How to determine the color type of appearance?

Hello. How to find out the color type of appearance, why is it so important for the fair sex? Answers to these questions are necessary in order to avoid mistakes in the choice of clothes, to correctly create your own unique image.

Science goes to the rescue

Coloring is the science of studying color, its characteristics and applications in various areas of human life. It was she who came to the rescue to determine the personal color type. Without knowing what colors you are going to, you can easily choose the wrong thing, and then wear it, suffering, for example, that it is old.

How to find your colors? Until recently, only 4 color types were distinguished, based on the seasons. "Winter" and "Summer" beauties belonged to cold tones, and Spring and Autumn - to warm. But it turned out that such a systematization is too little.

Between the main seasonal characteristics remained those types of external image that did not fit any definition. Today began to use 12 directions, adding to the main types of additional characteristic differences.

How to determine your color type of appearance?

If the face is juicy, the contrast is Winter or Spring.

If the whole look is bright, then this is Summer or Spring. But these are general definitions, and every woman needs specific descriptions, as well as practical advice, on how to select her individuality among many beautiful women. The advice of specialists will help us in this, showing the images of famous women.

Try it yourself to test for skin tone:

  • In daylight, carefully consider the wrists, or rather their inner side. Veins with greens suggest that you are endowed with a warm type, with blueness - cold.
  • If you are only gold jewelry, and silver is not, then you are the owner of a warm skin tone - and vice versa.
  • If the eyes are dark brown, stinging black, blue as the sea, and a long hair from black to dark chestnut, then you are deep
  • Winter or Autumn. Deep Autumn can be with a red sheen in dark locks, with a peach skin tone.
  • Deep Winter is pallor of skin, curls and eyes - without a golden sheen.

  • Signs of a warm Autumn and warm Spring are the golden or reddish color of the curls, the eyes are green or brown with golden dots, and the color of the skin is a tender peach.
  • The hair of warm spring girls with a golden sheen, and the whole look is overflowing with warmth and radiance. Autumn is much calmer, even a bit paler. Freckles are often on the skin, in the bright sun it can quickly burn. Curls - always with a red sheen, even if they are dark.

Bright Summer and Bright Spring are distinguished by their airy, graceful appearance. Such girls are endowed with blond hair, bright eyes, and often - green. They have a thin white skin. But it is also difficult for them to give an exact description, Summer with chill, Spring - a little warmer.

The brightness of the image can also be given a characteristic. If the eyes sparkle, stand out strongly on the face, then it is a bright Winter or a juicy Spring. If the skin and hair are the same shade, the eyes are gray with greens or honey, then you are a soft Autumn.

In order not to get lost in the abundance of definitions, it is necessary to better study the palette of tones.

We study the color palette

The figure shows the general direction of the color type of appearance, and they must be repelled from them.

Why do girls need to know their color type? Properly selected color palette gives you the opportunity to choose the right clothes, accessories, cosmetics. When you manage to choose colors with your own gamma, your appearance immediately changes for the better. You look bright, stunning, fresh, even without makeup.

Surely you have seen more than once the girls in expensive dresses, expensive accessories, but they looked like invisible “mice”, but each item of their clothes looked just great. What happened? It’s just that a person lost his individuality because he didn’t pick up his OWN color.

Now it became clear why we need to study our colors so thoroughly.

Thanks to the study you can:

  • choose hair color according to the color type, which will make the face fresh, beautiful, bright;
  • choose the right makeup, make a suitable makeup;
  • choose clothes that fit together, the right decorations;
  • look spectacular, making not too much effort.

To better imagine what color type you are, look at authentic examples. They were worked on by professionals who could precisely distinguish the color type of the stars represented here.

Another method for determining your color palette

How else can you know your color type? You already know roughly what time of year you are. Now, take out things from your wardrobe, start checking them: are they suitable for you or not. Without hesitation, without choosing, you attach the thing to yourself, then look in the mirror.

If you first saw the thing, its fabric, then it does not suit you in color, and if you saw yourself, and how you immediately changed, then this color is yours. Also during the shopping trip. Attach a blouse to yourself, if the look fell on the fabric, then set it aside and take a different color.

If you are prettier from cold shades, then you are a bright Summer. If you face warm tones, then you are bright Spring.

Division into 12 types

The theory of 12 types was proposed by Professor Mansell at the beginning of the last century. He added three more characteristic features to the four classic color types.

The upper part of the color wheel - contrasting types, and the bottom - soft, non-contrast. The circle is necessary for tog to understand how the color range varies from type to type and it is better to understand your belonging to them.

The effect of color on our lives

Color is so elusive, but an important tool that can completely change our appearance, improve or worsen the mood, give confidence. Therefore, today so much is given to the color of clothing, makeup and hair.

