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What is the essence of raw food and what they eat raw foodists

Hello. Despite the fact that the topic of raw food is becoming quite popular, you still often have to answer the same questions - what is raw food, what is the essence of raw food, what can you eat on raw food. So let's understand.

What is raw foods and what is its essence?

Raw foods- power system, which completely eliminates the use of food, subjected to heat treatment (cooking, frying, smoking, baking, steaming, and the like).

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In other words, it is the food of living food containing enzymes. Enzymes accelerate the speed of chemical reactions thousands of times that take place in our body.

In addition, enzymes help our digestion, assimilation of food and cleansing the body from the waste of our own life. They are needed for the proper functioning of the body's defense system, and for the natural course of all life processes.

Only with their help, aged and worn cells are renewed, nutrients are converted into energy and material from which new cells are created. Thus, enzymes contribute to the healing of wounds.

With good reason, we can say that without enzymes, even in the presence of vitamins, trace elements, water and proteins, there would be no life.

What to eat on syroedenii?

However, do not think that I eat the same grass. Raw foodists eat fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, algae, unrefined cold pressed oils, honey.

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In addition, of all these products you can prepare excellent dishes, including desserts.

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