The best ideas: beautiful hairstyles for prom

Hello, graduates! Your long-awaited holiday will come soon when you put on your fabulous outfits. But a dress without a hairstyle will not allow you to create a complete image of the princess. Therefore, look beautiful hairstyles for prom and choose a charming option.

Luxury long hair

If you are the owner of long curls, then create a unique image and easy and difficult. There are so many different hairstyles for long hair that it is difficult to choose the one that will allow you to feel like a real princess.

With long curls, all kinds of styling are available that are suitable for a graduation party, for example, a waterfall with curls. These simple options you can do yourself, without resorting to the services of a hairdresser.

  • Start diagonally intertwining braids into the thickness of the strands.
  • Strands seize the braid only once, then leave them hanging down.
  • Curl them with light curls, you get a real "waterfall".

Plus this option, the hair can not be spoiled.

The easiest option - loose curls with a crown or diadem. The crown is already a magical decoration worthy of a real princess.

Large curls, falling on its side. At the first ball you can make such an amazing stacking yourself.

Dresses of a simple style will approach this bright hairdress. Weave flowers into strands, then you will win more than one youthful heart.

Greek and other hairstyles

Recently, the Greek style has been very fashionable.

Bands of tape and hoops can be attached to models in the Greek style, making the image even more feminine and elegant.

Original - volumetric braid with flowers or a ribbon. It is not necessary to weave the ribbon into a braid, it can twist it from the outside.

If you like high hair, then make it with a bow created from hair.

Feminine, sophisticated beauties will prefer retro style. These hairstyles can be made with your own hands. They came to us from the 20s-80s of the last century, but their fashion returns again.

An image like a Hollywood diva

Create a luxurious shell

Shell - an elegant solution hairstyle at the prom. A parade package of all times is suitable for any type of face, image and style of dress. What is the beauty of this styling? She opens a beautiful girl's neck, and this is so charming!

See how to step through the shell:

  • The hair on the back of the head is divided into two parts. Secure the upper part with a clamp so that the strands do not interfere. Comb the bottom strands well.

  • Comb the hair on the left side of the head to the right, stab it with an invisible hair that is 5-6 centimeters long.

  • And on the right side move to the left, and bend the ends inward.

  • Secure it again with long stealth.
  • The upper part of the order dissolve. The hair on the right is being flung to the left, we strengthen it with invisible ones.

  • The hair on the left must be slightly combed, laid to the right, the ends hidden inside so that they hide both the studs and the invisible.

  • Now strengthen your masterpiece with varnish.

Stylish hairstyle is ready!

To attract attention

Short hair can also be laid beautifully and stylishly.

In fashion - retro! At home, you can make such lovely curls and be a real princess. Look at the photo and put the curls in the right direction, varnish, decorate with beads or hairpins.

If you have a bob haircut, you can choose a luxuriant retro styling with large curls.

With a short haircut will look beautiful hairstyle in the Greek style. It will give the image of mystery, romance.

With your own hands you can make styling with a pile and large curls.

How to make a hairstyle for prom, if a short haircut? A girl will look stylish and feminine if she does a bouffant and opens her forehead.

And here is what a nice hairstyle with bangs looks like.

You can decorate with flowers or hairpins.

Original "French beam"

If you have medium hair, you can make a delicate openwork styling "French bun" with your own hands. At first glance it may seem that there is an artistic mess on the head, but in reality it is a chic building of medium length strands. Its advantage is that it will delight you with a neat look all evening. Instead of lacquer and stilettos, curls will have to be sealed with threads. The needles are not simple, made of plastic with a wide eye, used by needlewomen.

  • Take a linen or golden thread, from 30 to 50 centimeters long.
  • To get the right curls, it is recommended to wash your hair the day before the prom.
  • When you begin to perform, sprinkle the curls with water from a spray bottle.
  • Blow dry to get volume.
  • Sprinkle with spray.
  • Screw on the curler (medium size).

  • Comb your fingers.
  • Sprinkle with varnish.
  • Form a fairly voluminous bundle, but do not compact it.

  • Take a needle, start to sew it in different directions, making wide stitches. At the same time tightly grab hold.

  • Tighten the loops tighter, and let the curls gently fall down.
  • If the curls fall out, strengthen them invisible, then sprinkle the entire structure with varnish.

The secret of the French version: the more you tighten the hinges, the more beautiful the masterpiece will be.

Rose from hair

Do you want to hit all the guys and girls most charming hair in the world? Then make a rose out of hair. There is still time before the prom, practice to get a gorgeous flower.

So let's get started:

  1. Wash your head. If you can not boast a thick head of hair, then process it with a corrugation.
  2. Dry strands gather in the tail.
  3. Take a strand, wrap it around your finger several times.
  4. Lock at the base of the tail.
  5. Take the next order, stab, fix with varnish.
  6. Wrap around the base of the bud.
  7. The rest of the strands just as well stabbed to get the petals.
  8. Every next order put in the opposite direction.

For greater appeal, the flower can be decorated with beads or barrette.

At parting, I would like to wish to choose a hairstyle to my liking, to practice a few times to create
such a miracle do it yourself. Have a nice evening!

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