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How to clean the lymph at home: affordable and safe ways

Greetings to all for whom taking care of their health is not an empty sound. The subject of the article is cleansing of the lymph, since lymph is a very important system in the human body, and it, like every system, needs to be cleansed. Read the article to the end, and you will learn why you need to clean the lymph and how cleansing will affect your condition.

Why clean the lymph

Why does the body need lymph? Everyone sees lymph when he gets some kind of injury. From the wound begins to act sukrovitsa - a clear liquid, this is the lymph. This viscous liquid protects a person from viruses, bacteria, toxins, various parasites, participates in the creation of immunity.

About how to clean the lymph, I myself learned not so long ago. And when she performed all the required procedures - by the way, they were not at all nasty, as is sometimes the case with cleansing, I was amazed at how noticeable the effect was. I recommend to do cleaning for anyone who is concerned about their weight - you really notice the effect after cleaning!

Purification should be carried out with the following ailments:

  • for diseases of the small pelvis;
  • acne;
  • for diseases of the joints;
  • in the formation of papillomas,
  • the appearance of age spots on the skin;
  • in diseases of the liver;
  • with thrombophlebitis;
  • weakened immunity.

You can name dozens of diseases that "attack" a person if the lymph does not have time to perform its functions due to pollution.

If you properly carry out this procedure, then get rid of many ailments, give impetus to the rejuvenation of the whole organism. First, the cleaning should be carried out 4 times a year, then 1 or 2 times. You can perform a high-quality reading of the lymph at home.

The purification procedure should not be performed for pregnant women, with caution in cases of hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Cleaning lymph with licorice and enterosgel

There is a simple tool for cleaning - it is licorice. Recipe: Take 1 tbsp. spoon cracked licorice root, brew one Art. boiling water, put in a water bath, hold for 25 minutes. Then strain, add water (boiled) to make a glass of broth.

How to use? It is necessary to drink 5 tbsp. l drugs 5 times a day. You can buy licorice syrup and drink it 1 tbsp. l on a glass of water (warm). It is necessary to drink in the morning, before breakfast.

Next you need to drink "Enterosgel" (1 tablespoon) - a powerful sorbent, which will collect all unnecessary substances that licorice removed from the lymph nodes. You can start the meal in an hour and a half after all that you have drunk. To clean the lymph well, spend this procedure for 2 weeks.

Instead of Enterosgel, you can take activated carbon at the rate of 1 tablet (0.25 g) per 10 kg of body weight. You can use other sorbents:SorbexPolysorbPolyphepanIntegninFiltrum-STI.

Important: Absorbing medication should always drink water with at least one glass.

Gymnastics to stimulate lymph circulation

The liquid does not like stagnation, therefore, movement and again - movement! Here is the best exercise to reduce stagnation: Lie on your back, stretch your legs and arms up, shake your limbs with relaxed muscles.

Exercise should be performed within 2 - 5 minutes. Best of all in the morning and in the evening, and, every day. It is also useful to make different movements on the extension and flexion of the joints.

Folk recipes

Purification with oats, the easiest method among the popular means of removing toxins.

On how to cook oatmeal kissel and its benefits, I have already written, but here's how to make a healing decoction, look at this recipe.

To prepare the cleansing drug, take 200 g of oats, pour it with 1 liter of water, cook for 45 minutes on low heat. Then strain and drink 4-5 times a day for half a glass. After 14 days you will notice an encouraging result.

Garlic and onions in milk. Take 1 liter of milk, 1 head of onions and garlic, finely cut together with the husk, add 1 lemon, also crushed with the peel. Cook in milk for 4-5 minutes. After filtering. You get 4 cups of decoction.

Drink this mixture 3 days twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for half a glass 25-30 minutes before meals. The procedure lasts 4 days. Dairy products at the time of purification is not.

Sunflower oil. Take sunflower oil in your mouth in the morning, suck on it like a lollipop, skip through gritted teeth for 20 minutes, then spit it out and rinse your mouth.

The oil becomes thick and white. You can not swallow it, it has a lot of harmful substances. Yes, so much that you can get poisoned!

What is done in case of serious poisoning

If you decide to clean the lymph drug, then buy lymphatic drainage, which produces the company "Evalar." In case of serious problems, the intervention of doctors with the use of droppers is necessary.

Folk remedies are good for eliminating the consequences, not the causes of infection. A medical treatment will help to normalize the work of many body systems, strengthen its protective functions.

Tasks of drug cleansing:

  • complete cleansing of blood and lymph;
  • sugar and cholesterol normalization;
  • enhancing protective functions, improving the functioning of internal organs;
  • elimination of severe blood intoxication.

Most of the drugs used in clinics are sorbents acting through the purification of the gastrointestinal tract. Absorbing toxins and toxins, sorbents then remove them from the body. The procedure lasts from 7 to 10 days. Most often, this treatment is used for serious poisoning.

In parting, I want to say that cleaning the lymph is important, because lymph pollution, swollen lymph nodes is not a harmless disease. The advice of the oncologist in this case sounds like a warning: do not heal yourself, if you notice the soreness of the nodes, consult a specialist, do not heat, do not go to the sauna, everything can be cured, if you do not lose time.

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