How beautiful to pack a gift with your own hands

Hello! Do you know how to pack a beautiful gift with your own hands? For example, I do not always succeed. That's why, just in case of such a congratulatory occasion, I collect my collection of ways for beautiful and not too complicated gift wrapping.

How to pack a gift in a box

Let's learn today how to decorate gift boxes for our dear people. We will try to make the gift box a present for relatives or colleagues look more attractive.

How to tie a simple bow on a gift

To do this, we tie on it such an original satin ribbon bow. Look at what colors are present on the box itself, and select the ribbons of two colors according to them. It is desirable that one ribbon was monophonic, and the other with a small ornament.

Gold ring or money in Kinder surprise

How to give a gold ring, jewelry or money in Kinder surprise.

How to give money

Often you have to give money not only for a wedding, but also for a birthday or anniversary. How original to donate money? After all, they still don’t remember how much they gave, but the originality of the gift remains in memory.

We have already considered one variant of a cash gift, and here you have one more.

Grandmother gave her favorite granddaughter a photo album for her birthday. To granddaughters put there photos of his beloved grandmother and remembered it more often. And so that the granddaughters would remember the grandmother more often, the grandmother did not make a simple photo album, but with a surprise. And why I do not have such shrewd relatives?

How to give a towel

This is an idea that is impossible to think of.

How to pack a gift to a man

What is most often given to men? A bottle of cognac, a book, some gift in a box. So consider the methods of packing such gifts.

How beautiful to pack a bottle

So stylishly and beautifully, you can pack a bottle of wine, whiskey, cognac as a gift ... The bottle packaging in the form of a shirt is a beautiful decoration for a man’s gift on February 23 or a birthday.

So make a gift is very simple! A card-shirt and a bottle of brandy, packed in the form of a men's shirt - you can make a gift for February 23 in one style!

How to pack the original box

And what if the box with the gift is too big? Here is the reception offered to you for the decoration of a gift.

Mistakes when packing gifts or how to pack a gift correctly

See how to properly pack a gift and at the same time prevent the most common mistakes!

That's all! Hope everyone got it? We tell friends how to make such beauty, we organize clubs of fans of fakes, we train colleagues to decorate methods !!!

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