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How to order a prayer: in what cases, where, how much it costs and how often you can order

Hello! Everyone knows that it is necessary to order the mass, write notes about the repose, and not everyone knows how to order the prayer correctly. Today, you will learn what prayer is and how the Saints order it.

What prayers can be ordered

Prayer is a special kind of morning worship, when they ask the Lord, the Mother of God and the Saints for a message of mercy or thank you for receiving life's benefits. It is ordered in a church or monastery.

What prayers are ordered:

  • Mandatory prayer is gratitude.
  • Petition.
  • Private
  • Public.

When can I contact the petition? In any, starting with health and before the message of a good bride or groom. Service can be ordered by any person, of any gender, of any age. But before you go to order a service, repent of your sins, sincerely ask for forgiveness.

Can I order unbaptized? No, a person must be a baptized Christian. A person who does not recognize the Christian commandments cannot ask the Saints and the Lord for help. Appeal can be to the Mother of God, to the Lord, Jesus Christ and all the Saints, but only to the baptized person.

When writing a note, it should be noted: a moleben or with a holy sanctification. It is necessary to write clearly, preferably in block letters in the genitive case. Names to write in the church, for example, Sergius, Alexis, not Oksana, but Xenia. The note is served early in the morning or in the evening, but before the Liturgy.

Try to take care in advance so that the priest can make out the names. In one note, you can record no more than 10 people. If you have more names, write another note. First you need to write male names, then female names, and the names of children under 7 years old are written at the end.

Gratitude is served not only when they received specific assistance. It is necessary to serve when everything in life develops safely: there is a house, food, good work, everything is in order with health.

To the Lord, the Virgin, the Saints often write pleadings of note when you need concrete help or a person wants to get relief from misfortunes, illnesses, and social or domestic problems.

Attention! Repent first, and then write a prayer of prayer!

Which Saints to use

What saints order the petition?

  • In difficult situations, the service ascends to the Vladimir Icon.
  • The icon "Healer" is addressed in case of severe, incurable diseases, asking for a sick child or an adult.
  • With a prayer for healing from drunkenness and drug addiction turn to the icon "Inexhaustible Chalice" and John of Kronstadt.
  • When discouraged, in times of unbearable melancholy, prayers contribute to the icon of Odigitria.
  • To the image "Sporuchenitsa Sinners" pray for healing from neurological ailments.
  • When oncology to the icon "Vsetsaritse".
  • From damage, the impact of magic spells - Cyprianus and Justine.

Very often they order a service about the work to the Lord, Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Guardian Angel, the Archangel Michael, the Matrona of Moscow, Alexey the Man of God.

Spiridon Trimifuntsky can also be ordered in a difficult financial situation and in order to find a decent job. You can submit a note to several saints.

A prayer for help when you are looking for a good work, coming from the mouth of a priest, has great power, can help make a difference in your favor.

Do not forget to order a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord and to all the Saints whom you requested.

Petition for personal happiness

Many girls can not marry, not knowing which saint to turn to. About marriage you can order the service of the Virgin - the main Khodotitsa before the Savior, Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Favorite icon of Orthodox women is the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary “Fadeless Color”. Before the icon "Fadeless color" girls, women ask for personal happiness and love.

Saints Peter and Fevronia serve petition in any family afflictions. Saints are sure to help. Their life is an example of a real family, where husband and wife love and respect each other.

About love Order the service of Ksenia of Petersburg. On the device of a happy marriage also bought a prayer of Xenia of Petersburg. Paraskeva Friday responds to petitions, both women and men.

On reconciliation of warring Order the service to Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Mother of God before Her image "Softener of Evil Hearts" or "Seven Mistrel", as well as to the martyrs Boris and Gleb.

Every family wants to have children, but this grace always visits her. About the talent of children You can write a petition to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Theotokos, called the "Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos," the miraculous Kazan Mother of God, to the prof. Sergius of Radonezh, Matrona of Moscow, Archangel Michael, Sts. Fevronia and Peter of Murom, vmch. Panteleimon, bl. Ksenia of Petersburg, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

After the birth of a child, you need to apply for a prayer of thanksgiving and ask the Guardian Angel to protect the baby from harm, to lead it through life in the right ways. The Guardian Angel is given by God immediately at birth, therefore, it is necessary to offer prayer immediately at birth, to thank the Lord for the gift of a baby.

Many women, especially before the first birth, have great fear. Order childbirth service Mother of God "Helper in childbirth", "Iverskaya", "Vladimirskaya". Prayer to the Lord "Glory to God for all." You can submit several notes at once and pray at home itself.

Before the operation, about its successful outcome prayers will help the saint Luke, the healer Panteleimon, Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Matrona of Moscow, before the icons "Healer", "Kazan", "Pokrov".

Pray in the temple and during the ongoing operation, the Lord will not leave you without His help.

Prayers can be ordered both in temples and online. Online order for one name, 200 temples take orders for the service.

The difference between prayer for health and for the rest

Notes asking for a health serviceand, are served when a person needs help in the fight against illness, mental trauma, or he wants to repent of sins. The same health service is ordered when you need to succeed in work, study, when you go on a business trip or a long trip, and you should ask for service for the entire duration of the trip.

O traveling You can write a note to the Virgin, Nicholas the Wonderworker and the Guardian Angel. When submitting the note to the Saints, pray for the imminent return of the traveler. It is not necessary to read the finished text, pray in your own words, but sincerely, from the heart.

Other prayers for health can be ordered for 1 day, 40 days, six months, 1 year.

Prayer for the rest - This is a request to pray for the gift of peace to the soul of the deceased. For peace, one must pray more and more often so that in the other world the soul can find peace.

If you do not have the opportunity to order in the church, but you have a need for help or just want to give thanks to God, then read the prayer "Our Father":

Our Father, Thou art in heaven!
Hallowed be your name
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
Thou in heaven and on earth.
Give us this day our daily bread.
and leave us our debts
as we leave it to our debtor;
and lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

Answers on questions

Where to order required? In any church, any monastery and online.

How much to order? It can be ordered in several churches, but the one who ordered it must be present at the service.

How much is required? Many churches do not have a specific amount. Every Christian makes a donation for the needs of the church.

How often can prayer be ordered? How much your soul desires. There are no restrictions.

Alexey Osipov, a professor at the Moscow Theological Academy, tells how to put candles, order prayers and orders in an Orthodox church.

Moleben with water drainage

When ordering a watering service with the names of your loved ones, you should be present at the service, and at the end, take home water.

Most often ordered by occasion:

  • Travels
  • Diseases
  • For the admonition of the lost

You can order the saint, whose name you wear on the day of the birthday. If you could not on this day, then another, then you need to find out what the Holy One will help in your need.

During the service, a small consecration of water. You can take this water home, drink it on an empty stomach, you can sprinkle an apartment, a house, a personal plot.

If a lot of water has been consecrated, then other believers can also take it home. In many temples there are containers with consecrated water, which can be taken home.

Dear friends, you have learned a lot about how to order a prayer service. We tried to answer many questions. Now you can order in the temple a very important service for all your everyday needs and get help from the Lord and Saints.

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