Clothing that slims: the basic rules of style

Hello, dear readers! Many women can not lose weight, no matter how hard they try. How to dress those who want to look slimmer, sleeker, and physical education and diets do not help? We must turn to modern fashion. There are clothes that are slim, only you need to make the right choice.

How to choose clothes

Not all women can boast a perfect, chiseled figure. It is difficult for full ladies to choose a suitable outfit so as not to attract too much attention to themselves.

If you follow the rules, you will also look like a model.

  1. Avoid shapeless overalls.
  2. Wear corrective underwear, which will smooth out the folds, hide all unnecessary.
  3. Do not wear things acid colors.
  4. Buy semi-adjacent models.
  5. Wear a dress more often, it does not divide the silhouette sharply into 2 parts as a skirt with a jacket.
  6. Do not hide your dignity. If you are endowed with a luxurious bust, wear low-cut clothing.

What fabrics to choose

The fabric from which the clothes are sewn is of great importance for the visual perception of the backgammon. If things are sewn of coarse fabric, then they will look accordingly.

See how beautiful lace looks in union with velvet!

If you want to be slim, then choose clothes made from materials that easily follow the curves of the body.

  • Silk always looks elegant and expensive.
  • Velvet - royal material, any woman will turn into a queen.
  • Brocade - expensive fabric, more suitable for young ladies with an hourglass figure.
  • Lace - fits all women, the main thing is to choose the right style.
  • Chiffon - airy material gives women lightness, airiness.

For some reason, it is considered that in black clothes look slimmer, and white color makes it fuller. But not in the color matter, but in the right combination.

So what color of clothes is slim and what is full? This important question worries every girl.

Recommendations of designers:

  • Dark shades really make the figure less voluminous. But if you look at a lady in a black shiny dress, you will not call her thin and slim. Glitter must be added with accessories.
  • Do not wear dresses screaming tones. Bright colors will immediately add a few pounds.

So is black slim or full? Light rays are absorbed in black, so the girl seems more slender. But this universal shade has a significant drawback - it makes the silhouette heavier.

To achieve a light look, black tone can be diluted with chocolate, burgundy, dark blue shades.

And what about white fattening or slimming? White color adds volume visually, but it pleasantly refreshes the face. If you correctly arrange the top or bottom, then a plump girl will seem slender.

A white silk blouse in combination with a dark blue cardigan and burgundy trousers will not add you any extra pomp. These things will muffle the white tone, but do not relieve it of freshness and airiness.

Does the color red?

Many girls love red more than others.

Stylists do not recommend wearing red for young ladies with curvaceous. But skinny beauties can wear red from head to toe.

In such a yellow girls will not look bulky.

What to do if yellow and red are your favorite palette? Choose outfits muffled crimson hue, dull red, "dusty rose", gold, wheat. If the top is yellow or red, the bottom should be dark.

The best prints for slim figure

The strip, the various geometric elements throughout the canvas of the dress distract the eye from the flaws in the figure. Nobody even notices them!

Small drawing is also not complete!

But the large pattern on the dress just makes the figure even more magnificent, every woman knows it. But even here there can be an exception: if large flowers go along the center, and from the sides there is a plain fabric, then the figure will visually become taller, slimmer. Do not wear leopard print.

Striped dress. Thin ladies can wear any stripes. Even horizontal bandska does not increase the volume of the figure.

If you like a strip, then you can combine: down - horizontal, top - vertical.

Young ladies who cannot boast thinness can choose a color horizontal strip or a thin black and white gamut.

The vertical narrow strip is slim - this is an indisputable fact that must be used.

What conclusion we came to:

  • Wide strips of harmony will not add.
  • Narrow stripes will help women look a little more elegant.
  • Slender small and contrasting stripes, for example, red and white, white and blue, black and white.

How to choose a dress

Girls with appetizing forms prefer to wear dresses and do it right.

What dress slim figure? Stylists say the dress with a high waist any non-standard figure will make a womanly, more elegant.

This model will hide all the flaws, but will emphasize a beautiful chest.

Dress with basky - a winning option. This piece of clothing will divert attention from the curvaceous, will take all the attention on themselves.

Choose a dress to the floor, highlighting the top of the silhouette. This outfit will hide lush hips and full legs.

Feminine floral dress can afford young girls.

Adult ladies should also not ignore this print. Let the flowers bloom not all over the field, but only in small bouquets.

Polka dots - always fashionable print. Large peas on a dress look fat or slim? This question is also of concern to lovers of pea cloth, especially since this design almost never goes out of fashion. Peas help to create extravagant images, often girlishly playful. But this pattern can be fattening, and maybe slim. On a calm chocolate and milk background, the peas will not look defiant.

In this case, the girl does not seem volumetric and shapeless due to the dark top.

But with large peas all over the field, you have to be careful, it only goes to slim young ladies!

Choose peas smaller.

Is it possible for donuts to wear a dress in a cage? The cage, like the peas, attract attention, so you also need to be extremely careful when choosing a cage. Choose a small, not bright box.

At parting, I would like to wish: dress fashionably, with taste, then the magnificent forms will not be a hindrance! Look at some more secrets and tricks that not everyone knows.