and a pure soul.

How to ask for forgiveness

How many people in anger can say that they will never forgive their offender and carry this grave sin in their soul, suffering from this even more, losing their spiritual energy.

Therefore, do not miss Forgiveness Sunday, visit the service in the temple, remember who you hurt and sincerely, wholeheartedly, ask for forgiveness from them, preferably at a personal meeting.

If you can not meet, then mentally talk with that person, and at the meeting, repeat these words.

People try this day to appeal to everyone, but this is not quite true. First ask forgiveness of someone whom you really hurt, with whom you have a difficult relationship, in order to purify your soul. Then, remember who you thought about badly, because even thoughts can cause a person a lot of harm.

Then remember all the claims to yourself, to your destiny, accept with gratitude everything that happened to you in life, and say the words: "For all God's will" and also try to sincerely repent for holding a grudge against yourself.

On Forgiveness Sunday, some say: "Forgive me," while others say: "God will forgive, and I forgive you." The answer “God will forgive” implies that God treats all people with compassion, forgives sins, and we must also follow the will of God, and also sincerely know how to forgive our offenders, let offense from the soul.

It happens that a person is not ready to sincerely repent for his sins. Then replying: "God will forgive", he, as if removes the torment from the repentant person. Over time, heartache really goes away.

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Seeing off winter

Before Lent comes the merry holiday Maslenitsa, so beloved by the people. It is celebrated with pancakes, fun, and noisy festivities. These days you have to go to visit, set a rich table in order to bring good luck and prosperity into the house.

In the old days, Pancake Day was banged "wall to wall", climbed on a pole behind a prize, burned a straw effigy of Winter.

Every day of the week before fasting has its own traditions.

  • Monday is called "A meeting"because we were preparing for a fun holiday meeting.
  • Tuesday - "Game". They chose a bride or a bride. They played and enjoyed themselves all Tuesday. Fairs are held, they invite their fiancees for pancakes or go down the hill.
  • Wednesday - "Gourmand". The son-in-law goes to the mother-in-law on pancakes. On Wednesday everyone goes to visit each other.
  • Thursday - "Razgulyay". On Thursday they have a lot of fun, they play games, they make up different kinds of fun.
  • Friday - "Toshchiny evening." Zyatek invites mother-in-law to pancakes.
  • Saturday is called "Zolovkin gatherings". Taken by the little sister to give gifts.
  • And finally Forgiveness Sunday.

These days, no meat dishes are put on the table, only fish, dairy and pancakes. It’s customary to sit down at the table seven times in order to join the Great Lent tomorrow.

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What dish was served last on Forgiveness Sunday?

It was scrambled eggs. Why? All week long, pancakes were baked and eggs were put in them, but you can't eat them in fasting. But by the end of the Pancake Week, only eggs always remained in the house. And what to do with them? So that the eggs did not disappear, the hostesses fried eggs before fasting. This was the last meager dish. The next day, all the skimming food was fed to animals or burned.

Dear friends, I want to wish everyone peace, forgiveness, understanding, to become kinder, closer to each other. Be sure to go to the temple, worship images, thank our Lord for all. Forgive everyone, and they will certainly forgive you.

Congratulations to all readers with Forgiveness Sunday and I apologize!

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