Look at examples of how the image and image of actresses is changing, from the wrong color. The color of their eyes fades, gray fatigue appears on their face. Here you have the color, how much it means to make our image the most delightful.

Dark color type

Dark color type characterized by expressive appearance, manifested in sharp contrast between the color of the curls and the skin.

  • The skin has a yellowish, olive or beige tone.
  • Brown eyes with greens or dark brown. Hair black, brown or chocolate color. An example of this texture is the model Penelope Cruz.

See how attractive, confident she looks in the first picture, and tired, with a stretched smile, pale - in the second. And all because the gray color does not suit her. But green, purple, blue, mustard color, red or terracotta makes it an unforgettable beauty.

Light color type

Light color type. The skin and hair are almost the same in color.

  • The skin color is beige or ivory.
  • The eyes are blue, blue with greens, gray with blue or light brown.
  • Hair has a light, dark blond, ashen or golden tone.

An example of this image is photo model Diana Kruger. In the first picture, thanks to the correctly chosen scale, she looks fresh, young, and in the second picture the same person has grown gloomy and dull. And all because she chose not her colors.

To achieve the desired effect, fair-haired beauties should wear:

  • blue, yellow;
  • mint-colored orange;
  • pink or crimson.

Dark, dull colors should be avoided.

Cool image

Cool image characterized by a pale color of the skin, with a beige, pink or yellowish glow. Eyes - blue, blue with greens, gray-blue, brown with gray colors or soft brown. Hair - dark ash or light brown tone.

Look at how beautiful the Estonian top model Carmen Kass looks in the first picture, and in the second - she is homely, dull because of incorrectly chosen colors of clothes. You might think that the photo is two different people. It will suit such options:

  • purple, dark greens;
  • pink, ocher, mint color or gray.

Warm color type

Warm color type has a bright appearance, even with a golden-beige shade of the skin cover. Eyes - brown, brown with a golden sheen, green, blue with greens, blue with depth. Hair - golden or with red glow.

Example, film actress Jessica Chastain. What a gorgeous, graceful she looks in the first picture in a properly chosen color scheme, and what a pale, drooping on the second, in dark clothes.

To achieve the best effect, bright girls should wear clothes of the following colors: red, mustard, green, crimson, yellow or orange.

Bright color type

Bright color type has a striking contrast between hair and skin color. The skin has a "porcelain" tone, as well as ivory. Eyes - green, blue with greens, light blue, turquoise or gray.
Hair - black or delicate chestnut sheen.

An example is the photo model Dita Von Teese. See how amazing it looks in the first picture, and how tired, inexpressive in the second. The gray color of the clothes and the rose in the hair turned it into a gray mouse. Regarding colors, such options would be appropriate:

  • Red Green;
  • blue, crimson;
  • purple or orange.

Muted color type

Muted color type has colorless skin with freckles and a slight flush. Eyes - hazel-green or dark brown. Hair - ash or brown with gold.

An example is designer Jessica Simpson. See how fresh it looks in the first version, and how homely on the second. A dark dress muffles her natural appeal.

To her face colors:

  • blue, terracotta;
  • brown, green;
  • plum and peach.

To dispel doubts

If you have not figured out what is your color type: cold or warm? Try to identify with two scarves. One scarf is pink with blue flowers, or vice versa - blue with pink flowers, the other - coral, yellow or golden. Sit in front of a mirror in a room well lit by daylight.

Put a scarf on your head, removing hair. If you do not have the necessary scarves, pick up strips of paper of the required colors. If the skin has become paler with a pink and blue scarf, and the lips have faded even more, then you are a warm type. The second handkerchief should make your face warmer, you will definitely see the difference from the first case.

If the yellow or golden tone of the scarf highlighted all the flaws of the skin, then you have a cold color type. What color clothes choose.

  • For the "Winter" girls fit black, white, wine, ruby, blue, emerald, scarlet, gray. We'll have to give up red, orange, pink, pastel and brown.
  • "Summer" girls can choose cool shades of red, pink, blue and pastel. Do not wear purple, olive, green, pure black and white outfits.
  • "Spring" girls will look great in yellow-green, sand, orange, pink, chocolate, beige, light blue outfits. Avoid black, white, light blue, orange, violet, green, yellow in clothing.
  • "Autumn" can wear mustard, burgundy, orange, cream, terracotta, chocolate outfits. Cold pink, red, blue, gray, black and white are contraindicated to you.
  • Analyze once again the circle with 12 color types of appearance, in order to know exactly your image.

Dear women. Study your color type to accurately select clothing and makeup. You will find a large range of colors that will help diversify the colors of clothes, find your unique style. And what could be more important for creating an attractive image!

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