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How to cook vegetarian and raw food rolls without fish

Hello girls and guys. You know that today Japanese cuisine is extremely popular, especially such a dish as sushi and rolls. Everyone knows that they are mostly cooked with rice and fish. And what do vegetarians, and especially syroedam? Give up this pleasure? Well, I do not. Resourceful guys always come up with a replacement for those products that do not fit into their rules. So, let's begin.

Vegetarian rolls

When cooking vegetarian rolls, it is important to find a substitute for fish and other seafood products that are included in the classic recipe for Japanese rolls. Watch the video and remember how it is done.

Raw food rolls with garlic sauce

Yes, vegetarians have found a way to replace fish. And what remains of raw foodists - after all, they even refuse to cook rice. And raw rice is not even ice :(.

However, in the case of syroedenie, you can not deny yourself this pleasure. You can cook rolls that comply with all the canons of raw food. After all, the main taste and aroma of the rolls give it exactly Nori seaweed.

We will need the following ingredients:

  • nori
  • lettuce leaves (can be Peking cabbage)
  • cucumber
  • Sweet pepper
  • a tomato
  • avocado
  • radish or daikon

For the sauce:

  • peeled sunflower seeds
  • dill
  • parsley
  • basil (to taste)
  • garlic
  • water
Cooking sauce: Grind the seeds, add water to the desired consistency. Then add salt, squeeze garlic and add greens. This sauce is also called Fresh Cream.

It is perfect not only for rolls, but also for dressing salads or as a snack, it can be applied, for example, on circles of tomatoes.

Vegetables cut into strips. Radish or daikon is better to rub on a large grater, but can also be cut into strips. We take the mat, spread on it a sheet of nori, cover it with lettuce leaves, leaving the edge free. Smear the leaves.

A little closer to the middle lay out the strip of vegetables, sprinkle with grated radish on top. Salt with sea salt. Free edge of nori wet with water. With the help of the mat tightly roll the roll and cut.

Well, something like that - cooked rolls without fish. I personally like vegetarian rolls very much - without fish, but with rice, a good combination of products. But raw food - as it is without the habit of heavy. But the sauce is good!

But raw foodists from this recipe is absolutely delighted. And in the summer, when there is a lot of greenery, you can make these rolls as much as you like. So write!

Watch the video: RAW VEGAN SUSHI - easy simple recipe made without fish, by Cara Brotman (January 2020).