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What prayer icon "quick-hearted" and what prayers

Hello! To appeal to the miraculous face of the Virgin, you need to know what needs it will help, how and when to honor this image. Today we will find out about what they pray to the "Hear-ably" icon and what prayers.

The history of writing the face of Our Lady

The holy image was written in the 10th century after receiving the blessing of the founder of the Dokhiar monastery. The real name of the icon was given only in the XVII century, when the first miracles began to occur.

The quick listener was called for the fact that she quickly comes to the aid of people, fulfilling their requests. The authentic icon of the Virgin with the God-child in her arms is located in the monastery of Dokhiar on Holy Mount Athos.

In which church there are miraculous copies: In Moscow, one of them is located in the temple of the Archangel Gabriel of the Patriarch of Antioch, in Biryulyov in the Church of St. Nicholas. There is a miraculous image in Arkhangelsk, Chelyabinsk, the village of Doropeevich in some convents. In the city of Petrozavodsk, the copy from Athos became one of the main shrines of Holy Cross Cathedral.

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The Greek holy mountain Athos is revered by all believers. Pilgrims from all over the world go there to worship the shrines. With Athos associated with many different Christian stories. The Athonite monastery is also located there, in which the "Hear-ably" icon was created.

How did the miraculous works of the image manifest?

One of the monks of the monastery passed by the face and inadvertently the flame of the lamp touched the icon. Immediately there was the voice of the Virgin, who told the monk that this was not the way to do it. The monk did not take into account this voice, he considered that someone was playing him. He again brought the fire to the icon and immediately went blind.

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Day and night he asked for forgiveness for his deed, turning to the Mother of God. Then he again heard a voice that asked him to tell all people that this icon is miraculous! He complied with the request and then many people received healing from diseases, help in severe trials. The prayers were fulfilled so quickly that the icon was called "The Hearted One." But not all requests are executed, but only pure ones that go to the benefit of people.

What does a miraculous face look like?

The icon depicts the image of the Virgin Mary, on whose left hand sits the baby Christ. The Infant God holds a scroll in one hand as a symbol of the gospel, while the other blesses people.

The shrine is easily recognizable by special detail: the child’s heel is turned towards the praying Christians.

The celebration of the shrine takes place on November 22. Christians have a special reverence for this miraculous face. The meaning of the image for true believers Christians is difficult to convey. This ancient list is the personification of the prototype of the face of the Virgin Mary, therefore people with special reverence refer to this image.

What to pray the icon

What will help people the ancient holy image?

  • From ancient times, people went to the shrine with various misfortunes and misfortunes, especially in tragic situations. Prayer many times saved people's lives when they were in mortal danger. And the ministers of the church were cast out of the man of evil spirit.
  • The shrine helps women give birth to a healthy baby, endure even the most difficult childbirth. After giving birth, a young mother can breastfeed her baby for a long time.
  • When the baby is born, young parents order the prayer service to the Fast-Hearted Priest to protect their child from illnesses and serious problems.

Everyone who wants to find the answers, how to act in difficult situations that suddenly overtake a person turn to the holy image.

What to ask in prayer to the holy image? The divine face is addressed in various diseases. There are cases when people got rid of cancer, rheumatism and other complex diseases. If help is urgently needed, people pray to the Surprising Woman, and she helps ward off the misfortune or alleviate the plight. Only hot prayer to many men helped to return from captivity.

Prayer before the icon

Soon all the believers will celebrate the Day of Remembrance of the Icon of the Hearken. In the temples will be held the service, the clergy will call many of those miracles that occurred during the 10 centuries. At home, every believer will read a special prayer.

Prayer must be read not only when you have a need, but also when you are angry with someone, or your heart will suffer from grief and fatigue. Read with faith, by faith, and you will be the help of the Virgin.

Many believers ask: "What is the difference between the Tikhvin icon and the quick-hearted?" There is no difference, but for some time, the Righteous Obedient began to be written in the crown.

The path of the holy image in Russia

The list of the miraculous icon was brought to Russia in 1878, in the city of Murom. The glory of many miracles quickly spread throughout the country. Men prayed before going to the service. The girls asked for a successful marriage.

It is believed that the prayer of the Virgin Mary about marriage is performed very quickly. Praying with faith also helps family people to strengthen their happiness.

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In the same year, the revered list of icons was delivered to St. Petersburg, in the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Monastery. The "quick-hearted" is the patroness of the whole city and a particularly honored shrine. On the face in the Lavra the Virgin is depicted without the Infant.

Dear friends, knowing what the fast-obedient icon is praying for, you will honor this shrine, be sure to order a prayer service on November 22.

"O Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Our Hallowed Advocate, we resort to You with faith! Cover me with your grace from the heights of Your heavenly glory, which flows to Your icon, cover my obscene, hear the humble prayer of my sinner, and come to Your Son, pray He illumined my dark soul with the light of His Divine grace and cleansed my mind of the thoughts of the dark, soothed my suffering heart and healed his wounds, yes, he enlightened me to good deeds and strengthened my faith, his eternal slave, yes he forgave all my evil deeds, yes delivered about damnation and deprived of His Heavenly Kingdom.
Oh, Blessed Theotokos: help us with your image of the Righteous Obedient, who commands everyone to come to You with faith: do not neglect me and do not allow me to die in the abyss of my sins. I have all my hope and hope of salvation upon You, and I entrust myself to Your protection and intercession forever. Amen."

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