Fashion accessories of the spring-summer season

Hello. Fashion accessories decorate a person, give him a certain status. What will be the trend in the coming season, try to figure it out.

How to create an unforgettable image

Spring 2017 has prepared many surprises in terms of creating an attractive, feminine image. But a bright memorable image is difficult to create without accessories. We will begin to understand this question with charming female hats. Again in the trend of a hat made of felt with small brim, decorated with a colored ribbon, as well as hats of a canter. Glossy lacquered hats in the shape of a hat made a glider at the peak of fashion.

Maritime theme - the latest fashion. In the trend of Panama borderless, with an elegant veil. Many girls prefer caps and berets of large knitting, twisted in the form of turbans. Scarves, scarves, stoles, bright scarves made of transparent material remain fashionable additions in 2017.

Bright brimmed hats decorated with artificial flowers or decorative details will give the woman a unique charm.

In the mod most different shoes. At the top of the 2017 fashion came quite high boots from suede, with lacing in the front, as well as khaki boots and suede boots with high heels. Denim booties in 2017 also remain popular.

In rainy weather, girls can sport rubber boots with a buckle on the side. And in the summer the young ladies will walk again on the platform or on high heels. Who loves sandals, will choose shoes with thick soles with a wide heel.

Bags, Handbags, Clutches

An indispensable addition to the bag of every girl.

What to choose? The most popular will be rather bulky bags with handles, rectangular shape. The clutch will resemble a folder for papers or a bag-briefcase.
The evening clutch will turn into a real masterpiece.

In the summer we will see girls with transparent bags or bright handbags with chains, straps, decorated with beads.

Do not forget to buy a small handbag on the strap. It goes well with summer shorts, dresses and sarafan.

Variety pleases the eye

Jewelery in 2017 will amaze with unthinkable diversity. Jewelry in the form of chains, skillfully combined with stones will be especially popular this summer. Do not lose their relevance jewelry made of metal, leather, plastic and fur. Fashion designers recommend to purchase volumetric, bright necklaces-chokers. Incredibly popular large beads that can be wrapped around the neck several times. They are well combined with sundresses, sweaters.

About bracelets. The more of them, the more fashionable you are. You can wear together products made of leather, plastic, metal, wood.

Lovers of large earrings will be able to wear the most catchy products. Designers are advised to wear earrings very different in shape and size, and in one ear one shape, in the other, absolutely opposite. Now you can safely pick up a pair to the once lost favorite earring.

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Hit 2017

These cafes are ornaments on the ears in the form of a crescent. They are convenient because they do not have to pierce their ears, they fit well without punctures. New invention - hanging cafes.

Universal earrings - double-sided studs look good with short hair or a high hairstyle.

Especially for women of fashion - pearls are back in fashion! This noble stone will once again beautify the neck, and the ears of the most fashionable beauties.

How to emphasize the waist

The stylish image of the season can not be imagined without a fashionable belt. They can be from the most different materials, the most different width, sometimes almost imperceptible. Moreover, the belts can be decorated with loose rhinestones or stones.

Some women's accessories are borrowed from men, for example, suspenders. How cute and at the same time, how modern young lady looks sexy in them.

Accessory for a sunny day

Every fashionable woman has sunglasses in her arsenal.

This season presents an incredible number of shapes, colors, frames and glasses. Glasses are decorated with flowers, rhinestones or butterflies. In the fashion of various versions of products called "cat eyes", like Merelin Monroe.

But the most popular form remains round.

Do not miss the time

This coming year, watches will become an incredibly stylish accessory, especially in the retro or art deco style, as well as large rectangular watches. Particular emphasis is placed on the bracelet and strap. It should be decorated with large decorative details.

Or bright round.

Incredibly fashionable addition to the evening dress - beautiful gloves. Gloves will be worn with summer dresses.

All for men

Men's accessories are not so diverse, but there is something to look at, for example, a tie. In addition to the classics, a man can choose a narrowed tie and decorate it with a massive brooch. The most fashionable coincidence is a tie and a shirt in color and texture.

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In a fashion, as thin scarves that fit any jacket and a coat of drape, and long scarves to down jacket and jacket.

Hats and knitted hats never go out of fashion.

Designers offer men not to forget about gloves. These can be leather gloves or reptile-skin open-finger gloves.

Mods will be able to hang a key chain on a belt, a piece of fringe, or to catch a belt not on a buckle, but on this fashionable addition. Look at the photo, really original!

Watches are another attribute of men's fashion and one of the most beloved "toys" of the stronger sex. Why are they so in demand? The fact is that they are a symbol of prestige and solidity. The higher the status of a person, the more expensive the watch will be. There are no decorations on them, everything is clear and solid.

And of course - sunglasses! In them, a man acquires even more manly traits. What does a man with glasses appreciate? First of all, comfort, so that they do not interfere with sports or everyday activities.

Therefore, designers are trying to produce men's glasses are very comfortable and beautiful.

Finally I want to say that fashion offers such a variety of accessories not only for the young, but for people of all ages. The main thing is not to complex!

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