Photos of sleeping children in uncomfortable positions

Hello! I propose to relax and watch another selection of funny baby photos, this time - this is a photo of sleeping children in uncomfortable positions.

Children - they are: they can not be put into any, then suddenly cut down in the most unexpected place - as if the battery is over. Probably everyone who has or had babies will be able to recall such a ridiculous sleeping situation. See, remember, giggle!

See also a selection of sleeping babies, infants. The difference is that there the photographer himself put the kids more interesting, and here - everything is natural. Psychologists believe that during sleep, all people unconsciously take the most comfortable posture.

A person sleeps in uncomfortable positions unknowingly seeking to find the most convenient place for this place and his condition. But to be honest, my brain explodes when I try to imagine myself at least in this relaxing posture.

Sleep well!

Do you think it was easy to climb this table without a chair? You would have disconnected too.

Interestingly, the one who did not fall asleep, will eat up to the one whom the dream overcame?

Watching dad.

A good tippet, comfortable, and the benefits are palpable.

Will grow - the artist will be

Nearly got

The main thing is not to interfere with papa and pry, that he is there and to whom Vkontakte writes

A little chainmail, but nothing

And how long will you last?

Here the dog is patient - she does not sleep, but lies and does not move

And it will wake up and go like nothing has happened - no hands will get numb or your back will not get tired

I'd like to see how the face is doing there.

Little yozhik - relaxed in asana

Can a bed be compared with a father's boot?

Not every adult can take a walk through the hypermarket, what can we say about children?

There is a battery here

But it does not run and will not be lost. Parents so even calmer.

Again I want to ask adults - and you weak? Try it like this when you are tormented by insomnia.

That's it. Psychologists, whose main occupation is to decipher a person’s character by gestures, voice, gait, behavior, and many other signs, consider that one can judge about his state of mind, character, and even tell a lot about his personal life.

That would be to listen to their predictions about these kids.

See also a selection of photos of children who can be photographed next to the monuments.

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