Orthodox holiday: honey saved

Hello everyone. Let's build a tradition - acquaintance with Orthodox holidays. Today we find out how Honey has saved.

Sweet holiday

The date of the holiday has a fixed number, 2017 is not an exception. What number of Russians will celebrate Honey saved? In August, the 14th. Next comes Apple Savior, followed by Nut. All three holidays are dedicated to our Savior, as gratitude to Jesus Christ for God's gifts.

And they also mark the beginning of actions:

  • Honey - the beginning of the collection of honey.
  • In the Apple saved the Orthodox can eat apples.
  • Walnut - means picking ripe nuts. On this day, you must buy something to be with money for a whole year.

From the history of the holiday

The story has its roots in the distant 1164 year. This year, Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky defeated the Bulgarians. Before the battle, the warriors prayed earnestly for the battle to end in victory. When the soldiers prayed, they saw a vision: from the icons of the Savior and the Mother of God there was a light that lit up the whole army. This light gave the soldiers courage and confidence in victory. And so it happened, the enemy was defeated.

In honor of the glorious victory, the soldiers went through a procession to a nearby river. During the consecration of the river water, the warriors began to bathe and bathe their horses in it. Therefore, at first it was called “on the water”. So the victory of Prince Bogolyubsky marked the beginning of the celebration of the All-Merciful Savior.

And they began to call Honey Savior because on this day beekeepers carried honey to the temple for consecration. Then, already lit with honey and dishes with him, they treated the children, relatives, all the poor.

And also, on this holiday 7 great martyrs, the Maccabee brothers are worshiped. On August 14, the Assumption Fast begins, and the Assumption is celebrated on August 15. This day for women is considered the forgiveness of all unstained sins.

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